2024 Jewelry Trends
2024 Jewelry Trends

Top Jewelry Trends for 2024


With each new year comes new trends — some fleeting, and some that are here to stay. 

Whether it’s retro jewelry styles making a comeback, newer styles trending on Tik-Tok, or something an A-list celebrity wore once that’s now impossible to find, jewelry trends come and go. And occasionally, some stick around long enough to become classic staples. Whether you have your heart set on some chunky gold chain pieces, logo pendants, or stacked bracelets with or without charms, there’s bound to be a trending jewelry style you can’t help but to fall for this year. 

From subtle and fine bracelets to bold, statement-making diamonds, here are some of the most anticipated jewelry trends for 2024.


Chanel Jewelry

Whether it has the brand’s signature interlocking Cs or is a bit more discreet, you can never, ever go wrong rocking jewelry from Chanel. Layered chain necklaces, dangling enamel Chanel earrings or bold cocktail rings, Chanel’s jewelry offerings are definitely hot-ticket items in 2024. (But really, when are they not?) If you want something really special and unique to add to your collection, we recommend looking for something vintage. 

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Gucci Logo Jewelry

Rocking your favorite luxury designer logos isn’t reserved for just handbags and clothing—you can (and should) totally pay homage to your favorite brands with logo jewelry, too. The iconic interlocking Gs of Gucci make for the perfect charm on a necklace or earring studs. Gucci also has an impressive line of luxe, logo-inspired timepieces if you prefer watches over baubles. 

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Anything by Simone Rocha

Jewelry pieces by iconic Irish designer Simone Rocha continue to be trending for 2024. Intricate designs, feminine and bold styles, and impeccable attention to detail set Simone Rocha apart from the crowd—and the way the brand uses pearls, ribbons, crystals, and colors is truly an art. 

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Anything by Schiaparelli

Iconic Italian brand Schiaparelli is already a celeb favorite—favored by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Emma Chamberlain, and countless others. And when it comes to statement jewelry, no one does it better—Schiaparelli’s pieces are known for essentially being wearable works of art. From gold, vintage-inspired dangling earrings to pieces with colorful and swirly stones, Schiaparelli jewelry is equal parts whimsical and luxe, with each piece sure to have people asking you, “Who made that?”

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“Mermaidcore” Jewelry

Whether it was 2023’s The Little Mermaid or the ‘90s nostalgia that’s had a major presence in fashion for the past few years, “Mermaidcore” is back—not only when it comes to 2024 jewelry trends, but beauty and ready-to-wear, too. 

Let’s start with seashells. (And we’re not talking about the hemp chokers your local pool’s lifeguard used to wear in 2002.) Instead, think shapes and motifs crafted with yellow gold, or dainty conch pendants that fit in whether you’re on a beach vacation or totally landlocked. 

Also, 2024 will be about all things sparkly, sequin-covered, and pastel—along with ethereal moonstone gems, aquamarines, and pearls. 

Shop “Mermaidcore” jewelry by top designers like Chanel, Valentino, and more


Boho-Chic Jewelry

2024 is the year of all things bohemian when it comes to both jewelry and fashion. Whether it’s subtle feathers, beads, or leather styles, get ready to feel like the fashion set is attending Coachella year-round. 

And while beaded necklaces are timeless, they’re primed to have a serious moment in 2024. From colorful strands to ornate patterns that make a statement, boho beads will be an on-trend finishing touch to any outfit this year. 

Shop boho-chic jewelry by top designers like David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., and more


Statement Earrings

Single Earrings

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to fashion—so, throw out the idea that you need to wear two earrings at all times just because you have two ears. If you’re down to take a fashion risk in 2024, try a single earring and make an on-trend statement. Shop single earrings by top designers like Anita Ko, Gucci, and more


Mismatched Earrings

Just like there’s no rule that you need a complete pair of earrings, there’s also no rule that they need to match, either. This year, try mixing and matching your favorite earrings as you think outside of the box, and have fun doing it. Shop statement earrings by top designers like Fendi, Prada, and more


Oversized Hoop Earrings

You can never, ever go wrong with simple oversized hoop earrings. Whether they’re chunky and gold or dainty and pavé, oversized hoops will always be essential pieces to any jewelry rotation—which is why we’re especially happy they’re trending for 2024 (and forever, honestly). Shop oversized hoop earrings by top designers like Hermès, Bottega Veneta, and more


Ear Cuffs

Move over hoops and studs, ear cuffs are the hottest ear accessory of 2024. From subtle hoops over your upper cartilage or larger cuffs that take up the majority of your lobe, ear cuffs are a fun and funky alternative to their more everyday earring counterparts and can instantly elevate any look, whether in the office or out on the town. Shop statement ear cuffs by top designers like Celine, Jennifer Fisher, and more 


Metallic Headbands

Headbands are jewelry for your hair, no? Well, whether you categorize them as jewelry or accessories, we can definitely confirm they’re trending for 2024. Specifically metallic ones—think metal and gemstone-inspired hues. From thin styles to thicker bands, adding a touch of metallic to your look will be all the rage in 2024. 

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Whether chunky and clunky or slim and simple, mixed-metal bangle bracelets are a staple for 2024 (and beyond, honestly)—and the more you stack together, the better. You can achieve this look on a budget or commit to a true luxury stack with the highly coveted LOVE bangles by Cartier

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Statement Rings

2023 was the year of thin, stackable bands—and 2024 will absolutely be the year of the statement ring. Think: bigger, chunkier, sparklier, and bold. And the beauty of the cocktail-ring trend in 2024 is that you don’t need to just save them for big events—rock them year-round as a finishing touch to casual everyday outfits. Or just when you want to really make—you guessed it—a statement. 

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Layered Necklaces

Why wear just one necklace when you can wear three (or five)? Mix your favorite pendants with chokers, long necklaces with short ones, thin chains with chunky ones, and go crazy mixing metals, stones and colors, too. There are no rules, really—just do your best to make sure they don’t get tangled.  

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Ribbons & Bows

If 2023 was the year of the coquette-inspired hair bows, that makes 2024 the year of ribbons and bows as jewelry. DIY lovers can find their perfect satin or velvet ribbon and instantly make their own bracelet or choker that’s equal parts chic and affordable—while luxury lovers can look for bow-inspired or ribbon-adorned jewelry from top designers like David Yurman, Lele Sadoughi, and more. 

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Chain-Link Jewelry

When it comes to the chain-link jewelry trend of 2024, the chunkier, the better. Paco Rabanne leads the way with chain-link ready-to-wear—but the Spanish brand’s gold chain-link jewelry is not only hot for 2024, but covetable for years to come. 

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