Hermes Evelyn bags
Hermes Evelyn bags

How To Spot A Real Hermès Evelyne


If you’re familiar with Hermès’ iconic bags like the Kelly, Constance, and Birkin, it’s time to get acquainted with the equally coveted Evelyne. Once relegated solely to the equestrian section of the French atelier’s wares, the Hermès Evelyne rose to fame as a result of pared-back, recession-era style. Since then, it’s become a staple in luxury fashion, gracing the arms of fashionistas and celebrities alike. However, with its surge in popularity, fake Hermès Evelynes now abound. 

To help you distinguish the real deal from the counterfeits, our expert team has put together a comprehensive guide on how to spot an authentic Hermès Evelyne.

The History of the Hermès Evelyne Bag

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The Evelyne bag, named after Hermès’ Riding Department Head, Evelyne Bertrand, was created in 1978 as a carryall for horse groomers’ tools. The original intention was to design a functional bag that would allow brushes and sponges to dry on the go. Consequently, the Evelyne bag features a perforated side, which was intended to be worn against the body during horse grooming tasks. However, the H logo created by the perforations quickly became a coveted design element for luxury lovers and fashion enthusiasts.

Over the years, the Evelyne bag has seen various iterations. The original Evelyne I included a fixed-length removable strap and one interior flap pocket. In 2000, Hermès reissued the Evelyne II, which featured the removable strap but removed the interior pocket in favor of one exterior back pocket. The current version, the Evelyne III, still retains the exterior pocket but comes with an adjustable strap for added convenience and versatility.

Hermès Evelyne Bag Construction

Hermes Evelyn bag

One of the most distinguishing features of the Hermès Evelyne bag is its iconic H logo, which is created by 63 perforations on one side of the bag. These perforations should have raw, unfinished edges and be evenly spaced and sized. In Petit Modèle Evelynes, the holes will have a diameter of 4.25mm, while the size of the holes will vary depending on the bag’s size. Counterfeit bags often have inaccurately sized or misaligned holes, so paying close attention to this detail is crucial.

The outline surrounding the H logo should form an oval shape, neither too pointed nor too circular at its sides. Authentic Evelyne bags are meticulously constructed, with casing and reinforced stitching along the edges of the bag and on the leather components of the strap. “Hermès uses a saddle stitch that’s always done by hand,” says Vanessa Guevarra, Valuation Manager at TRR. “This style has a natural slant to it—since it’s hand-stitched, it may not always be straight or perfect. But it should always be cleanly done, sith no obviously misplaced stitching or glue residue.”  

If an Hermès bag features straight stitching, “it can be assumed it was machine-stitched, which hints at inauthenticity.”

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Hermès Evelyne Bag Materials

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Hermès Evelynes are primarily crafted from two types of leathers: Epsom and Clemence. Epsom leather is a lightweight, stamped-grain leather known for its durability and resistance to scratches, making it an excellent choice for an everyday bag. Clemence leather, on the other hand, is a heavy, matte-grained leather that exudes a luxurious and classic appeal. The choice of leather can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the bag.

Additionally, Hermès has also produced Evelyne bags in other leathers, such as Box (a smooth, glossy calf leather) and Sombrero (a calf leather with a matte finish). Regardless of the leather used, the interior of an authentic Hermès Evelyne will always be the raw, sueded back of the leather, a subtle yet essential detail that speaks to the brand’s commitment to quality.

The removable strap of the Evelyne bag is made of an extremely durable web canvas with leather accents that match the bag’s exterior material. This combination of materials not only adds to the bag’s functionality but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Hermès Evelyne Bag Hardware

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The hardware of an authentic Hermès Evelyne bag is another key aspect to examine when determining its authenticity. Vintage Evelyne bags from the ‘90s might feature gold-plated hardware, while current versions sport palladium-plated hardware for a modern and sophisticated look.

Another pro tip: Pay close attention to the clasp on the removable strap. Vintage versions may have a more curvilinear shape, while current models will have a palladium-plated clasp with a small HERMÈS inscription in all caps on one side of the clip. 

The snap closure is another hardware component to scrutinize. Depending on the age of the bag, the snap may feature different markings. “Based on the era or year produced, the hardware snap may not have any engravings at all,” says Guevarra.

For example, older bags may have a blank snap, the female component may have four letters in a compass rose pattern, or, as seen on current bags, it may read “SBH” in one section. The male component of the closure will always be attached to the bag and may either be flat or include radiating lines along the edge. It is essential to note that an authentic Hermès Evelyne should never have a brand name or six stars on the snap, as these are signs of a counterfeit.

Hermès Evelyne Bag Brand Identifiers

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Authentic Hermès Evelyne bags bear various brand identifiers that are a testament to the bag’s authenticity. On the underside of the closure, which includes a strap with a snap on one end and a pull-through tab on the other, you will find a series of debossed markings. These markings typically include a craftsman’s stamp and a date stamp. The date stamp is crucial in determining the year of production. A letter within a square indicates the year of manufacture. For example, a bag with a stamped “R” indicates it was made in 2014, while one with an “O” indicates production in 2011.

It is important to note that Hermès has changed its date stamping system over the years. Before 2015, the brand dated its items with letters in alphabetical order, surrounded by a shape. However, newer versions of Hermès bags, including the Evelyne, now feature a secret proprietary code using only a single letter with no shape, making it more challenging to identify the production year.

Another brand identifier to look for is a metallic debossed stamp reading “HERMÈS / PARIS / MADE IN FRANCE.” This stamp is typically found on the leather accent of the web canvas strap and on the bag beneath the pull-through strap. Additionally, the color of the stamp should match the color of the hardware, ensuring a cohesive and authentic look.

RealStyle | Hermès Evelyne Bag
RealStyle | Hermès Evelyne Bag


Utilizing Packaging for Authentication

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If you have the privilege of receiving your Hermès Evelyne bag with its original box and dust bag, you can utilize this packaging to double-check the bag’s authenticity. The Hermès box has remained consistent over the years, so a genuine Hermès Evelyne should be accompanied by a box that reflects the brand’s timeless elegance and sophistication.

On the other hand, the dust bags have seen changes over time. Prior to the current herringbone toile version, Hermès used an orange cotton material for their dust bags, while even earlier versions featured a tan flocked material. Counterfeit bags may have text on the dust bag that is black, green, or gray instead of the authentic chocolate brown, and the cord may also be the wrong color. Paying attention to these seemingly minor details can make all the difference in authenticating your Hermès Evelyne.

So, there you have it. Spotting a real Hermès Evelyne requires a keen eye for detail and a thorough examination of its construction, materials, hardware, and brand identifiers—so you can always know you’re investing in something genuinely authentic. (Of course, purchasing one from TRR is a surefire way of knowing, too.) Whether you’re an avid Hermès collector or just someone looking for an iconic everyday bag, the Evelyne is a symbol of impeccable craftsmanship and a testament to the rich Equestrian heritage of Hermès.

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