The 5 Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Bags of All Time


Slung over shoulders on the street or rolling through airports, it’s easy to clock the iconic monogram and patterns that signify a Louis Vuitton bag when it glides by. The brand has magically managed to straddle a line with its accessories that most companies strive for but not always achieve. They’re an aspirational pick that both new and experienced collectors alike love having in their closets.


Whether it’s a Neverfull or an Alma, Louis Vuitton bags have been around for over a century and haven’t lost their charm or timeless appeal. The intriguing shapes and interesting backstories of each have happened to be the perfect formula to give them staying power. Although there is a long list of bags that could claim the title of valuable, the following styles are handbags, trunks, and suitcases that shoppers and fashion experts have rightfully crowned with the title icon.


The History of That Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton ranks highly when it comes to the most recognizable fashion house monograms. Even those not immersed in the world of fashion can likely spot the slanted “L” interlinked with the “V” from a mile away. It’s often surrounded by the four-petaled Blossom, a regal fleur detail printed onto many of the bags the company sells. There’s a long and interesting history behind it, too. 


Shoppers will also find bags with small initials tucked into the squares of Damier patterning. The checkerboard look spans across bags like the Neverfull and the brand’s wheeled suitcases. This was first brought to life by the founder’s son Georges Vuitton in 1888. One hundred years later, the chocolate brown Ebène was launched, later followed by the Damier Azur (a light blue), Damier Graphite (a charcoal gray), and the midnight black Damier Infini. 


With a 10-second history of these trademark patterns and monograms, it’s easier to understand why the following five bags and their variations have held their icon status for so many years — making them a covetable new buy for collectors and a resale purchase that doesn’t stay in stock for long. 


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Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Shoppers would be hard-pressed to find a more recognizable bag than the Neverfull. Its structured, slightly trapezoidal shape and thin straps have lasted through decades as a luxury staple. Since its arrival in 2007, it’s evolved into four different sizes, the GM, MM, PM, and BB. The GM is the largest, perfect for traveling and long days out, whereas the PM and BB make for ideal evening bags. 


As its name suggests — and its sizable interior totally proves — it’s hard to fill up this bag. There’s always enough room for your essentials and then some. Its functionality and fashion at its finest and a memorable starter pick for anyone just beginning to explore the world of luxury handbags. Not only is it one of the most famous in the fashion house’s collection, but it’s a worthy investment for buyers who are looking ahead to resale potential. On average, the Neverfull retains 91% of its value, making this purchase even more enticing. 


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Louis Vuitton Speedy

Originally known as the Express, the Speedy is another bag that has gathered fame in Louis Vuitton’s collection. Built for fast-paced city life, it’s no surprise that it’s become a daily staple for any outfit and caught the attention of busy celebrities. Its compact, soft cylindrical shape is comfortable enough to wear over the shoulder or hold by its handles.


While it’s a great happy medium between a larger tote and mini bags, there is an even smaller version, the Speedy Nano, for style seekers that only want their most valuable essentials weighing them down. Earlier this month, Louis Vuitton’s newest men’s creative director Pharrell Williams sported the Speedy in a shockingly bright yellow encrusted with diamonds and announced that the newest rendition of the fan-fave bag would be available for a cool $1 million. 


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Louis Vuitton Alma

The Alma saw a few transformations before it came the bag it is today, but its familial roots harken back over 100 years ago. There is a version of this story that involves Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, but it’s a secret the brand has kept its lips zipped over. As the company describes it, the Alma rose from the ashes of a bag called the Steamer, which took on a wildly different look than the model of the same name today. 


Over the decades, it became the Alma, holding the vaguely semi-circle shape that fashion icons and modern-day celebs like Kendall Jenner still firmly grasp onto. Its fun shape has proven to be the ideal canvas for plenty of colors and patterns, from a lustrous candy apple red to a diamond pattern set on a black backdrop. It also has several sizes, with the BB and Nano joining the collection later to appease the micro trend that isn’t going anywhere. 


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Louis Vuitton Luggage — Horizon 55 Suitcase

Forget luggage tags, the best way to sniff out your bag among the sprawl of other black suitcases on the airport carousel is through a monogram. It’s something the Horizon 55 suitcase does well. It’s not chock-full of zippers, pockets, or polyester fabric, instead its sleek front is clean and level, donning the. With rounded corners covered in leather and a wide handle, its a breath of fresh air when it comes to travel bag design. 


The 50 is its smallest version and neatly fits in a cabin compartment with plenty of room for your vacay outfits and shoes. The biggest is the 70, which is more realistic if you’re not the type to sacrifice accessories just because you’re flying. The brand also developed a soft-shell version later called the Horizon Duffle. While some luxury labels branch out into luggage for financial reasons, Louis Vuittons beginnings as a trunk maker mean this is a more than logical fit. 


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Louis Vuitton Trunks

Meet the design that started it all. Founder Louis Vuitton first cut his teeth as a trunk and luggage maker in France, focusing on crafting travel cases that could handle rough roads but maintain a high-end look. That hasn’t changed in the 169 years since the brand’s inception. The Malle Cabine and Courrier Lozine are stylish picks that embody the original look and feel of a trunk. There are also the Rolling Trunk with wheels and stackable cases that have earned a spot as decor in plenty of bedrooms. 


Even some of the handbags have taken on a similar structure reminiscent of Louis Vuitton trunks, such as the Camera Box and Petite Valise. The brand also ventured out into trunks with additional utility. The Malle Vestiaire is essentially a portable closet and the Malle Horlogère is an investment for shoppers who need much more than a tiny jewelry box to keep their watches and jewelry safe. There’s even the Cocktail Trunk, which as you’ve probably guessed, is the chicest portable bar cart you can imagine. 


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These aforementioned styles have made names for themselves as iconic Louis Vuitton bags and while the list may grow over time, these are the silhouettes that’ll reappear year after year. 

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