Pop Quiz: Which Watch Are You?

Words by Jody Hume | 11.20.20

A watch is not simply an instrument for telling time. A watch can be a status symbol, an emblem of renowned heritage, and a beacon of technological advancement, among other things. Watches have their own unique personas, and can reveal a lot about the wearer. The reverse is also true (you are what you wear, as the old saying goes), but it’s not an easy task to find the perfect watch (especially if it’s your first). So which timepiece should you be touting? Take our quiz below, tally up the answers and find out which watch is your perfect match, with expert insights from TRR Fine Jewelry & Watch Valuation Manager Kamilla Akbarova.


1. Your ideal watch…

A) Is the perfect balance of function and form

B) Has all kinds of bells and whistles

C) Is incredibly sleek and durable

D) Is both jewelry and timepiece

E) Satisfies your logo fix


2. The weekend’s here. What are you up to?

A) Binge-watching classic films

B) Cozying up with a challenging crossword puzzle

C) Hiking, diving, bungee-jumping and the like

D) Preparing (or ordering) the perfect brunch meal

E) Dressing up for virtual or socially distanced hangs


3. Your favorite libation is…

A) Something timeless, like a G&T

B) A nuanced cabernet

C) A bold absinthe cocktail

D) Champagne, please

E) A Negroni (Aperol Spritz is so last summer)


4. When it comes to luxury goods, you value…

A) Solid, tried-and-true investments

B) An innovative approach

C) Designs that fit your active lifestyle

D) The most exquisite materials

E) Style, style, style


5. What’s your go-to outerwear?

A) A perfectly broken-in leather jacket

B) A technical puffer

C) An all-weather windbreaker

D) A cashmere coat

E) Whatever’s trending that season


6. Choose an emoji.

A) 👍


C) 🌊

D) 👑

E) 🕶


7. Your regular designer roundup includes…

A) Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Burberry

B) CdG, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Maison Margiela

C) Nike, Moncler, Supreme

D) Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Harry Winston

E) Gucci, Off-White, Prada


8. In a perfect world, you’d have an extensive collection of…

A) First pressings of records by your favorite artists

B) Antique technology

C) Memorabilia from famous explorers and/or athletes

D) Fine art and sculpture

E) Designers’ sketchbooks, letters and diaries




Mostly As… The Classic Watch

You like to keep things simple and refined, whether it’s your personal style or your coffee order. While you’re not against newness or the occasional over-the-top statement, your favorite things are always aged to perfection and have reached icon status. Your watch, then, should be a natural extension of your streamlined way of life. Time-honored favorites like the Rolex Datejust, Rolex Air-King, Omega Speedmaster, Cartier Tank and Cartier Panthère will fit in perfectly with your aesthetic.

Kamilla’s Expert Take: A “classic” watch is timeless, and rises above mere trends. It is a timepiece of exceptional quality that can be worn every day. A great example of this is the Datejust, one of Rolex’s longest-running models that’s still in production today. This watch is one of the only Rolex releases that does not have a functionality-specific design, such as the Submariner (designed for diving) or the Cosmograph (designed for racing). The Datejust also set the standard for the watch date function, an essential feature for the habitual watch-wearer.

#TRRTip: What’s timeless is trending. Rolex searches are averaging +300% quarter on quarter, and Rolex Datejusts continue to be The RealReal’s top-selling watch model. If you spy one you like, don’t sleep on it.


Mostly Bs… The “Complicated” Watch

You’re fascinated by the inner workings of pretty much everything, and are likely the person who disassembled their television as a child to figure out how it worked. While your style is practical, you appreciate intricate details that speak to complexity behind an unassuming façade. Your perfect watch is undoubtedly one that does more than tell time — it exemplifies the epitome of watchmaking. Added complications like retrograde date, chronographs and countdown timers on watches like the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, Patek Philippe 5170G and Hublot Big Bang King Power watch are sure to indulge your intellectual curiosity. This Richard Mille RM016 and Breguet Perpetual Calendar will also serve as terrific conversation starters.

Kamilla’s Expert Take: While the word “complication” normally has negative connotations, in watchmaking it means that the watch can do something extraordinary. A complication is any added watch function present in addition to telling time by the hour, minute and seconds hands. Complications range from something simple like the date to more complex, such as a perpetual calendar. 

