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Liana Satenstein on Blumarine


Blumarine is back, baby! The label has been a saucy mainstay in fashion since 1977 when it was founded by Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini. Molinari was from a family of designers and was referred to as the Queen of Roses. (She had the flower inked on her arm.) The label, based out of the breezy Italian island of Capri, was known for its femininity, sassiness, and incredible attention to flourishing details. The first campaign was shot by photographer Helmut Newton, and showed the German supermodel Nadja Auermann in rose-dotted Blumarine dresses and canoodled by lush furs. One of the most popular pieces of Blumarine is its cardigan sweaters, which come with flashy embellishments and a tinge of cheeky sexiness. In addition to Blumarine, there are also off-shoot labels like Miss Blumarine, Blugirl, and Anna Molinari.


Liana Satenstein Wears a Blumarine CardiganLiana wears a silk tie-dye Blumarine cardigan


Recently, Blumarine has been having a major comeback. The label was taken over by young — and very handsome — designer Nicola Brognano. (Fantastic jawline!) The Italian talent, who has worked at both Giambattista Valli and Dolce & Gabbana, revamped the bold DNA of Blumarine and made his debut with the fall 2021 collection, transforming the show into a delicious early ‘00s feast for the eyes. There was a bevy of low-slung, full-of-attitude flares, hulking bedazzled belts, and itty-bitty mini skirts. Cardigans also got an injection of hotness, too, with colorful fur trims and cropped right below the bust. According to Brognano, he was inspired by  the Y2K era . If you’re looking for a reemergence look that makes a can’t-miss-it-statement, yesteryear Blumarine should be on your radar — and in your basket.


The RealReal Experts on Blumarine


TRR Senior Fashion Valuation Manager Liz Sennett  weighs in on how to spot the real deal.

How do you authenticate Blumarine?
Blumarine tags have changed throughout the brand’s history, so the first thing to do is make sure that your item matches up with the era of the tag on the garment. Always look for clean, finished seams. An easy tell for counterfeits is sloppy and incomplete stitching with threads coming loose.

The Blufin fashion house was no stranger to licensing. When looking at various lines like Blugirl or Anna Molinari, a big thing to look out for is making sure the garment matches the aesthetic the label is intended to have. Blugirl was created in 1995 and was meant for teenagers who wanted to exude the label’s ultra-feminine style. Anna Molinari, also created in 1995, was meant to be an experimental collection under the direction of Anna’s daughter Rossella Tarabini. 


Where is Blumarine clothing made?
Blumarine is designed by the company’s founder and owner, Anna Molinari, who was born and resides in Capri, Italy. Blumarine clothing is made in Italy, just like the designs!


Can you tell us more about the history of Blumarine?
In 1977, Blumarine was established by Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini on the island of Capri. The name Blumarine was inspired by the couple’s favorite color and their love of the sea. The brand is a family affair with daughter Rossella designing and son Gianguido handling things on the business end.

Anna Molinari was born to a family of industrialists who produced knitwear. Following in her family’s footsteps, her premiere RTW collection was built around knitwear. Her first Blumarine fashion show was presented in 1980 at Modit, Milan, and earned Molinari “Designer of the Year,” sparking a great start to her successful career.


TRR Handbags, Shoes & Accessories Merchandise Manager Kelly McSweeney dishes on the Blumarine pieces that are rising in value and high on shoppers’ add to cart lists (aka, the ones to snap up fast).

People are paying more for …
Skirts, knits and tops. The average sale price for these pieces has risen +20%, +18% and +13% since last year, respectively.


Search is on the rise
Search for Blumarine is up +32% year over year.


In-demand items sell fast
Blumarine tops, knits, jackets and jeans sell the fastest, with over 60% of pieces selling within the first 30 days on The RealReal.


Resale value is climbing
Resale value for Blumarine is up +21% compared to this time last year.


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