Hermes bag
Hermes bag

Top Handbag Brands Worth Investing In


No accessory has quite the same amount of sartorial power as a handbag. So, it comes as no surprise that luxury handbag resale is such a popular investment tactic. Designer handbags double as both a financial move and an elevation to your wardrobe. Any basic outfit gets a surprisingly impactful transformation with the addition of a handbag. These pretty pieces can be held in-hand or draped over shoulders, serving as functional art pieces that then become a snazzy return on investment later on.

Like luxury watches and shoes, these are more than just investments for collectors, but meaningful pieces, too. Whether you’ve been toting around a dress-up handbag from the time you could walk or are just now exploring the high-end offerings available, these are the top handbag brands worth investing in, including those show-stopping Sardine-handled purses from Bottega Veneta to the iconic quilted flap bags from Chanel.


Hermès Bags

Arguably the most famous of Hermès’ bags is the Birkin. Inspired by the late, great singer, actor, and fashion icon Jane Birkin’s need for a better bag, celebs from Drake to Jennifer Lopez are superfans of the square tote and its many variations today. These fashionable bags are at the highest end of the price spectrum, but they’re not the only valuable investment options. The Kelly, Jypsière, and Evelyne are also lovely handbag choices to consider that will remain timeless from when you use them to long after you sell them on. 

Hermès’ handbags are priced highly because of their quality construction and extreme attention to detail. The family-run brand has been going for six generations, beginning in 1837. What started as a brand making exquisitely designed harnesses and equestrian accessories morphed into a leather goods company and more. They took the same quality practices and applied them to their handbags, jackets, and jewelry. Nowadays, the materials used to construct the handbags are made of textiles like rare heritage leather and marble silk, and are made by artisans who know their craft inside and out. 

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Chanel Bags

What started as Gabrielle Chanel’s haute millinery in 1910 turned into a mega fashion house with everything from stunning resortwear to chic handbags. The advent of the 2.55 Flap was momentous and this purse is still a valuable investment. Lovers of classic style won’t want to shy away from this brand’s accessories — many of which feature the iconic quilted texture. 

The 11.12 is another lovely option that came to fruition when Karl Lagerfeld joined the company in the early ’80s. It’s a different spin on the 2.55 and an alternative flap choice. For something a little larger, the discontinued Gabrielle — named after the founder, of course — is poignant pick if you can source one. There are various leather totes and shopper bags also available, but the most prominent tend to be the smaller quilted handbags. 

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Louis Vuitton Bags


Louis Vuitton was the man, myth, and legend behind the eponymous label. He started crafting fine trunks, so the switch over to luxury handbags wasn’t that far off. That iconic repeating LV monogram materialized in 1886 and it has remained iconic. Most of the handbags and totes from the brand have some variation of the print and fashion enthusiasts have held it close ever since. The most enticing picks to serve as investment pieces include the Speedy, limited editions of the Alma, and the Neverfull.

Shoppers won’t have to break a sweat if their investment starts looking a little worse for wear either. The fashion house has provided repair services for 160 years and still does to this day. So before you go to jump into selling your handbag on the secondhand market, you can ensure it’s in mint condition. 

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Gucci Bags

Headquartered in Florence, Italy (ahem, one of the leather craftsmanship capitals of the world) but rolling off the tongues of editors, influencers, and celebs around the globe, Gucci is another premium choice when it comes to handbag brands worth investing in. Starting out as luggage makers, the brand created specialized dyeing techniques, were resourceful artisans, and created a highly recognizable monogram. The fashion house has earned its place amongst the greats.

Wondering what models to add to your collection? You can’t go wrong with the Jackie, GG Marmont, and Horsebit 1955. These leather handbags are all timeless shapes, brandishing hardware or notable logos that make them a perfect choice for wearing and selling. 

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Prada Bags


Another Italian fashion giant, Prada started out with leather goods in 1913. That same eye for detail and care for the craft has stayed consistent and paved the path for the modern-day sleek handbags that are still high in demand. The silhouettes, colors, and materials are near-instant classics when they’re released. On the lust lists of shoppers include the rounded Cleo, boxy Galleria Saffiano, and pillowy Moon.

While the leather handbags hailing from Prada can’t be missed, its nylon Re-Edition bags and Vela backpacks aren’t worth overlooking either. It may come as a surprise, but these compact pieces reminiscent of the aughts and made of a basic (to be frank) material, continue to be sought out by collectors and Y2K enthusiasts and make Prada really stand out.    

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Celine Bags


The French fashion house has seen a change of hands quite a few times and plenty of new looks across its designs and brand (RIP to the l’accent aigu “e”), but it has still remained as one of the most iconic luxury brands, particularly when it comes to handbags. Born in 1945, it really became a reputable high-end company for luxury-seeking adults in the ’60s. Although garments were its tour de force in the beginning, it branched out into leather accessories with success.

Shoppers won’t even need to look as far as the runways to notice the popularity of Celine. Some of the most covetable purses, totes, and clutches come from this brand. Collectors on the prowl may want to get their hands on any of the Luggage totes (Micro, Nano, or otherwise), the compact and classic Triomphe, and the eternally timeless Classic Box.

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Goyard Bags


Goyard’s totes are its hallmark product, but it has a variety of handbags and purses that are worthy investments, too. The brand started as a luggage and trunk maker — we’re sensing a theme here — and to this day, still specializes in these goods. For smaller bags that’ll tote wallets and your essentials, there is plenty to choose from, much of which is crafted in the signature Goyardine canvas.

Goyard presents a unique dichotomy. It’s a prestigious brand but it’s fair to say it may not be instantly recognizable outside of fashion circles. That certainly doesn’t reflect in its resale value. For buyers hunting down a special investment, the brand’s Belvédère, Saint Louis, and Anjou bags are the perfect starting points.

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Bottega Veneta Bags


One of the younger brands relative to other luxury fashion houses, Bottega Veneta appeared on the scene in 1966. Despite its aversion to bold, flashy branding or logos that would signify that its products are Bottega over another brand, it skyrocketed in popularity. Its bags have appeared in movies and in the hands of celebrities throughout the decades. 

The words Cassette and Sardine received new definitions when Bottega Veneta launched handbags of the same names in 2019 and 2023. These superb shapes and unique woven textures make them worthy picks for a handbag display or for wearing around (and later listing). The knotted Jodie and voluminous Cabat are two other options to explore, too.

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You could spend hours scrolling through your phone and trawling the web for a shiny bag that’ll pay off in the future — but we’re here to save you time. The aforementioned brands and their iconic bags have already cemented themselves as promising choices when it comes to investing in a luxury handbag and reselling it. 

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