Diamonds, But Make It Everyday: A Guide For Fall


It’s day 2,582 of quarantine (or at least it feels that way), and you’re putting on the same sweats/leggings and  Zoom shirt you’ve been wearing since March. Only now sartorial boredom has truly set in, and it’s about to get cold. Enter this fall’s hero pairing: cozy sweaters and diamonds. A diamond necklace or ring might seem fancy for wfh purposes (and let’s be honest, it is), but styled with classic knits, a bewitching style equilibrium is reached: diamonds elevate what’s otherwise an everyday sweater, and said sweater keeps your diamond pieces from feeling de trop

What’s more, diamonds are a classic investment piece — something shoppers are gravitating to in the current moment. According to the data in our recent resale report, people are banking on these investment-worthy pieces, with high-value jewelry showing 22X greater sales growth versus low-value jewelry this year. To find this season’s best knits, and the coolest diamond pieces to pair them with, we enlisted TRR Women’s Editorial Lead Noelle Sciacca and Fine Jewelry & Watches Editorial Manager Steffi Lee. And for a dose of gemological expertise, we turned to Fine Jewelry & Watches Valuation Manager Amanda Bilberry, who filled us in on some of the more interesting facets of diamond jewelry.


The Pairing: Cable Knit + Diamond Band


How To Style It: Like the turtleneck, this extra-thick knit doesn’t need much more added to it. Eternity bands are the perfect barely-there accessory. Tiffany is the go-to jewelry house for diamond bands, offering a wide variety of styles from each of their collections. 


Cable Knits


What’s Trending: We’re sensing a pattern — search for cable knit styles is up 20% this year and the resale value of oversize knits has increased 14%.


Gemologists’ Tip: Multiple eternity bands with varying widths and diamond shapes can be great for stacking or wearing alone for a minimal look. Look for bands with whiter colored diamonds with at least 1mm in width to keep the diamonds from blending in with the metal. Any thinner and the bands run the risk of bending and losing diamonds. For each piece on our site, you can see a breakdown of the four Cs: the cut (how even the proportions of the diamond are which in turn causes more light return), clarity (the amount of crystals present on the interior of the diamond), color (the hue that the diamond emits) and carat weight (physical size and weight), so that you can make the right decision for your budget and aesthetic. 


The Pairing: Cardigan + Diamond Necklace



How To Style It: Necklaces with an open or lower cut neckline are an obvious styling pair. We love the juxtaposition between a comfy grandpa cardigan and regal diamonds because honestly, who is in full dress-up mode nowadays? Collars and chokers are having a moment right now, especially more grown-up diamond versions instead of the well-known fabric/grosgrain ribbon necklaces.


What’s Trending: Hot under the collar — resale value for collar and rivière necklaces is up a stunning $770, or 25% this year, and searches for diamond necklaces have spiked 44%.


Gemologists’ Tip: Diamond necklaces have been a jewelry staple throughout modern history; however, the rivière necklace is one of the most revered. They are composed of diamonds or gemstones of the same type, set closely together and often slightly graduated at the front. Made popular in the mid-eighteenth century, rivière necklaces have stood the test of time and are a classic addition to nearly any wardrobe. Again, safety clasps and chains ensure your investment is protected as you wear it out in the world. Here at The RealReal, we inspect each piece to exacting standards; prongs and other setting styles should sit flush with the gemstone and clasps should be tight and functional to ensure safety of the overall piece.


The Pairing: Sweater Dress + Drop Earrings


How To Style It: Replacing your everyday studs with delicate drops is a simple swap that instantly upgrades basic outfitting. Emerging brands like Anita Ko, Sarah & Sebastian and Meira T are some favorites for this new must-have. 



What’s Trending: The drop is on top — search for this style of diamond earring is up 24%. Plus, get a return on your cozy investment; resale value for sweater dresses is up 12% this year.


Gemologists’ Tip: Having multiple diamonds on flexible earrings creates movement and reflects more light for a little extra sparkle making them very eye-catching. Another great thing about diamond-centric earrings is that color and clarity aren’t as noticeable (thank you social distancing) so you can get away with bigger diamonds in a lower color or clarity to get more bling for your buck. Diamonds rely on light; it’s what makes them dance and sparkle. When you move your head, people around you will notice the fire (colors emitted from diamonds) and brilliance (white light emitted from diamonds) as you move about in the world.


The Pairing: Turtleneck + Tennis Bracelet



How To Style It: Since wearing an oversized turtleneck is already a statement in itself, it’s best to pare down on any jewelry. All you need is a peek of diamonds with your sleeves loosely cuffed or rolled up. A line of round brilliant diamonds is beautiful, but unexpected diamond cuts and settings offer a fresh take on the classic. 


What’s Trending: Tennis bracelets are a score — search is up 26% this year, as is resale value which rose 5%, or $164 per bracelet.  


Gemologist’s Tip: Prong-set gemstones are the standard setting style, although they can be fabric killers. To keep the tennis bracelet prongs from snagging your knit sleeves, look for pieces with bezel-set or flush-set stones. We move our hands constantly and the last thing you want are pulled threads! A safety chain or safety clasp on the bracelet is also a great way of keeping your piece from accidentally slipping off. When examining a diamond bracelet, we want to ensure everything is in working order: clasps are tight and functional, settings are secure, and the bracelet has nice flow to it as it moves. 

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