Up and Coming Luxury Brands
Up and Coming Luxury Brands

Up-and-Coming Brands to Know


We all have that one friend who has the eerie sixth sense of determining all the next up-and-coming fashion brands. If you’re that person — or are training yourself to become a skillful trend spotter — there are five more emerging designers that should be added to your vocabulary.

Some of these brands are still flying under the radar whereas others have reached icon status, but still have a clear trajectory of growth and popularity that make them worth watching. A clear common thread running between them all is their propensity to shrug off standards, skirt around expectations, and produce lines and products that are quickly gobbled up by shoppers. Curious about which up-and-coming brands can’t be missed? Read up on these companies that can’t stop garnering attention.



Off-White came from the incredible mind of the late Virgil Abloh. Founded in 2013, it stood out because it looked different from the hallmarks that typically signify a luxury brand. Although its rise to fame has happened, it’s still a brand to keep an eye on, especially now that Ib Kamara has stepped in as art director in 2022. What Off-White excels at is blending the extremely contradictory worlds of street style and high fashion — hence the name, which comes from the color that appears with the blurring of sectors that are so black and white. Other brands that now do the same have Off-White to thank for leading the way. 

Based in Milan, the slightly edgy items featured in all of Off-White’s drops fit neatly into the wardrobes of street style fans and beyond. To add this brand to your own closet, shoppers can’t sleep on the brand’s shoes. From chunky leather sneakers to mules with statement heels, the footwear collection has a lot of stand-out elements that are worth the investment. 

The bags are leather creations, many of which are crowned with the arrow logo. A few even feature cheeky phrases and quotes or the iconic logo-laden yellow tape that crosses the line of a conventional luxury bag. A cropped hoodie, letterman jacket, or graphic T-shirt with the Off-White logo are never bad ideas either. Regardless, the street style cool appeal of the brand won’t be wearing off any time soon. 

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You’ve probably seen the trapezoidal-shaped Le Chiquito bag brandished with a gold, all-caps Jacquemus logo in the hands of quite a few influencers lately. The brand was founded in 2009, but it really turned the heads of more than just in-the-know fashion enthusiasts in 2017 when the bag made its first appearance on the runway. Since then, Jacquemus has reached a new level of brand awareness. 

The beauty of Jacquemus is that it may be a French brand, but it takes a different approach to the chic reputation that the country upholds. It steps away from the classic looks and clean-cut styles of Paris and embraces a more colorful, loose, and fun aesthetic — something founder Simon Porte Jacquemus considers “naive” fashion. 

Aside from the Chiquito, the brand has plenty more handbags to ogle over (and ultimately invest in). Le Bambino is another fan-fave, as is Le Sac Rond, which features a circular handle that’s eye-catching but will stand the test of time. As for clothes, you’ll find basics turned upside down in some shape or form; whether that’s through an exaggerated silhouette, an interesting cut, or an unexpected closure or strap.

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Marine Serre

Like Off-White, the eponymously named Marine Serre is another brand capable of perfectly meshing two unexpected worlds. It has done so in multiple ways, kneading together athletic wear and luxury, turning upcycled, deadstock into high-end pieces, and so on. It’s not a common trait seen in most other brands, which may be part of the reason why celebrities and fashion icons gravitated to it quickly after its launch in 2017. 

With a vintage edge that often feels most like the ’70s, shoppers won’t be hard-pressed to find a bold piece that’ll shake up their day-to-day ensembles. Hardcore monogram lovers can’t miss out on Marine Serre’s handbags, most of which consist of its “moonogram” (cute!) printed on the outside. If you prefer to collect clothes, there are plenty of shirts, shorts, and even swimwear dripping with crescent moons, too. 

For a real show-stopper, look no further than the shiny leather trench coats that come with a removable fringed collar and cuffs. It defies the word “basic” in the best way possible, as do most of the prints, patchwork, and jarring silhouettes throughout the line.  

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A recurring theme amongst up-and-coming fashion brands and emerging designers is their way of thinking and ability to break away from the expected — which is no easy feat in a world of dupes and with how quickly trends are recycled. Samuel Ross, the founder of A-COLD-WALL, worked under Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, and founded his brand in 2015, earning a slew of fashion and business awards thereafter.

A-COLD-WALL also frequently collaborates with brands you already know and love, including the likes of Nike, Timberland, and ROA Hiking. This is a defining feature of the company and it prides itself in finding new and inventive ways of working with established names. 

Acid wash denim, reinvented basics like cinched sweatshirts, and utilitarian boots and sneaks make up much of the collection — with the occasional bold silver windbreaker. Mix these with its much sought after collabs and you have an emerging brand that’s unmissable, and a place that’s easy to find new, limited edition pieces that won’t be owned by everyone. 



The Attico

Co-founders Gilda 

Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini are the queens of high-end looks that are both daring but refined. That’s the beauty of having two minds on the team who have fairly different personal tastes when it comes to getting dressed each day. Involved in the industry from the start, their outfits were often captured by street style photographers, and finally in 2016, a blend of their ideas led to the formation of The Attico. 

If sparkles, feathers, and frills are your love language, this is the place. After drooling over the garments, head directly to the accessories, as the shoes and bags reflect the same dazzling details. The Attico really is the brand you turn to for a show-stopping dress for an event or special occasion — or you know, if you’re the type to wear feathers to brunch. We’ll always advocate for that, too. 

The brand debuted its first-ever runway show this year in Milan — a clear indicator of its status elevating, evolving, and popping up on the fashion radar. 

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There are plenty more emerging designers and brands to keep on eye on, but these five are undeniably on their way to becoming iconic fashion houses, if not already. 

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