RealStyle | Our November #RealRealScores
RealStyle | Our November #RealRealScores

Our November #realrealscores: What We Bought on the Site This Month

Words by Noelani Piters | 11.21.17
We’re back with another chronicle of our hard-earned shopping habits (can’t stop, won’t stop!), and this time it seems shoes and accessories have collectively been on our minds. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re ready to invest in a designer piece — Is this jewelry “me”? Will I really wear those sky-high heels? — but you won’t find any regrets or neglected purchases here. Read on to see which classic heritage brands we’re obsessed with, the rare vintage find, some stellar statement shoes and more. And don’t forget to keep us in the loop by posting your next #realrealscore on Instagram!

RealStyle | Our November RealRealScores

Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch | Shop Daniel Wellington; Étoile Isabel Marant Boots | Shop Étoile Isabel Marant

I’ve always loved Daniel Wellington’s watches. I love the simplicity of the face, and the quality is amazing for the price. It’s my second Daniel Wellington watch, but it’s the first rose gold piece I’ve ever had and now I’m addicted.  I have the brand bookmarked in my Feeds on The RealReal app so I can check for new arrivals all the time. They also have bands that you can switch out, which I love. And I’m wearing a pair of Étoile Isabel Marant boots that I just received today. They’re perfect for everyday and I love the color. I can’t wait to wear them through winter!
—Taylor Brown, Graphic Designer

RealStyle | Our November #RealRealScores

Louis Vuitton Heartbeat Pumps and Mini Pochette Accessoires Bag | Shop Louis Vuitton

I love these Louis Vuitton shoes because they combine my favorite colors: black and white. I love the detail and artistic flair. The chunky heel has a cutout shape, which makes them unique and comfortable. I can wear them for at least eight hours, so they’re great for both work and the weekend. My Louis Vuitton Pochette bag was also a great find because it’s small and perfect for holding credit cards. It has a detachable handle, so I can make it into a belt bag. I’m all about versatility and wearing things high-low, so I’ll wear this cute dainty piece as a belt bag with jeans and sneakers, and when I go out in the evening, I can wear it as a mini purse.
—Mandy Rivas, Men’s Merchandising Manager

RealStyle | Our November #RealRealScores

Adam Selman for Le Specs The Last Lolita Sunglasses | Shop Le Specs Sunglasses; Sonia Rykiel Blazer | Shop Sonia Rykiel

My favorite recent score are these Adam Selman for Le Specs sunglasses. I fell in love with them via Instagram this summer and when I saw them on the site I scooped them up. I’m also wearing a velvet blazer that I actually purchased in a recent Real Big Sale. Velvet was big then, but it wasn’t as crazy everywhere trendy as it is now, so it was a nice find. I feel like I’m wearing it a lot more this season. It’s vintage Sonia Rykiel and I love her! I actually bought it after she passed away so I really was searching for something of hers to add to my closet. I love wearing vintage, so I’m always scouring the site for it.
—Aimee Sanchez, Copy Editor

RealStyle | Our November #RealRealScores

Stella McCartney Elyse Star Creeper Oxfords | Shop Stella McCartney

I was very hesitant to buy these Stella McCartney platforms because I had no idea what the fit would be like and I’m very picky about shoes in general. Sometimes it takes me a while to decide whether or not I like something, especially if it’s hyped up and trendy. But I love stars and metallics, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t regret buying them. One day I saw that they were on sale and the condition was like new, so I did some quick YouTube research on how they fit other people and pros and cons. I took a risk because they’re one size up from my normal shoe size, but they fit perfectly! I want to build a collection of unique designer pieces, and I’m glad that these are the first.
—Noelani Piters, Marketing Copywriter
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