Goyard bag for resale
Goyard bag for resale

Top 5 Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value


If there’s one brand that embodies luxury to the fullest, it’s Goyard. Amidst the Louis Vuitton Neverfulls, Chanel Flaps and Gucci GG Marmonts of the world sit Goyard bags — elegant, understated and somehow nowhere and everywhere. The storied brand rarely gives interviews and fosters almost no social media presence, yet it’s also entrenched in the luxury sphere, gracing the arms of those truly in the know. It’s also the #1 brand with the highest resale value on The RealReal, earning back the most for those original investments. So what’s the histoire behind that je ne sais quoi?

“Originally founded in 1792 under the name House of Martin by Pierre-François Martin, Goyard is one of the oldest malletiers, or trunk makers, in the world,” says Handbag Valuation Manager Robert Finch. “The house was renamed Goyard in 1853 by François Goyard, who later took over as head of the company. The brand is best known for its bags featuring the iconic Goyardine coated canvas, which sports dots in the shape of a ‘Y’ as a callback to the family name. Its pattern also resembles log stacks, symbolizing the Goyard family’s former log-driving trade.” The Goyardine pattern, once hand-painted onto every bag, is now applied with mechanized etching and stenciling. “This change in production was made to keep up with demand, and to create a more uniform, consistent pattern on the canvas,” adds Finch. “Styles with this mechanical method first started appearing as early as 2006.”

Demand has definitely risen for Goyard bags, and with only nine authorized retail locations in the entire world, it’s easy to see why they’ve become a hot commodity—especially in the resale market. But how much can you really make by selling your St. Louis? Read on as Finch dives into the details behind the Goyard bags that will earn you the most, and why you should sell them now.


5. Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value: Belvédère

Goyard Bags Resale Value - Belvedere

Sell Your Belvédère Now

Goyard 2019 Goyardine Belvédère MM With Tags; Goyard Goyardine Belvédère PM; Goyard 2020 Goyardine Belvédère PM With Tags

Styles Earning The Most: On average, the Goyard Belvédère holds up to 90% of its original retail price in the secondary market. The older Belvédère features two buckle closures, while the newer iteration includes a single pull-through closure on the front flap. When it comes to styles earning the most, condition is paramount. Many Bélvèdere bags with tags attached, and even those that simply show no signs of wear, continue to sell above the style’s average resale value.

Sell Your Belvédère Now Because… They’re rising in resale value, with average selling prices of Belvédère bags up +185% year over year. We’ve seen a strong increase in demand for this style since late 2021. In spring of last year, we saw the PM struggle to sell at just under $2,000. Now we’re seeing the Belvédère regularly sell on The RealReal for upwards of $2,300. 

The Story Behind the Bag: The Belvédère was inspired by the “belvederes” (summer houses) above the town of Clamecy in central France, and the small bags local timber raftsmen used to carry their tools.

Authenticity Tip: As Goyardine coated canvas is stenciled, you will see a slight variation of size and shape of the dots throughout the canvas. Authentic Goyard bags should say “E Goyard Honore Paris” within the print, and feature letters that are clearly defined and legible. There should also be a slightly shiny finish to the coated canvas.


4. Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value: Anjou

Goyard Bags Resale Value - Anjou

Goodbye Anjou, Hello Payday

Goyard Goyardine Anjou TPM; Goyard Goyardine Anjou GM; Goyard Goyardine Mini Anjou Tote

Styles Earning The Most: The Goyard Anjou bag holds up to 84% of its original retail price on average. While the style comes in three different sizes (Mini, PM and GM), the Mini Anjou proves to have a higher resale value. If you’re looking for a fast payout, more recent Anjou bags in excellent condition (like this Anjou GM and this Mini Anjou, both with no signs of wear) are selling quickly.

Sell Your Anjou Now Because… Mini bags are in and Goyard is performing very well in the secondary market. We’ve seen 60% of all Goyard mini bags sell within 30 days of hitting the site, proving the trend is still going strong.

The Story Behind the Bag: A style based on the famous St. Louis, the Anjou is almost identical to its predecessor, with the Anjou Mini shrinking into a boxier silhouette. The biggest difference between the St. Louis and the Anjou? The Anjou boasts Chevroches leather on the reverse as opposed to raw canvas. The bag’s name goes one step further in emphasizing the connection—it was named after the Duc d’Anjou, the younger brother of King Louis IX (known as Saint-Louis).

