Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?
Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?

Pop Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?

Words by Jody Hume | 12.9.18
Your bag is something you likely carry every day, especially if it’s an investment piece by Hermès. So it should channel your personality (we’re stopping ourselves from saying purse-onality). And if you’re going to take the plunge into investment bag territory, you want to choose the right style. So which Hermès bag are you? Take our quiz below to find out.
1. What’s in your current bag?
A: The whole world. Including extra shoes.
B: Lipstick, a hair ribbon and a compact.
C: Wallet, phone, charger and an emergency snack.
D: Just the basics, ma’am — phone, key, cc.
2. Who’s your style icon?
A: Bianca Jagger
B: Audrey Hepburn
C: Michelle Obama
D: Tilda Swinton
3. What’s your drink order?
A: Martini
B: Rosé
C: Vodka soda
D: Whiskey, neat
4. Your next vacation will be …
A: Skiing in the French alps.
B: Greek island hopping.
C: Antiquing in London at Portobello Market.
D: Vintage shopping in Tokyo.
5. If you were an emoji, which one would you be?
A: ❤️
B: 💅
C: 👍
D: 👽
6. Where are you most likely to be found on the weekend?
A: At your three-Michelin-star reservation.
B: Getting a massage and spa treatments.
C: Re-organizing your closet.
D: At a buzzy art opening.
7. Aside from Hermès, what’s your go-to designer?
A: Louis Vuitton
B: Dior
C: Burberry
D: Celine
Mostly As: You’re a Birkin
Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?You appreciate the classics and always go straight for the top of the line. You won’t sacrifice space or style and need a bag that can carry the rest of your many essentials. The Birkin’s permanent icon status, Jane Birkin-inspired pedigree and solid resale value make it the perfect bag to invest in for all your first-class adventures. Shop Birkin
Mostly Bs: You’re a Kelly
Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?You gravitate to things that are polished and ladylike, and a bag fit for royalty is the perfect fit for you. While its namesake, Grace Kelly, famously used the Kelly to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi, you can use it to add a dose of structured style to your wardrobe. Leave it unbuckled for a slightly undone look, or wrap a Twilly scarf around the handle for an extra Hermès touch. Shop Kelly
Mostly Cs: You’re a Constance
Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?You’re super organized and your style is practical and considered. You need a bag that’s easy to carry, and the Constance’s effortless style — worn on your shoulder or as a crossbody — makes it a natural fit. You’re no-nonsense, so the Constance’s recognizable-but-not-loud H logo and rising resale value make it the ultimate pragmatic investment. Shop Constance
Mostly Ds: You’re a Jige
Quiz: Which Hermès Bag Are You?Unconventional with a minimal bent, you like to play with masculine vs. feminine vibes. You only need the basics, but you want them to be polished. Something easy to grab and go that’s simple and chic (but maybe in a bright, offbeat color) works perfectly with your eclectic wardrobe. Shop Jige

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