YSL Tribute Sandals Are Back to Elevate Your Summer


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Liana Satenstein on the YSL Tribute Sandal


If you’ve been craving hot footwear this past year and a half, you’re not alone. And as the world opens up, so will your feet, as in less closed-toe footwear and all-things freeing. One iconic piece of the ’00s to reconsider is the YSL Tribute sandal. The vertiginous piece was unmissable. The Tribute was created under the helm of then-Creative Director Stefano Pilati for the house. The strappy sandal featured a dagger-like heel that clocked in at 5.3 inches along with a 1.1-inch platform. (For those who aren’t into such great heights, there is a three-inch version.) Reportedly, the heel was inspired by fetish fashion and pole dancing.

The heel was also the saucy hit of the ‘00s in the celebrity-verse. Fans included Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and, of course, Beyoncé. To this day, it remains one of the best-selling items from Saint Laurent. There are other versions of the sandal, including a pump version that boasts a square-toe, spindly heel.


Red and brown YSL Tribute sandals on a white couch with rainbow lightYSL Tribute Sandals come in a rainbow of colors


So why now? There is nothing better than revamping your footwear collection with one of the most standout pieces of shoe history. While the Tribute certainly marks a noughties moment in time, it’s still perpetually a classic. The heeled sandal can be universally styled with anything, whether that is to elevate (quite literally!) a pair of jeans during the day or a body-skimming dress at night. In other words, consider getting that pedicure, and dropping this Saint Laurent head-turner into your basket courtesy of The RealReal.


YSL Tribute Sandals



The RealReal Experts on the YSL Tribute Sandal


TRR Senior Fashion Valuation Manager Kiara Cooper shares the details on how to spot fake YSL tribute sandals.

How do you authenticate the YSL Tribute sandal?
Look for clean engravings on the buckle hardware and logo fonts. Fonts on the sole may vary due to the weight of the engraving, but should still be clean. There should also be a style number hidden on the underside of one of the straps. It is typically foil stamped and may fade with wear. Be sure the interior logo is gold — it shouldn’t be too yellow or have a greenish hue. I also examine the quality of the leather used; common materials are grained calfskin, smooth calfskin and patent leather.

Don’t be alarmed if your YSL Tribute sandal has “YSL” printed on the insole, but the outsole says Saint Laurent Paris. On YSL Tribute sandals from the Stefano Pilati era, the “YSL” logo at the insole will have a zigzag outline and note ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ on the outsole. For Hedi Slimane-era and more recent styles, the zigzag outline was removed from the insole and the new ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ logo will be featured on the outsole.

The YSL Tribute flat sandal variation is the perfect summer sandal, but take note that it features different insole branding than the platform stiletto sandals. You should find “Saint Laurent Paris’”branding instead of ‘“YSL’”branding at the insole.

YSL Tribute fake vs. real: what are some red flags that a YSL Tribute sandal might be faux?
Counterfeiters tend to add more cushion to the insole, making them appear raised and feel padded. We also often see a grained plastic film placed over the sole, which can make the sole slippery and cause sliding while walking. Also, on fake YSL Tribute sandals, the size of the heel tap is often exaggerated, and it may look more pointed at the corners.

Where are YSL Tribute sandals made?
YSL Tribute sandals are made in Italy, which should be noted on the sole of the shoe.

Not authenticity-related, but people often ask, do YSL Tribute sandals run small?
YSL Tribute run true to size. However, because the shoes come in Italian sizing you should try a half size up depending on the width of your foot as they do run narrow.


TRR Handbags, Shoes & Accessories Merchandise Manager Kelly McSweeney crunched the numbers behind the comeback.

Shoppers are paying (for) Tribute
Resale value has increased +31%  since last year for YSL Tribute sandals, and average selling prices are up $62 in this same time period.

You’ll need to add to cart fast
A VERY impressive 89% of YSL Tribute sandals sell within just 30 days on The RealReal. This signals we would expect prices to continue increasing.

Flat out classic
The YSL Tribute flat sandal is a classic that’s a consistent best seller. We can price these as high as the original retail price if they are in pristine condition.

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