Care Before You Sell: Goyard’s Goyardine coated canvas is waterproof. Boost its resale value by using a baby wipe to easily clean any debris off the coated canvas before you sell. Avoid using anything alcohol or oil-based, since these can affect the integrity of the canvas coating. Conversely, oil-based leather cleaner and conditioners are great options for treating the leather lining.


3. Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value: Cap Vert

Goyard Bags Resale Value - Cap Vert

Start Earning For Your Cap Vert

Goyard 2020 Goyardine Sac Cap Vert; Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert; Goyard Goyardine Sac Cap Vert

Styles Earning The Most: Cap Vert bags hold up to 97% of their original retail price, on average. All colorways have significant demand in the secondary market, but black remains the best-selling color for the Cap Vert.

Sell Your Cap Vert Now Because… It will earn you more—the average selling price is up nearly $100 year over year. There are so few in the secondary market, and with resale value trending upwards you can almost certainly count on a speedy payout.

The Story Behind the Bag: Though little is publicly known about the bag’s design or the inspiration behind it, the Cap Vert is a unique style from Goyard, offering ease of movement alongside the brand’s signature craftsmanship. 

How to Spot the Real Deal: On authentic Goyard bags, zippers themselves should bear no markings, but the zipper pulls should sport a “G” logo. If your bag includes an Excella zipper, don’t be alarmed; Goyard has been known to use these from time to time.


2. Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value: Plumet

Goyard Bags Resale Value Plumet

Sell Your Plumet — It Could Be Earning You Money Right Now

Goyard 2018 Goyardine Plumet Bag; Goyard 2018 Goyardine Plumet Bag; Goyard 2019 Goyardine Plumet Bag With Tags

Styles Earning the Most: The Plumet bag holds 111% of its retail price on average. The Plumet can be difficult to find in stores, causing resale prices to rise. Like many of Goyard’s other bags, black is incredibly popular, but we’ve also seen the green and blue colorways sell for up to 114% of their original retail price.

Sell Your Plumet Now Because… Crossbody bags are in high demand. The Plumet is one of Goyard’s few crossbody bags, and customers are willing to pay a premium, no matter the year of production or condition. 

The Story Behind the Bag: Inspired by the pochette that comes with the St. Louis tote, the Plumet was introduced to Goyard’s offerings in 2018. The “Plumet” name draws on French history, and is inspired by the Paris harbor workers who drove timber rafts to the banks of the Seine. 

Care Before You Sell: Care for the leather trim on your Goyard bag with baby wipes and leather conditioner. When using either, apply with soft strokes. Make sure to avoid alcohol-based wipes and liquids as this can cause the leather to dry and crack over time.


1. Goyard Bags With the Best Resale Value: St. Louis

Goyard Bags Resale Value - St. Louis

Sell the St. Louis & Upgrade to Something New

Goyard Goyardine St. Louis GM With Tags; Goyard 2018 Goyardine St. Louis Claire Voie PM; Goyard 2020 Goyardine St. Louis GM

Styles Earning the Most: On average in 2023, St. Louis bags hold 112% of their original retail price, tying with the Plumet for the Goyard bag with the best resale value. Same-year releases will generally garner the highest resale value for a bag, though individual bags can sell for almost double the retail price! When it comes to what shoppers want most, the St. Louis PM size has the highest demand across the board. The special Claire Voie collection sees incredibly high returns. 

Sell Your St. Louis Now Because… Many are fetching over 100% of the retail price. Despite black St. Louis bags’ lower retail price, they actually sell for just as much as their colorful counterparts in the secondary market, meaning a better return on investment.

The Story Behind the Bag: The St. Louis was actually created as a reversible beach tote; once inverted, the Goyardine canvas serves as the perfect holder for wet clothes and towels. The bag’s name is a reference to King Louis IX, also known as Saint Louis by the Catholic Church. The St. Louis tote gained mainstream popularity in the early 2000s on the arms of celebrities like Hilary Duff, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. 

How to Spot the Real Deal: All current Goyard bags should feature a production stamp. This stamp may be located in different places depending on the style of the bag, but it should include an identifiable year of production (e.g. 2020) in between a variation of letters and numbers.

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