Pop Quiz: What’s Your Realreal Style Profile?

Words by Jody Hume | 4.29.19
Know thyself. Philosophers have debated this maxim’s meaning since everyone was wearing linen tunics, but superficially, it’s a great piece of shopping advice. Are you the kind of person who impulse-buys the latest trends without regret? Then you need to know exactly when the newest pieces drop. Do you have a die-hard uniform that works for you absolutely everywhere you go? Then yes, in your case it’s ok to add another black cashmere sweater to your extensive black cashmere sweater collection. The point is, when you know how you shop, you can shop better — and more sustainably — by only buying what you love. Is the unexamined shopping cart worth checking out? Take the quiz below to figure out your TRR-specific style profile, and you won’t have to worry about it.
  1. Who’s your style icon?
    a) Iris Apfel
    b) Rihanna
    c) Sofia Coppola
  2. What is your next dream vacation destination?
    a) Vietnam
    b) Big Sur
    c) Puglia
  3. Most likely to be found on your nightstand?
    a) W Magazine
    b) System
    c) The New Yorker
  4. If you had to choose a favorite designer it would be …
    a) Dries Van Noten
    b) Gucci
    c) The Row
  5. What’s your signature drink?
    a) Mezcal Margarita
     b) Vodka Soda
    c) Biodynamic red wine
  6. If you were an emoji, you would be … ?
    a) 💎
    b) 🔮
    c) 💼
  7. How often do you switch up your look?
    a) Only when I hunt down the perfect piece that will transform an outfit.
    b) All the time. I love trying the latest trends and am constantly refreshing Instagram to find them.
    c) Rarely. I know what suits me and wear it like a perfectly tailored uniform.
  8. What’s at the top of your wrist list?
    a) One-of-a-kind diamond bracelet
    b) Apple watch
    c) Cartier Tank
  9. What’s currently on your shopping list?
    a) The perfect vintage dress — Missoni or Versace.
    b) A chunky dad sneaker — Balenciaga or Nike.
    c) A classic investment tote — Bottega Veneta or Hermès.
Mostly As: The Artful Collector

You’re always looking for the rare find or perfect piece to complete your collection, and you’re willing to spend time and money to get it. You have an advanced sense of style and choose unique pieces that get noticed. From vintage finds to rare Comme des Garçons to knockout diamonds, your wardrobe is like an artfully collaged moodboard of luxury’s most interesting and coveted designs. Without you, fashion would feel less like an art.Hermès Kelly Sellier 32 | Manolo Blahnik Embellished Mules | Cartier Pasha Watch
TRR Tip: Use the ‘Editors’ Picks filter to find the most standout pieces on the site.
Mostly Bs: The Eclectic Trendsetter

Your style is fresh and eclectic. You’re a pro at mixing high and low and experimenting with the latest trends, which immediately appear in your Instagram stories. You love a score and will try on any brand that speaks to you. Without you, fashion would take itself far too seriously.Gucci Denim Marmont Bag | Balenciaga Sweatshirt | Off-White x Nike Sneakers
TRR Tip: Download the app and create an Edit for all the on-trend pieces you’re looking for – you’ll get alerts when they come in and can scroll through custom new arrivals.
Mostly Cs: The Luxe Utilitarian

You appreciate understated luxury and practicality. Your loyalty lies with quietly cool designers like The Row, Hermès and #OldCéline, and you easily resist of-the-moment trends opting instead for quality fabrics, timeless basics and chic workwear. Without you, fashion would be way less sophisticated.Céline Small Belt Bag | Hermès H Belt Kit | Sophie Buhai Earrings
TRR Tip: Make an appointment for an in-person product viewing at the LA or NYC store where you can see investment pieces before you make the commitment to buy.
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