The Top Fashion Trends for 2024


Spending the first few days of the year diligently researching the fashion trends you’ll be executing in 2024? Well, same. To help you out, we’ve done a little analytical digging (and some gazing into a crystal ball) and compiled a list of the 2024 fashion trends that are no doubt going to make waves in the new year. 


Last year saw quite a few daring new ideas and fresh spins on timeless styles. Quiet luxury, for instance, exploded onto the scene, giving a “stealth wealth” appeal to minimalist closets. Business casual looks saw a proportional shift—literally—with tailored but oversized blazers and loose trousers everywhere you looked. And of course, there was the resurgence of Mary Jane shoes, boho chic midi denim skirts, and oversized leather jackets.  


While some of these trends are spilling into the new year, there are some ideas we haven’t seen—at least not recently. Below is a breakdown of what to expect for 2024 trends. Get your wardrobe ready, we’re already on board with what’s cropping up.

2024 Fashion Trends: Six to Keep Tabs On This Coming Year

Open your Notes app and jot down these trends that will be present on your feed, in your closet, and on the streets all next year.

Sheer Pieces

Gauzy, transparent fabrics were draped and wrapped on a good portion of the models in SS24 shows. Whether it’s a gossamer peach-colored top or a sheer lilac dress, it’s an admittedly refreshing look after the onslaught of heavy canvas, leather, and knit materials that were seen throughout 2023. 


This can be a range of materials, too, not just the aforementioned ethereal, slinky slip dresses or see-through tops. Crochet and mesh fabrics are a few other ways of interpreting this trend. Acne, Loewe, Chanel, and Jason Wu are just a few of the names to refer to when you’re shopping for items that’ll help you nail the sheer trend.

Oversized Silhouettes

It’s confirmed, oversized cuts and silhouettes are sticking around for another year (at a minimum). It’ll range from obvious extra-voluminous blazers with overemphasized shoulders to jackets and coats that are sewn in such a way that it’ll take a double take to really clock that their measurements aren’t standardized. There is also something slightly liberating about clothes that don’t hug your frame so tightly. They require a little more creativity and are the perfect foundations for playing with proportions. 


Brands like Loewe, Fendi, and Max Mara have plenty of jackets, tops, trousers, and luxe knits that are roomier than ever. Paired with either the super short-hems or wide-leg trends up ahead and you’ll be making the most of what 2024 is sartorially offering. 

Super Short Hems

Contrasting against the oversized and lengthy silhouette trend are the short hems that have also emerged on runways. Short minis (both skirts and dresses) may be the first thing that comes to mind, but what will be more prevalent is a style with hems exaggeratedly short. So much so that this has also been deemed the no-pants trend. Shorts that look more like high-waisted swim bottoms will be everywhere come spring and summer. It’s a resurgence that’s wrapped in ’60s-inspired nostalgia. 


Isabel Marant, Hèrmes, Gucci, Schiaparelli, and plenty more fashion houses sent these real short-shorts down the runways for SS24 shows. Just pair these with a high-neck blouse, tights, or a blazer and you’ve nailed it. 

Wide-Leg, Barrel, and Flared Denim

We’re still sailing far away from the skinny jeans craze of the late 2010s (but we’re confident they’re set to return in a few years). Leg silhouettes keep getting wider and next year will see even more of an increase in barrel, flare, and wide-leg jeans. This includes floor-skimming cuts and baggier styles, which play into the oversized silhouette trend. 


As a micro offshoot of next year’s denim trends, expect to see unique ways of fastening jeans, including sideways zippers, off-centered buttons, and off-kilter seams. Look at Khaite, Alaïa, and Bottega Veneta for inspiration.

Sleek Suits

What could very much be considered an after-effect of quiet luxury, sleek suit trousers, well-tailored blazers, and black suiting are making their way into closets. This translates to sharp shoulders, sleek cuffs, and well-defined edges. This by no means equates to yawn-worthy workwear though. There are cropped suit jackets, flowing blouses, and vintage-style kitten heels that are all a little more exciting than a gray pant and suit combo. 


The Row, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are worth scoping out for pieces that fit neatly under this trend. It’s a chic way to shake up your business casual wardrobe, too. Even if you don’t normally wear a full suit to the office, pieces from this trend can give an edge to your standard OOTD.

Unique Cuts and Cutouts

While you might think it’s getting increasingly difficult to make basics feel fresh, sliced-up materials are immediate points of visual interest and they’re certainly going to be big next year. Don’t worry, these aren’t simply ripped jeans or shredded jackets, they’re much more refined. Sharp blocks of fabric removed from garments leave hips, shoulders, bellies, and necks exposed in a different way that provides a bolder outfit than what a standard crop or tank top can. Aprons and their unique shape also showed up—yep, the ultra-utilitarian accessory—which in itself is an intriguing cut of clothing. Exhibit A, B, and C? Look to Hèrmes and Fendi for inspiration.


For cut-outs in general, Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Coperni, and Alexander McQueen have fantastic looks to take note of when you’re trying to emulate this eye-catching trend for next year. 


Now that you’re looped in what’s destined to be on-trend next year, it’s time to make it your own. Clear out those closets, sell what you don’t wear anymore, and make room for some contemporary picks. 

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