RealStyle | 3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Now
RealStyle | 3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Now

3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Right Now

Words by Noelani Piters | 10.12.17
In a world oversaturated with trends, brands, styles and stores, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by options. It’s hard to know what you really want sometimes when there are thousands of designers vying for your attention. And with the media, celebrities, bloggers, influencers and Instagram stars continually creating imagery and promoting their own ideas, it’s a lot to process. The millennial set is intuitively aware of this, and as a generation that grew up with the Internet at its disposal, they’re selective about everything, from the television shows that they watch and the food that they eat down to the makeup and clothes that they buy and wear.
Unaffected by traditional advertising methods, millennials align with brands that hold similar values and offer new perspectives. They value brands that speak to their own views and inclusivity, and avoid any type of “luxury” that connotes elitism, conspicuous consumption or extravagance. According to Forbes, the 20-to-30-year-old group, as a whole, spends about $600 billion a year, which leads one to wonder: what are these young trendsetters actually buying? What brands are they connecting with? Read on to learn the brands that millennials can’t get enough of.
Gucci: The Logo-Lover’s Dream

RealStyle | 3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Now

Gucci 2017 Marmont Leather Belt Bag, $925; Gucci 2017 Distressed T-Shirt, $795; Gucci 2017 Metallic Marmont Pumps, $725

The resurgence of the logo has brought numerous labels back into the limelight, but no brand is on millennials’ radar right now more than Gucci. Despite the hefty price tag, Gucci has become an entry-level luxury brand for young consumers. “Céline was once the new starter brand for millennials,” notes Jacqueline Oloff, our Senior Women’s Merchandising Manager. “But now, we’re seeing Gucci surpass Céline with double-digit growth, replacing Céline’s minimalism with the over-the-top logo look.” Gucci’s maximalism, aesthetically-conscious media presence and classic monogram are especially appealing to a generation that prizes the freedom of self-expression and engages heavily with digital content.
Vetements: The Buzzworthy Newcomer

RealStyle | 3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Now

Vetements Fall 2017 Structured Graphic Sweatshirt, $800; Vetements x Manolo Blahnik 2017 Satin Slingback Pumps, $945; Vetements x Alpha Industries Reversible Bomber Jacket, $1,295

Vetements may be a relative new kid on the block, but its rise and subsequent influence within the past few years has been unprecedented. With their sock boots, oversized hoodies and offbeat, normcore vibe, Vetements has become one of the most coveted brands by millennials. “With an oversaturation in the retail market, millennials are looking for unique items that are rarer on the streets or ‘buzzworthy,’” states Oloff. “The demand for Vetements has increased 126% year over year.” As head designer Demna Gvasalia continues to eschew and subvert traditional fashion trends and norms and collaborate with other trending brands, Vetements will remain a millennial favorite.
Hermès: The Ultimate Heritage Brand

RealStyle | 3 Brands Millennials Are Buying Now

Hermès Reversible H 32mm Belt Kit, $575; Hermès Les Folies du Ciel Scarf, $295; Hermès Alligator Bearn Wallet, $2,200

Millennials may gravitate towards all things fresh and new, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate established brands with a history. Millennials no longer gravitate towards “luxury” as a whole for its aspirational qualities; they look for craftsmanship, as well as an authenticity behind a brand that speaks to their values and ideals. Hermès’s small teams of highly-skilled artisans and dedication to creating a unique narrative interest millennials, prompting them to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime. “I think what would surprise most is that millennials have equal spending power to those from an older generation,” notes Oloff. “Hermès is still millennials’ top in-demand brand, with items like wallets as key investment pieces for this group.”
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