Summer Beauty Tips from Industry Insiders

Words by Jody Hume | 7.10.19
Much like the ingredients that go into the most coveted serums, oils and scents, beauty advice is often best when it comes straight from the source. And since summer is the perfect time to seek it out, we asked some of the industry’s most innovative and respected insiders to give us the details on how they really use their products when the weather heats up (including the must-haves they’re taking with them on summer getaways). Alia Raza of conceptual fragrance line Régime des Fleurs shares her favorite unexpected summer scents, famed facialist Joanna Vargas explains the secret to protecting her skin from LA’s intense solar rays, and more experts dish on their well-honed approaches to staying fresh in the face of summer heat.

Alia Raza of Régime Des Fleurs

Regime des Fleurs Cacti ParfumRégime des Fleurs Cacti Parfum Pour Tous | Shop Régime des Fleurs

What is your favorite summer beauty trick?
Sometimes it’s great to go against the status quo and wear an opulent, heavier scent in hot weather. We love our Gold Leaves eau de parfum for that, especially in the evening — it’s very seductive in humid weather. 
What does summer smell like to you?
Summer smells like gardenias blooming in the gardens of Los Angeles homes, the hot asphalt of the streets of New York, and the red roses at the George V hotel in Paris. 
Are there any unexpected or ‘off-label’ uses for your line, especially when it comes to warm-weather beauty?
Spraying our Cacti eau de parfum on the back of your neck is the most refreshing, cooling, delicious way to wear fragrance in the summer heat. 
Summer travel destination and essential beauty item you’re bringing?
We love Hawaii and try to get there whenever we can. You have to bring a good natural sunscreen, a big hat, raspberry seed oil which further helps protect skin from the sun, lots of white shirts and dresses, and — yes — a whole wardrobe of fragrances! We don’t pack light.

Shrankhla Holecek of UMA Oils

Uma Oils Deeply Clarifying Face OilUma Oils Deeply Clarifying Face Oil | Shop Uma Oils

What is your favorite summer beauty trick?
For summer, my two favorite skincare pieces are masks and toners because they immediately perk up skin for that radiant summer dewiness!
Here are two DIY recipes:
MASK: I love a carrot mask for a refreshing pore cleanser that also brightens instantly! Mash a medium sized carrot to a pulp in your food processor (alternatively you can grate it). Add two tablespoons of organic honey and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to this mix (skip the lemon juice if your skin is sensitive to it). Apply this mixture to cleansed skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamins C and K, ingredients that are beneficial for the skin as they slow down the aging process and deeply moisturize the skin. Lemon lightens dark spots and aids in cellular turnover, and honey is an excellent natural anti-bacterial agent. Together, this is a super-ingredient mask that works for every skin type. If your skin is feeling damaged or dry, add just a little yogurt into the mask, and if you want some pore-tightening action, throw in about a teaspoon of egg whites.
TONER: A combination of rose water, aloe vera and just a dash of tomato juice can make for a great homemade spritzer (consume within 2-3 days of making and refrigerate for storage).
If you’re not a DIY gal, UMA’s Ultimate Brightening Face Mask and Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner are my favorites!
Are there any unexpected or ‘off-label’ uses for your line, especially when it comes to warm-weather beauty?
Fan of toners as I am, I love to “up” their nutrition factor by mixing a few drops of our Deeply Clarifying Face Oil into a toner spritzer to control oiliness and buildup. Given the greater use of sunscreen as well as more skin clogging due to spending time outdoors, summer activity, etc., a dash of the Deeply Clarifying Face Oil in a toner does a fantastic job of keeping skin fresh, bacteria-free and looking radiant. I typically add 10-12 drops to above 0.5 oz of spritzer and spray my face several times a day!
Summer travel destination and essential beauty item you’re bringing?
I’m spending part of the summer in Antibes in the South of France and taking along our exquisite Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil. It is excellent for summer skin (both for protection, and recovery from the sun & sand!), not to mention it smells absolutely divine — always a major plus when you’re looking for that elegant all-day aroma that is very sensual, but never overpowering.

