Hoop Earrings & Chain Necklaces Virtual Meeting Jewelry
Hoop Earrings & Chain Necklaces Virtual Meeting Jewelry

The Virtual Meeting-Ready Jewelry Everyone Wants Now

Words by Jody Hume | 7.30.20

If you feel like your life has shrunk to the size of a screen, you’re not alone. For many people, it’s now rare to see coworkers, family or friends except in the context of tiny tiles arranged in a grid. So it’s no surprise that we’re dressing for a new, visually altered world. Instead of office-appropriate pants and chic but impractical shoes, any sartorial statement is now made from the waist up. Enter the dawn of the Zoom Shirt. Record sales of sweatpants. The potential death of the high heel (our own Editorial Lead Noelle Sciacca weighs in). And also: a spike in demand for the most timeless talismans of personal expression: jewelry. Want to shine out from your tiny square in the grid? A drop earring, dotted with gemstones could do the trick. What dresses up the blazer slung over the back of your chair to have ready at meeting reminder’s notice? Probably a pendant necklace.

Jewelry is a quick, impactful way to upgrade your quarantine look without the now unimaginable sacrifice of comfort required by something like real shoes. Plus, it’s often a solid investment. Wear now, keep forever or consign it later when you’re ready to move onto something new. Classics are likely to hold their value, and the current moment’s trending pieces are updated takes on tried-and-true styles. To get the story on the trends behind the rise in demand, we asked TRR Fine Jewelry & Watches Editorial Manager Steffi Lee to let us in on the pieces everyone is snapping up now. Read on and find the one that’s calling to you. 


I like to think of hoop earrings as the workhorse of WFH outfitting. If you can’t be bothered to accessorize on a particular day (we’ve all been there), throwing on a pair of chunky gold hoops is the easiest solve. Jennifer Fisher and Laura Lombardi both make the perfect tubular hoop earring, but TRR also has some amazing unbranded options. 

The stats: Search for gold hoop earrings has shot up 45% since March. Currently 92% of gold hoops currently sell within the first 30 days on the site, versus only 77% last year.


When you have an especially important meeting, a simple drop earring and a summer knit is polished enough to impress. Save the super embellished styles for your virtual cocktail hour and stick with a minimal pearl drop à la Sophie Buhai.  

The stats: Search for drop earrings has grown 9% since March, specifically for diamond, pearl and sapphire styles. Currently 80% of drop earrings sell within the first 30 days on the site, versus 67% last year.


There are no styling rules when it comes to the everyday pendant necklace, but I think it’s extra chic when you wear one underneath the collar of a button-up shirt. Metal pendant necklaces from Alighieri and Tiffany & Co. are no-brainers because they will flatter all colors and fabrics. 

The stats: Search for gold pendant necklaces has risen 13% since March. Currently 85% of gold pendant necklaces sell within the first 30 days on the site, versus 61% last year.


Link chains, particularly in layers, are the perfect understatement to a brightly printed house dress. Paperclip links are great because you can even add your own charms and pendants for extra personalization. 

The stats: Search for gold chain necklaces has spiked 44% since March. Currently 77% of gold chains sell within the first 30 days on the site, versus 59% last year.

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