Behind the Scenes at an NYC Consignment Appointment

Words by Jody Hume | 4.12.18
What if you had a trusted friend to help you keep your closet in check who also happened to be a luxury industry expert (and could earn you money on what you no longer wear)? That’s basically what it’s like when you make an appointment with one of our Luxury Managers, who will come to your home to help you consign. If you haven’t tried it yet, we figured what better way to show how easy it is than by following along as our NYC Luxury Manager Lisa Myers met up with one of her long-time consignors, DJ & Model May Kwok. Here, they break it down for you — what a Luxury Manager does, how an appointment works, and why it’s the ultimate smart, sustainable way to deal with your wardrobe.

Lisa Myers, NYC Luxury Manager

How does a consignment appointment typically work?
A White Glove appointment is actually very simple:
1. You can have your items prepared before the appointment, or we are happy to walk through your closet with you for guidance. Make sure you pull all categories, like clothing, handbags, fine jewelry and watches, kids’ clothing, art and home decor!  
2. I walk you through how the consignment process works and how your items are priced.
3. I document each item on my iPad and you receive a receipt of all the items that were collected.
4. I take it away and it goes to straight to our e-commerce center where all of the “magic” happens!


How do you usually tell people to prepare for their appointment?
Start to think about all of the categories, and don’t forget sunglasses and small leather goods (it all adds up). Pull a “maybe” pile for us to go through for pricing — you might be surprised how much value some of those items have! Then, ask yourself some questions. When was the last time you wore it? If it was over a year ago, get rid of it! Does it bring you joy when you look at it? I always tell people not to feel pressured to consign something. We are partners and I don’t want you to regret consigning an item because once we take your items they are going to sell FAST.

Luxury Consignment & Resale NYC | Lisa Myers, May Kwok

What is the craziest or best thing you’ve had someone consign at one of your appointments?
The best thing is seeing items from past collections that you were obsessed with. I loved the 2002 Chanel Beach Surf Collection. I got to see one of the flap bags from the collection in person and it’s classic!


What does a typical day look like for you?
A normal day for me would be going on about 3-4 appointments. In between appointments sometimes I have some time to kill, so I stop into a Sant Ambroeus for coffee when I am uptown or the CaféCafé in our SoHo store for a matcha when I am downtown. The Luxury Manager position is special because every day is different and you’re constantly in a different part in Manhattan!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
The consignors! I have met the most influential, kind, strong women through The RealReal. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


May Kwok, DJ & Model

How long have you been working with Lisa?
I’ve been consigning with Lisa for about four years.


How often do you consign?
Actually quite often. I’m always shifting my wardrobe around and lately really doing a large closet cleanse because I’m trying to downsize!


How do you decide what to keep and what to let go?
I definitely apply the “if you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go” concept.

Luxury Consignment & Resale NYC | Lisa Myers, May Kwok

Can you tell us about some of the pieces you’ve consigned recently? What are the stories behind them and why are you consigning?
I went through a phase when Vetements first launched and I invested a lot of money in their graphic hoodies and t-shirts and realized I would only wear them once … so now I only buy items I know will last me a few seasons.


How does consigning play into your life? You’re a successful DJ and must need a ton of fresh outfits to wear.
Yes, I definitely always need on-trend outfits as I am a performer so buying and selling comes into play a lot.

Has consigning changed the way you shop?
Yes especially on The RealReal. The Affirm payment option is DANGEROUS.


Who are some of your favorite designers?
Currently in love with Jacquemus everything.

Does sustainability matter to you when thinking about consigning?
It’s definitely at the top of my mind a lot. The older I get, the more environmentally conscious I become.


Does working with Lisa influence what you consign? What makes an in-home appointment better than just sending in your items?
Lisa is great at telling me what to keep and what I definitely need to let go. During this appointment she recommended I keep a Céline sweater that I almost consigned … I’m so lucky to have her advice and honesty!


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