Top 10 Brands
Top 10 Brands

2023 Resale Report: Shakeups & Stand Strongs In Luxury’s Top Ten Brands


“Undoubtedly the most talked-about trend of 2023, stealth wealth has influenced which brands made it into our top ten list,” says Sasha Skoda, Senior Director, Merchandising. “Bottega Veneta and Celine, both known for their quiet luxury aesthetic, have climbed to the ninth and tenth positions, overtaking Burberry and Balenciaga. Meanwhile, Gucci is holding strong in the top slot for the second year in a row, showing there are plenty of consumers still drawn to a brand that proves it can offer something for everybody.”


Most Searched Brands of 2023 

1: Gucci  

2nd year at #1, despite creative director shakeup 


2: Louis Vuitton 

3rd highest resale value


3: Chanel 

2nd highest resale value


4: Prada 

Highest growth in average sale price 


5: Hermès 

Highest resale value


6: Dior

Strongest growth in shoe resale value


7: Saint Laurent

Highest growth in bag searches


8: Fendi

Baguette has highest growth in views


9: Celine 

1st time since 2018, bumped Balenciaga


10: Bottega Veneta 

1st time in top 10, bumped Burberry



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