Prada Handbag
Prada Handbag

TRR Top 5: Prada Pieces With the Best Resale Value


When was the last time you wore your Prada? No judgment here, because if you’ve thought about selling Prada bags or shoes lately, you’re definitely onto something. Prada resale value has risen 9% over the last year, perhaps due in part to the fashion bombshell the house dropped last year—that Raf Simons would be joining Miuccia Prada as Co-Creative Director. Though unprecedented for Prada, a brand synonymous with luxury as well as an off-kilter aesthetic, it was not altogether unsurprising. And if that wasn’t enough news to move the needle, the constant stream of classic Prada bags and of-the-moment It items on your feed has further propelled the brand into uber-coveted territory. Translation: shoppers want your Prada.

While Prada’s worth in the secondary market depends on a multitude of factors, from global trends to a single item’s rarity and popularity, all signs on our end point to a surge in market value. So now you’re likely wondering: Which Prada bags hold their value? Will my Prada bag sell? What is my Prada really worth? Read on as The RealReal’s Julio Cortez, Senior Fashion Valuation Manager, gets down to the details. The key pieces that have been catapulting Prada into shoppers’ consciousness, holding their value and selling fast on TRR may surprise you. And if you’re seeking specific answers to your Prada resale value questions, it’s probably time to chat with an expert and find out what your pieces will earn you.


5. Prada Loafers & Oxfords

Prada Worth

Start earning for your Prada Monolith Oxfords, Prada Logo Loafers, and Prada Patent Leather Loafers.


Prada Resale Value, by the Numbers: Prada loafers and oxfords hold up to 99% of their original retail price on The RealReal.

Styles Earning the Most: Chunky logo pairs with 2000s-era silhouettes are trending for summer, while classics like patent leather oxfords and loafers are also in demand. Many of these styles are selling just shy of the original retail price. 

Sell Prada Loafers Now Because… they’re currently piquing our shoppers’ interest, with search up +117% year over year. 

Authenticity Tip: Modern versions of Prada’s leather loafers, such as the Monolith, are incredibly lightweight due to the XL EXTRALIGHT rubber soles. Look out for the debossed XL EXTRALIGHT logo on the outsole, which certifies that your shoes “weigh three times less than a traditional model” for added comfort. Additionally, authentic pairs should feature clean lines, foil stamps and sizing at the interior insole, and smooth leather that’s soft to the touch. 

Care Before You Sell: Store your loafers in their original box and dust bags when you’re not using them to prevent discoloration or color transfer. Coveted styles like loafers will yield a higher value in the secondary market if they’re regularly maintained. Before you sell, use a dry cloth to clean the uppers and insoles, and baby wipes for the outer soles.


4. Prada Hair Accessories

Prada Resale Value

Here’s what you could earn by selling Prada Logo Hair Clips, your Prada Logo Headband, or a Prada Hair Clip.


Prada Resale Value, by the Numbers: Prada hair accessories hold up to 100% of their original retail price on The RealReal.

Styles Earning the Most: Logomania continues to dominate from head to toe with Prada’s triangle-accented nylon headbands and metal hair clips. Many styles with prominent logo placement, nylon scrunchies or plexiglass hair clips, sell for 90-100% of their original retail price.

Sell Prada Hair Accessories Now Because… you’ll see your next payday fast. 95% of items like headbands and nylon logo scrunchies sell within 30 days. And none of us can forget National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman’s Prada headband moment at the inauguration. If you’ve got a nylon headband sitting in your drawer, it’s a great time to sell.

Authenticity Tip: On hair accessories with triangle logo accents, pay close attention to the quality of the enamel finish and the spacing between the letters in Prada. Counterfeit hair clips can feature uneven spacing between the first A and D. The crest symbol at the base of the triangle logo should be clean with even spacing in between the lines. Some counterfeits feature a pentagon shape atop the crest in lieu of the traditional crown shape. 


3. Prada Bucket Hats

Prada Worth

We’re seeing payouts for Prada Logo Bucket Hats in a variety of colors and styles sell for $300+.


Prada Resale Value, by the Numbers: In third place, Prada bucket hats hold up to 110% of their original retail price on The RealReal.

Styles Earning the Most: Certain Prada hat colors like pastel blue and pink can be incredibly hard to find at the retail market, creating heightened demand (and value) in the resale sphere. 

Sell Prada Bucket Hats Now Because… as a must-have item for summer, it’s sure to sell ASAP. Search for Prada bucket hats is up 180% Y/Y.