Marie du Petit Thouars of Maison Louis Marie

Maison Louis Marie Antidris/Cassis Perfume Oil | Shop Maison Louis Marie

What is your favorite summer beauty trick?
After a day in the sun I apply our body lotion — it’s perfect to keep your skin nourished and smelling good at the same time. I also apply our 360 Skin Revival Serum every night before bed which restores my face and keeps it well moisturized for the following day. 
Are there any unexpected or ‘off-label’ uses for your line, especially when it comes to warm-weather beauty?
One of my tricks is I apply a few drops of the No.04 body Oil and our 360 Skin Revival Serum with our Body Lotions which provides an even deeper kick of moisturization all over my body.  
Summer travel destination and essential beauty item you’re bringing?
We will be going to Portugal this summer and I will be bringing our perfume oil discovery set so I can have five different travel scent options in my bag since you never really know the vibe you want until you are there. I have a feeling the Antidris/Cassis perfume oil will go perfectly with Portugal’s warm summer nights and of course I will be bringing my lotions and 360 Skin Revival Serum and Cream too since I will be out in the sun all day.

Joanna Vargas of Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum | Shop Joanna Vargas

What is your favorite summer beauty trick?
Put your eye masks or face mask on chill in the refrigerator. Especially eye masks — it’s so refreshing on a hot day to add a cooling treatment to your routine. 
Are there any unexpected or ‘off-label’ uses for your line, especially when it comes to warm-weather beauty?
Summertime always leads to breakouts, no matter how diligent we are at cleansing. The heat opens our pores and pollution, makeup, etc. can quickly penetrate the skin, leaving it clogged and inflamed. My quick fix I share with my clients to reduce redness and inflammation from breakouts is a spot-treatment with my Exfoliating Mask. After cleansing, dab the mask over the breakout and leave on for at least 20 minutes, or overnight if possible. The kaolin clay and volcanic ash draw out impurities, lactic acid will break the bond of dead skin cells and kill bacteria, while galactoarabinan will boost cell turnover to brighten skin and tighten pores for a flawless appearance. 
Summer travel destination and essential beauty item you’re bringing?
I travel to Los Angeles every month, which exposes my skin to the intense Southern California sun. I always bring my Rescue Serum for the benefits of the high-potency vitamin C. This form of vitamin C actually boosts the efficacy of your sunscreen, and helps prevent future pigmentation and damage from the sun’s rays.

Jin Soon Choi of JINsoon

JINsoon Absolute White Nail Lacquer | JINsoon Grace Nail Lacquer | JINsoon Charme Nail Lacquer | JINsoon Demure Nail Lacquer | JINsoon Aero Nail Lacquer 

What is your favorite summer beauty trick?
My favorite summer beauty trick is using JINsoon Absolute White nail polish as a base under bright colors such as JINsoon Winky, Aero, Pop Orange and Charme to create an exotic array of tropical colors.  When you apply pure white beneath bright colors it makes the bright ones pop. For my face, I make a cucumber mask by simply applying thin slices of cucumbers which hydrate and firm up my skin to refresh it after being exposed to the hot sun.
Are there any unexpected or ‘off-label’ uses for your line, especially when it comes to warm-weather beauty?
For people who want to have a natural nail look but want UV protection and a clean groomed nail appearance, I suggest applying one coat of JINsoon Top Gloss top coat.  You’ll get a manicured look with UV protection you need.
Summer travel destination and essential beauty item you’re bringing?
I’m planning my next fun-in-the-sun trip to Hawaii and I will definitely be packing a bottle of JINsoon Pop Orange Nail Polish to keep my toe nails looking beach-worthy and Farmacy GREEN DEFENSE broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen to safely protect my skin from the sun.
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