#TRRTip: Richard Mille is one of the watch brands with the highest resale, with the majority of timepieces selling in four days or fewer on The RealReal. There’s no enigma as to why — high complications and rare materials make Richard Mille watches highly sought-after.


Mostly Cs… The Sports Watch

Outdoor excursions, athletics, daring endeavors… ahh, the stuff that dreams are made of. When you’re not spending your time getting your heart rate up, you’re planning your next adventure. Whether you’re scaling The Alps, diving deep to marvel at Fijian reefs or practicing for your pilot’s license, a watch that can withstand a lot of wear and tear is a necessity. Any of Rolex’s iconic dive and sports watches — the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller, the Daytona — should be right up your alley. Of course, who could argue with an iconic Omega Speedmaster, Panerai Submersible or Audemars Piguet Offshore

Kamilla’s Expert Take: During the 20th century, brands like Omega were eager to deliver functional watches that could go the distance, from outer space to the deepest realms of the ocean. Although the Omega Speedmaster was originally released as a racing watch, Reference CK2998 made an appearance in space in 1962. After a successful journey aboard the Sigma 7 Mercury-Atlas 8, NASA put the Speedmaster, along with a dozen other watches, through extreme testing conditions in order to determine which timepieces could withstand the rigors of space travel. The Omega Speedmaster beat out all the competition and became the only piece of astronaut gear available for purchase by a civilian. Later, it took a trip on the Apollo 11 spaceship with Buzz Aldrin, who became one of the first Americans on the moon. In the late 60s and early 70s, Omega was also the first brand to work closely with engineering company COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises), testing prototypes and developing new dive watches. 

#TRRTip: Our deep data dive revealed that searches for sport watch staple brands like Omega, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, Breitling and Hublot are all up by over 100% quarter over quarter.


Mostly Ds… The Diamond Watch

You appreciate the finer things, and hold high standards for everything from lunch to linens. Fine craftsmanship and exquisite details are the key ingredients behind all of your favorite things, so it tracks that a diamond watch would suit you perfectly. Shine brightly with a diamond watch from Cartier, Piaget, Breitling, Breguet or Tiffany.

Kamilla’s Expert Take: If you are interested in a show-stopping diamond watch, go with Cartier. Cartier is known for using the highest clarity diamonds, and this, coupled with top-of-the-line craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, will make it a conversation piece for years to come. When it comes to authenticating diamond watches, we first confirm that the stones are in fact diamonds, and then check the clarity. Low-clarity diamonds are not used by the most respected brands. Diamonds on watches from brands like Cartier, Piaget, Breitling and Breguet usually fall in between VVS-VS clarities and feature a consistent cut. Last but not least, we check the settings. The diamonds should be set evenly and cleanly, almost looking “fluid” in their settings. 

#TRRTip: Everyone wants a piece of Cartier shine. Diamond watches account for 13% of all the Cartier pieces people have saved to their Obsessions. Cartier also, unsurprisingly, is The RealReal’s second most-Obsessed watch brand.


Mostly Es… The Fashion Watch

No trend gets by you unnoticed (or rigorously road-tested). You know what’s in style and how to rock it your way — which is why a watch from one of your favorite fashion houses is the perfect addition to your everyday look. Swap in a timepiece from Chanel, Gucci, Dior or Hermès and let the logo do the talking. Looking to stay connected without lugging your phone around? Try an Hermès x Apple watch.

Kamilla’s Expert Take: In 1987, Chanel released the aptly named “Première” collection, inspired by Place Vendôme’s octagonal architecture. It quickly took off in the watchmaking world. The J12 watch, released in 2000, marked a milestone in the brand’s history and remains one of Chanel’s most popular watch collections to date. 

When it comes to authenticating fashion watches from brands like Chanel and Hermès, font and logo verification are the cornerstones of the process. In 1945, Hermès adopted a horse-drawn carriage design by Alfred de Dreux as their logo. It is often found on Hermès watch casebacks as part of their Ex-Libris emblem. The Ex-Libris logo should be expertly designed and detailed, with clean lines in stark relief.

#TRRTip: French elegance reigns supreme. Searches for Hermès and Chanel watches have risen +150% quarter over quarter, with Hermès landing as the third most-Obsessed watch brand on The RealReal.

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