Authenticity Tip: Authentic Prada bucket hats run small and come in generic US sizing: XS – XXL. XS and XXL are harder to find in the resale market. The current model features an interior black Re-Nylon label, but does not feature the rubber Re-Nylon logo at the exterior. The inverted triangle plaque should be located at the right of the crown, backed by signature Saffiano leather and mounted with smooth rounded studs at each corner. The exterior quilting should be clean and even throughout, with no double stitching visible at the exterior. 


2. Prada Mini Bags

Prada Resale Value

Mini bag, major payout. Sell your Prada Cahier, Prada Re-Edition Mini Bag or Prada Saffiano Odette and start earning.


Prada Resale Value, by the Numbers: Prada mini bags come in second place for this brand’s resale value superstars, holding up to 122% of their original retail price on The RealReal.

Styles Earning the Most: Do Prada bags hold their value, you ask? Overall, we’re seeing Prada bags sell quickly and for more … especially mini bags. Prada’s 15cm Re-Edition Nylon Mini Bag debuted in Spring 2020, originally priced at around $495 at retail. One year later, the retail price shot up to $650 … if you could find it in stock. On The RealReal, Prada Re-Edition Nylon Mini Bags are reselling for $1,195, and sometimes even as high as $1,895 (depending on the model/style). The Odette bag, which debuted in 2019, is the perfect trifecta — functional, durable, compact — and likely due to its popularity, the bag’s original retail price has since spiked 20%. We’ve seen the Odette bag sell on TRR between $1,295 and $1,995. Similar to popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada’s small leather goods and accessories are typically unavailable at retail due to overwhelming demand. If you’ve been able to snag a Prada mini bag, I recommend selling now to capitalize on those shoppers actively seeking for sold-out-everywhere styles.

Sell Prada Mini Bags Now Because… designer mini bags continue to reign supreme and are ensuring fast payouts. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, especially in the resale market. The average selling price of Prada mini bags on TRR has nearly doubled year over year, with 77% of bags selling within 30 days. In fact, this black Prada Re-Edition Mini Bag with tags and in pristine condition sold just two days after hitting the site, while this yellow Prada Re-Edition Mini Bag (also with tags, in pristine condition) sold after just one day.

Care Before You Sell: Prada nylon is well-known for being durable; the material was originally sourced from factories producing military parachutes. However, it is not resistant to extreme heat or damp environments, and it definitely does not take makeup and oil stains. Regularly wipe down the exterior with a soft cloth to prevent any residue build-up. Be gentle with the woven fabric and refrain from using harsh bristles. If needed, use a sensitive-skin baby wipe and a light application of color-free, natural dish soap. This should remove surface stains. Keep your bag stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to preserve its shape, and remember to store it in a dust bag to preserve its color and keep away odors in a cool, dry place. 


1. Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bags

Prada Worth

Prada resale value ticks upward for Re-Edition nylon bags. Sell your nylon minis, colorful Re-Edition bags and other Prada nylon styles now.


Prada Resale Value, by the Numbers: The pieces taking top prize for Prada pieces with the best resale value are Prada Re-Edition nylon bags, holding … drum roll please … up to 190% of their original retail price on The RealReal.

Styles Earning the Most: The late 2010s resurgence of the iconic Prada nylon material can actually be attributed to nostalgic fashion trends of the 1990s (think Bianca Stratford from the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You). Over the last couple of years, Prada has re-issued popular styles from the early aughts as the Re-Edition collection. Current Re-Edition bags are available in both classic Tessuto nylon and Re-Nylon, a “fabric made of a regenerated nylon yarn obtained through the recycling and purification of plastic waste collected from the oceans.”

Prada Re-Edition Nylon styles have a higher demand than their leather counterparts, with crossbody and mini models as the most coveted styles. Vintage silhouettes, which continue to be re-released in an array of colors and embellishments, can also achieve competitive pricing based on today’s suggested retail price for comparable models. Take advantage of the wave now if you’re looking to let go of your vintage nylon Prada bags (or any Re-Edition bags). 

Sell Prada Re-Edition Nylon Bags Now Because… you’ll likely earn more for these than any other Prada piece. The popularity of this style may also be contributing to the rising prices of Prada nylon bags overall, which are selling for an average $150 more than last year. It’s safe to say that Prada resale value is holding strong. Our advice? Don’t wait to sell yours.

Authenticity Tip: Prada Re-Edition bags with chain accents feature both shiny and antiqued silver-tone finishes, compared to the full-shine finish on the remainder of the bags’ hardware.  When checking for authenticity, know that many Re-Nylon products should be adorned with a prominently displayed rubber logo at the exterior, and the accompanying Prada authenticity card (if present) should list the bag’s material.


Ciao bella, Prada. Hello, payday. Sell your Prada now.


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