Top Jewelry Styles of 2023
Top Jewelry Styles of 2023

The Top Jewelry Styles of 2023


If you’ve made your way to this article, chances are you often daydream of gold bracelet stacks, luxe diamond jewelry and timeless timepieces. From chunky and bold styles to more subtle, quiet luxury pieces when it comes to what’s trending in the world of jewelry, the answer is simple — it’s complicated.

The year 2023 brought us some new and emerging trends including animal motifs, colored cord pieces  and the grand return of the pearl, while also reigniting a demand for more classic designer pieces from Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear on the daily or are searching for the most perfect, statement-making investment piece, we’ve rounded up the most coveted, top jewelry styles of 2023.  


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

It should come as no surprise that diamonds continue to top the popularity charts in the world of luxury jewelry. Diamond engagement rings including simple but sparkling solitaire settings and even the more extravagant styles that are diamond-encrusted all over are some of the most searched and sought after styles, and for good reason — they’re meant to be a symbol of your love and last a lifetime.

Whether you rely on your trusted family jeweler or are after a luxury brand like Harry Winston, De Beers or Graff, finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is no easy feat and requires much research, comparison, and thought. Our best advice? Bigger isn’t always better, but designer is always desired. 

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Tiffany & Co. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Speaking of designer, Tiffany & Co. is one of the leading luxury jewelry brands and is world famous for their diamonds. Combining top quality diamonds and refined elegance, their Diamond Solitaire Necklace has quickly become a must-have accessory of 2023. With a single diamond suspended from a delicate chain, its simple design makes it highly coveted and easy to gift regardless of style and reminds us that sometimes, less is more when it’s worn alone as the star of the show. 

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Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Collection

The Alhambra Collection by Van Cleef & Arples continues to hold steady as a leading designer jewelry collection of 2023. The iconic four-leaf clover motif is mixed with different precious metals, stones, pearls and more for a variety of pieces and colors that can be collected over time. The collection, first released in 1968, symbolizes luck through its easily recognizable silhouette and includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even watches.  

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Cartier Love Bracelet 

Is there anything more iconic than the Cartier Love bracelet bangle? Designed decades ago to symbolize enduring, forever love, the iconic piece is not only a token of love and devotion but is also one of the most iconic bracelets, dare we say it, of all time? Available in rose gold, gold, white gold and with or without diamonds the bracelet is secured with a screw — yep, a real screw — and has its own little screwdriver to put it on or take it off. 

It’s common to wear the Cartier Love bracelet alone, stacked with others, or with accompanying pieces from the collection like rings, necklaces and earrings, too. And, nearly all Cartier pieces have serious resale value, so you can feel pretty good about spending whether you buy new or pre-worn. 

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Antique & Vintage Revival Jewelry

Much like how the fashion of 2023 has featured serious nods to decades of old, the jewelry trends have had serious vintage and antique vibes, too. There’s a palpable resurgence of interest in sourcing pre-loved pieces and tracking down hard-to-find heirloom or historical pieces like Art Deco diamond rings, vintage brooches and classic pearls. Plus, buying antique and vintage jewelry is eco-friendly and just feels good, too. 

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Chopard Red Carpet Collection

It doesn’t get any more glam than the Red Carpet Collection by Chopard. Ideal for the fanciest events and high-profile gatherings the collection is filled with bold gemstones, draw-dropping jewels and even some pieces you might recognize from the red carpet. Led by creative director Caroline Scheufele , the theme of the 2023 Red Carpet Collection is art, and it showcases 76 creations inspired by iconic art, sculpture, paintings and more. To nobody’s surprise, the Red Carpet Collection gets much attention from the Hollywood elite — though we’re thinking most of those pieces are borrowed, not bought, as the price tags are as out-of-this-world as the designs themselves. 

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Mikimoto Pearls

Though pearls never truly went out of style, they did become a genre of jewelry that isn’t so often used these days, until now. Consider 2023 the year of the resurgence of the pearl, specifically Mikimoto pearls which is currently celebrating their 130th anniversary of creating the first cultured pearl. Pearls have been considered a symbol of refined taste and elegance for hundreds of years, so it only makes sense they’ve made a “comeback” of sorts. From single stranded bracelets and necklaces to more bold designs featuring diamonds and other rare gems, Mikimoto Pearls are a must-have jewelry piece of 2023.

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Serpent Boheme Collection by Boucheron

Having first made its debut over 60 years ago, the Serpent Boheme Collection by Boucheron continues to dominate the luxury jewelry space with artisan necklaces and bracelets adorned with gemstones and intricate designs. The timeless collection’s iconic teardrop shape can be worn at its simplest, as part of your everyday collection or at its boldest, only for the most special of occasions. The versatility of this sophisticated collection knows no bounds (or budgets.)

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Chunky Designer Brooches

The thing about brooches is that they’re basically jewelry for your clothes. With a strong presence on 2023 runways, bold, chunky brooches are having a serious moment as they add personality to outfits all across the board while also exuding confidence and creativity. From logo-ed brooches like the interlocking “g”s of Gucci to Tiffany pieces and  even vintage-inspired creations, the hottest pieces of 2023 aren’t exactly your grandma’s brooches. (But hey, you never know!)

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Layered Pieces

Whether you mix metals or keep it all one tone, the concept of creating a go-to “stack” of necklaces or bracelets (or both) has continued to sweep editorials, runways, and the most stylish streets this year. From charm bracelets to simple chains and even the introduction of permanent jewelry, finding the perfect combination of styles that complement one another and are comfortable when layered can be a challenge, but one that is well worth it. 

While you may not be a fan of mixing designer labels when it comes to clothing, we are so here for mixing and matching designer jewelry. 


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