Meet The Cast Of Our Latest Commercial

Words by Camilla Hopkinson | 10.20.20

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our latest commercial with the stars and creators talking about the mood on set, how music sets the scene and the thrill of the hunt.


From left: Aaron Childs, Annahstasia Enuke, Hayley Ashton, Loren Lenox and Evan Leff. Photograph by Matt Baron.


In the commercial we see three hero pieces being worn by one person and then another, reflecting the circular economy and giving new life to luxury fashion. 

Stylist Malina Joseph Gilchrist created vibrant, playful looks to match the group’s personalities. She says, “Each of the models brought something unique to the film, whether their dancing, skateboarding or movement – there was a real sense of joy, freedom and optimism.” Gilchrist put together fun, upbeat looks using some of the amazing pieces TRR has to offer, layering color, prints and textures you want to touch.


From left: Annahstasia Enuke, Evan Leff. Photographs by Matt Baron.


Moving To The Beat

For director Matt Baron, music is crucial to making a set come alive. “It drives the pace, feeling, and energy of any film, or any fashion space. The sound and music is just as important as the visuals.” 

The playlist on-set was the perfect canvas for Creative Movement Director Stephen Galloway. Hands down the best part of the shoot was grooving to Matt’s playlist, and Stephen’s energy,” said model Evan Leff. The cast included musician and model Aaron Childs. (We have his new single “Peach” on repeat.) Also on set was Annahstasia Enuke, a multi-disciplinary artist who spends most of her time making music. She just finished a folk-inspired EP called “Revival,” that we can’t wait to hear.


From left: Aaron Childs and Evan Leff. Hayley Ashton and Annahstasia Enuke. Photographs by Matt Baron.


The Thrill of The Hunt

It’s hard not to shop the racks and endless accessories on set. Searching for the thing that makes you want to dance. We asked everyone what they like most about shopping at TRR and they all agreed: the hunt is half the fun.

Ready for their close ups. Photograph by Hunter Abrams.


Annahstasia Enuke: Shopping consignment is like a treasure hunt through time. You never know what you’ll find but when you do find it you know that’s exactly what you were looking for. 


From left: Hayley Ashton, Erin Thomas. Photographs by Matt Baron. 


Malina Joseph Gilchrist: I love finding pieces that I call ‘the ones that got away.’ Either a collection that I loved from seasons past or a particular item or vintage 1990s which is more difficult to find in traditional vintage stores.


Matt Baron: Consignment is great for so many reasons. You’re getting a luxury piece that’s sustainable and high quality, all at a more accessible price point. Plus there’s the thrill of searching and hunting. When you find a vintage item you know that you’ll be the only one wearing it. It becomes personal and precious because it can’t just be replaced by going to the store.


One of A Kind Finds

Matt Baron: My best consignment purchase was an old watch for my father’s 60th birthday. He had given his father, my grandfather, a watch many years back but then he got robbed and lost it. I found a watch that was the same make, model and year. It was an emotional reunion!


Malina Joseph Gilchrist: I found a Phoebe Philo for Celine black coat with white buttons.


Evan Leff: Hands down my Rick Owens leather Biker Jacket which I’ll wear for decades to come. 


Tips For A More Sustainable Life

Matt Baron: Supporting smaller farm CSA’s, switching to clean energy, limiting meat intake and shopping for products that will last longer rather than being so throw-away.


Malina Joseph Gilchrist: Since I live in New York I do not have the luxury of closet space so I love consigning when my time with a piece has expired so someone else can enjoy it.  

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