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RealStyle | Millennials Consign

3 Things Millennials Should Be Consigning Right Now

Words by Jody Hume | 2.10.18
Are you glued to your iPhone most of the time, your thumb sore from too much swiping? Are you interested only in wearing brands that align with your views and beliefs? Are you fashion’s most desirable demographic? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, chances are, you’re a millennial.
And if you answered yes, millennials everywhere will know that authenticity, sustainability and a strong sense of ethics are key when consuming, whether it be food, makeup, furniture or clothing. But often, the constant consumption of products – and especially luxury products – seems untenable. So millennials, take note: there’s a way to invest in your favorite designers, help the longevity of luxury and make a little money in the process (spoiler alert, it’s by consigning). Read on to find out what millennials should be consigning now (and why, thanks to our experts).

Sustainable Stella McCartney

RealStyle | Millennials Consign

Stella McCartney Star Mini Shoulder BagStella McCartney Elyse Platform Oxfords; Stella McCartney Fortune Coat

Compared to the aspirational luxury purchases of baby boomers and Gen X shoppers, millennials put considerable thought into the social, environmental and ethical implications of their spending habits. Millennials have begun to invest in morally or sustainably driven brands like Stella McCartney, allowing them to look good, feel good and do good. But contributing to a more eco-friendly fashion lifecycle doesn’t have to end there; millennials can make some cash off of their Stella McCartney statement pieces (and earn an additional $100 to shop again at Stella McCartney) by consigning when they’re ready for something new.
“Last month we saw that Stella McCartney sales had grown 60% compared to last year,” says Lauren Reilly, our Ready-To-Wear Merchandising Manager. “Stella McCartney is becoming one of our top 10 best-selling brands, likely for the designer’s beautiful collections, strong social media outreach and sustainable approach to fashion. Diehard Stella fans scour the site for her Elyse platform oxfords and iconic bags. Consigning her items right now is a no-brainer.”

High-Profile Collaborations

RealStyle | Millennials Consign

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons 2017 Masters Collection Speedy 30; Vetements x Manolo Blahnik 2017 Pumps; Louis Vuitton x Supreme 2017 Epi Chain Wallet

Established ateliers have long schemed over how to engage the ever-elusive millennial. By teaming up with youth-oriented brands, heritage powerhouses like Louis Vuitton have successfully broken into the regular wardrobe rotation of twenty-somethings. High-profile collaborations with limited production runs have led the young style set to obsessively seek out and flaunt these exclusive pieces (and then to feverishly debate over who will work with whom next). But millennials have a clear reason to consign: once ad campaigns go live and their coveted It items become ubiquitous on the Internet, those less in-the-know about the latest in dynamic designer duos are eager to snag an Instagram-worthy prize for themselves.
“It’s especially smart for millennials to consign anything Supreme-related,” says Mandy Rivas, Men’s Merchandising Manager. “Supreme rose 1,500% in sales year-over-year in 2017 and is still going strong, especially since we may be seeing a Rolex collaboration this year. Shoppers who appreciate Louis Vuitton’s expert craftsmanship but don’t know much about Supreme will still go for those collaboration pieces because they know the value of a heritage brand’s offerings. And since Supreme has such a cult following with millennials, those who weren’t VIP enough to buy pieces during the launch are desperate to add them to their collections.”

High-End Streetwear

RealStyle | Millennials Consign

Gucci 2017 Lace Hoodie; Balenciaga 2017 Speed TrainersChristian Dior 2017 T-Shirt

If you’re dialed in, it’s not news that the rise of streetwear on the runways has led to an explosion of high-end everything, from denim and hoodies to T-shirts and skateboard decks. As the mix of high and low has trickled up and influenced the creative directors of storied design houses, millennials are engaging with luxury brands in a whole new way.
With sneakers replacing handbags as the new status symbol to rock, maisons such as Balenciaga are enjoying the hype of luxe, ugly-chic pieces like the Speed trainer and the Triple S. According to Balenciaga via Business of Fashion, millennials were “responsible for 50 percent” of the brand’s total sales last year. And for a generation that is weighed down by student debt, there’s no question that fashion-forward millennials balancing their checkbooks are sure to jump on the lower-priced alternatives that resale sites afford.
Sneakers aren’t the only streetwear staples flying off literal and virtual shelves. Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt sold out in mere days after it hit stores, according to WWD, and buying trends have revealed that demand is nearly identical in the resale market. “Whenever we get this T-shirt in at The RealReal, it usually sells in less than a day,” says Reilly. “Millennials are more informed than ever, and want to make sure their clothing reflects their personal and political views.”
The takeaway? Shoppers both old (the term “dad sneakers” exists for a reason) and young are vying for a chance to score high-end streetwear, making it the perfect time to consign those universally appealing statement pieces.
Get ready to earn the most — consign your millennial must-haves now.

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