The Top Handbag Trends for 2024


You might be wondering what’s worth holding onto next year, and by that, we mean which 2024 handbag trends will be working their way into your closet. 


The metaphorical cherry on top, handbags do so much work for us. They communicate our style, what’s important to us, and even our sense of humor or hobbies (as novelty handbags show). Even those outfits you deem “not your best work” can be instantly elevated by holding a clutch. 


Perhaps you view bags as essential for their practicality purposes or think of them as little more than a piece of art you carry (or land somewhere in between like most of us). These 2024 trends will guide you to new investment carryalls, baguettes, totes, and more that can fit your necessities and look cute while doing so.

Carry Around These 2024 Handbag Trends

Replace your worn-out, much-loved bags with these picks that are somehow the perfect blend of zany, functional, and edgy. 

Oversized Totes and Shopper Totes

Coming in to replace the microscopic clutches and handbags of last year are oversized totes—well, sort of. Tiny bags are still taking up a little bit of space in 2024, but maxi totes even moreso. Regardless if you’re running out for groceries or not, shopper totes are the perfect bag to sling over your shoulder, as 2024 will prove. First of all, they can carry everything, and while items easily disappear into the abyss of an extra-large bag, it means there’s plenty of room for your daily essentials. So if it’s trending, why not jump on board?


Max Mara, Lanvin, Victoria Beckham, and numerous others had some variation of these wonderfully sizable bags set for the new year. Other brands took a different approach, such as Marni. It created a few triangular-shaped totes, whereas Prada mixed the oversized shopper tote trend with the clutch trend, sending models down the aisles holding large strap-laden carryalls under their arms.


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Structured Bags

Sitting on the other side of the slouchy tote spectrum are structured bags, which will also be prevalent come spring and summer. The look of a well-defined bag pairs nicely with some of SS24’s other fashion trends. For instance, they’re a nice contrast against an oversized blazer or a fitting, retro touch when worn with a skirt or hotpants with super-short hems. 


Refined handbags with structured silhouettes and sharp lines are stepping into the spotlight. Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Etro, and Versace. For something that’s softer but still defined, consider purchasing one of the pillowy Dior Lady bags or Celine’s more rounded takes on structured purses.


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Large(r) Bucket Bags

This takes a page out of the oversized totes trend and applies it to bucket bags, which are usually mid-size or smaller. This year, we’re going bigger, as in big enough to carry a giant bushel of grasses and flowers, as Hermès showed. The rounded silhouette with sharp origami-like folds or drawstring tops have cemented the bucket bag a staple for decades, but it’s nice to see fresh perspectives on it. 


Other brands that embraced a slightly expanded take on bucket bags include Ferragamo, Loewe, Jil Sander, and Fendi. They’re perfect for the expected use of a bucket bag, but equally make for fun work bags if you’re tired of carrying around a shoulder tote. These might look pretty different from the briefcases and backpacks kicking around the office, but they’ll probably hold more pens and look chicer.


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Novelty Bags

Handbags are often statement pieces added to finalize an outfit. This will be taken up a notch in 2024. Rather than a pop of pink or bold pattern paving the way, novelty bags are gaining popularity. They start conversations and are far more fun to throw on top of your everyday outfit than the plain leather shoulder bag you’re used to grabbing. This could be a bag in the shape of a milk carton or something like JW Anderson’s Frog clutches or Yves Saint Laurent’s Take-Away Box bags. Abstract bags also fall under this category, too, like from Mugler and Sportmax.


Most recently on the runways was Coperni’s walkman bag (TBT to carrying around our favorite CDs), Loewe’s Lemur bag, and Balenciaga’s gem-studded shoe clutch. For something extremely novelty blended with the oversized tote trend, just pick up the log tote from Natasha Zinko’s SS24 collection. 


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Cool Clutches

If you’ve yet to become a clutch convert, 2024 is shaping up to be your year. If it’s the way they’re held or their small frames that have made you overlook them in the past, forget what you know. Ulla Johnson, Missoni, Dries Van Noten, Schiaparelli, and Maison Margiela’s clutches all looked wildly different from one another, and although each was carried in hand or in the crook of the arm, they looked mega chic. 


These even intermingled with the novelty bag trend, just look at brands like Balmain and its leather rose clutch. But before you believe you understand the definition of a clutch, you haven’t seen 2024’s extra-large clutches. Many were even big enough to be carried in another way or had straps for multiple variations on how they can be transported. See? They can be convenient, too. From The Row to Prada to Christopher Esber, these gigantic versions were held tightly under the arms of models during SS24 shows, too.


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Woven Bags

That vacation is calling. While woven purses, clutches, and beach bags are a common sight in spring and summer, they’re back with real influence this year. Although netted grocery bags and a few oversized carryalls were seen in the last couple of years, Chanel, Sacai, and Gabriela Hearst decided it was time to revive the symbol of good weather and longer days. 


Seagrass, paper, and raffia aren’t the only materials being woven though. Bottega Veneta came in hot with its iconic leather weave on its spring and summer handbags, too. Fendi also presented woven options on its runway. Whether you’re stuck at the office for the foreseeable or actually have a sun-soaked vacation planned, these handbags bring a touch of “getaway” no matter where they’re worn.  


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Silver Bags

Last year silver shoes and silver pants were everywhere, so why not keep the theme going with a handbag in the same sheen? When an entire bag dons this metallic glow, it’s like a mini party hanging from your shoulder or clasped in your hand. Silver goes with nearly every color and although it’s perhaps futuristic feeling in a clichéd way, it’s undeniably eye-catching. 


Although it wasn’t widely reported, collectively a large number of fashion houses released a bag or two in a shiny silver material. Ulla Johnson, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Junya Watanabe, Celine, Sportmax, Gucci, Simone Rocha—shall we continue?—the list goes on, but you should probably get yourself one, too.


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