Should You Consign It? We Made You a Guide

Words by Jody Hume | 6.24.17
Sometimes your closet can feel like Pandora’s box. Once you open it with the intent to streamline and organize, you’re bombarded by memories (that dress you wore that time that thing happened), decisions (are those jeans still your style?) and maybe even guilt (you can’t believe you never wore those shoes and they’re still in the box). Much has been made recently of Kondo-ing, millennial minimalism and generally getting rid of everything, but sometimes what you need is a quick, simple guide, not an emotional lifestyle overhaul. To make the process more painless, we created this easy-to-use graphic to help you decide what to keep, consign and donate.
Basically, it comes down to four factors:
If something doesn’t fit you anymore (or maybe never did), it’s usually a burden to hold onto it until a vague time in the future when it may fit again. Embrace what fits your body and makes you look best right now.
Luxury goods are made with high-quality materials and assembled with craftsmanship, making them built to last. Taking care of your luxury pieces ensures you can use them for as long as you love them, and also that you get maximum resale value when you’re ready to move on. For handbags, spot clean often and store in dustbags when not in use. For shoes, keep insoles clean, replace missing or damaged heel taps, and store carefully in separate dust bags with tissue in the toebox. For watches, get them serviced regularly and for jewelry, take your pieces in for expert repair as soon as issues arise. If items don’t meet the condition standards for consigning or if you have items by designers not on our list, take the opportunity to donate them and help contribute to a charity like the GOOD+ Foundation.
Wear Frequency
Maybe everything in your wardrobe fits you, but if you haven’t worn it in the past six months — and especially if you haven’t worn it in the past year — it’s likely time to move on.
Some things you wear, you love, but you’re ready for the latest update. Maybe you’re a Gucci sandal addict and you’re dying to trade in your Webbys for this season’s flatforms. Or you’re a #Chloégirl and want to upgrade from the Drew to the Nile. In these cases, it’s definitely worth it to consign. The faster you sell an on-trend item to upgrade, the more current it will still be on the resale market and the more you’ll earn.
Ready to go through the guide and start consigning? Get started right here.
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