Forget the Resort: Make Your Home a Summer Getaway

Words by Jody Hume | 5.9.19
Summer is almost here, and with it, vacations. Or … vacation fomo. Dreading a season of watching your friends and everyone on Instagram jet to Mexico, Mykonos, the South of France and Sicily when your passport will stay tucked away is understandable, but there is something you can do: bring the resort to you. It might sound daunting, but it’s surprising what even small touches can do to refresh your space and make it feel like a relaxing sanctuary. Plus, when summer’s over, you’ll still be able to bask in the luxe surrounds you’ve created for yourself. We asked Associate Home & Art Director Brittany Gersh and Merchandising Manager Mariel McCarter to draw on inspiration from summer travels and their home decor expertise as a guide.

Off-Beat Bookshelves

Even if you won’t be heading to the beach, a classic straw beach bag or woven basket is still a good idea. Use one to channel seaside ease as an unexpectedly stylish way to store your coffee table books. You might look at your collection in a new light and find the inspiration to while away a summer afternoon actually flipping through them instead of letting them collect dust. “Adding in natural elements, like a straw basket or ceramic vessel, brings a sense of calm to your home,” says McCarter. Bari Ziperstein of Bzippy & Co. creates vases that are sculptural works of art found in the eclectic homes of well-traveled Angelenos (and beyond). Add one to your collection, and people might think one of her striking designs is something you picked up on your international travels.

BZippy & Co. Robot Vase | A Détacher Basket | Taschen Helmut Newton: Polaroids


Thoroughly Chic Throw Pillows

“Throw pillows are the easiest way to transform your space for spring and summer,” says Gersh. Use them to cozy up your seating, but think outside the box, too — arrange them on the floor for a casual lounging sesh or outdoor picnic with friends. “Pinks, oranges and light blues remind me of the stunning sunsets in Isla Holbox, a Mexican island where Cuban and Yucatan influences combine to create the ultimate destination,” says McCarter. “Earthy and citrus tones evoke the landscape of one of my favorite escapes — Palm Springs,” adds Gersh. “When I lived in LA it was one of my favorite weekend trips to unwind, unplug and see some quintessential American mid-century modern design & architecture.” Get the look with plush pieces that marry warm tones, earthy textures and pops of color.

Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Pillow | Madeline Weinrib Amagansett Pillows | Bottega Veneta Woven Pillow


Luxe Lounging

If you’re going to choose one investment piece, a sleek, mid-century chair is a great option. Not only does it invite you to cozy up, stretch out or sit down and relax, it can transform the look of a whole room. Danish modern style might bring cozy winter hygge to mind, but light, airy styles are equally suited to summer lounging, especially when paired with tropical greenery. “I love using plants and flowers to transform my space,” says Gersh. “Pairing modern furniture and decor with tropical plants for summer transports me back to some of my favorite vacation spots.”

Willy Guhl Hourglass Planter | Alvar Aalto Lounge Chair | Marble Ram Planter

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