Top 5 watches for resale
Top 5 watches for resale

2023 Resale Report Quiz: Which Luxury Aesthetic Are You?


We’ve established that everybody wants to look rich. It is, after all, the second best thing to actually *being* rich. But luxury isn’t a monolith: there’s an old money rich, sporty rich, casual rich… the list goes on. What’s your jet-setting, caviar-gobbling, head-to-toe-designer-wearing vibe? Read on to find out which one you are.


1. What’s your IT bag of choice?

A) A Birkin, of course

B) A classic Dior Lady bag

C) Bottega Veneta Cassette (not the green one, though)


2. If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life, it would be…

A) Chanel

B) Loro Piana

C) The Row


3. What are your ideal plans for a luxurious weekend?

A) Dinner at a hot restaurant, then on to a members-only club

B) Escape to your country home for a day on the boat

C) Hire a private chef to cook you and your friends dinner at your penthouse


4. If you could only pack one pair of shoes for a long weekend, they’d be…

A) Crystal-embellished Miu Miu flats

B) Worn-in Gucci loafers

C) The Row ballet flats


5. What do you do for exercise?

A) HIIT or Barre

B) Tennis or golf

C) Pilates or yoga


6. Who is your ultimate celebrity style icon?

A) Naomi Campbell

B)Princess Diana

C) Carolyn Bessette Kennedy


7. Your favorite show about the 0.1% is…

A) Gossip Girl

B) Downton Abbey

C) Succession


8. Your big wardrobe addition this fall will be…

A) The new Miu Miu Arcadie bag

B) Brunello Cucinelli cashmere

C) Something from Phoebe Philo’s new line


Mostly A’s… Unapologetic Luxury

You’re the platonic ideal of affluence (see also: ‘90s Chanel, skirt suits, pearls, gold everything). You enjoy the finer things in life, and you see no reason to hide that. Your motto? If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Unapologetic Luxury Resale Report

Mostly B’s… Old Money Luxury

You’re the sporty sort, with a country club chic vibe that you come by honestly: most of your favorite pieces were passed down to you by a similarly well-dressed relative. Can we come on your yacht some time?

Old Money Luxury

Mostly C’s… Quiet Luxury

You’re the human manifestation of “IYKYK.” You value comfort and enjoy clean spaces, well-articulated concepts, and thoughtful materials. Everything you own somehow costs at least a month of most people’s rent.

Quiet Luxury

Honoring heritage brands and extending the lifecycle of luxury items.