Cocktail Hour: How to Match Your Watch to Your Drink

Words by Jody Hume | 5.4.16
Many of them originated in European cities and have long and storied histories involving trade secrets. They’re made by artisans and imbued with quality that only comes from painstaking craftsmanship. They’re luxuries enjoyed by connoisseurs who value style, quality and taste, and their prices increase with their rarity. Are we talking about spirits or watches? Of course, it could be either. Add to this the fact that when ordering and drinking a cocktail your timepiece is on display, and it’s clear that an appreciation for the two go hand in hand. With that in mind, we teamed up four standout matches, featuring cocktails by the expert bartenders of buzzy new San Francisco spot Leo’s Oyster Bar and timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe and more. Scroll through above and find a perfect cocktail hour pair.

Photos by Anna-Alexia Basile

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