Pop Quiz: What’s Your Engagement Ring Style?

Words by Jody Hume | 11.14.19
Before the vows, cake and dancing till dawn, there’s a monumental step to take in the wedding process — choosing the engagement ring. If you’re able to select your own, it’s a commitment that requires deep thought, much like the decision to say “I do.” The bond between you and your ring can be immediate, or it may take you months to come around to that forever-stone (and of course, who’s to say you can’t consign it in the future for an anniversary upgrade?). So what kind of engagement ring is right for you? Take the quiz below, get your results and read Senior Valuation Manager Lauren Hunt’s expert insights on each ring.


1. What’s your signature look?
a) Understated and polished — a slim suit or head-to-toe monochrome
b) Bold and eclectic —  I never leave the house without a standout bag and shoes
c) Consistently inconsistent — I’m always experimenting with a new trend


2. If you could choose any designer to create your wedding dress, who would it be?
a) Phoebe Philo
b) Jonathan Anderson
c) Virgil Abloh


3. Your dream handbag is a(n)…
a) Hermès Evelyne
b) Limited edition Dior Saddle
c) Gucci monogram crossbody


4. It’s date night. What are you wearing?
a) The Row, vintage Jil Sander or Helmut Lang
b) Prada, Dries Van Noten or Bottega Veneta
c) Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons or Jacquemus


5. What’s in your everyday jewelry lineup?
a) Nothing but a sleek bracelet
b) A luxe watch, diamond earrings and a handful of vintage pieces on rotation
c) I like to change it up, but some combo of fine and fashion jewelry


6. Describe your ideal bridal bouquet.
a) A pared-down protea and eucalyptus pairing
b) An elegant arrangement of calla lilies, baby’s breath and fern fronds
c) An unconventional, sustainable assortment of succulents


7. The one wedding gift you’d love to receive?
a) Something practical yet chic, like a ceramic French press or Cartier flatware
b) A unique piece of art
c) An experience, like a cooking class


8. What will you be using for your “something borrowed” piece?
a) A minimal family heirloom, like a gold wedding comb
b) A sparkling jewelry piece, like a pearl and crystal brooch
c) I’m not really into wedding traditions


9. Fast forward to the honeymoon. Where will you be?
a) On Harbor Island in the Bahamas, reading at Cocoa Coffee House and horseback riding on pink sand beaches
b) On the Grecian island Hydra, shopping in town and poring over rare tomes at the Historical Archive Museum
c) In Cartagena, Colombia, exploring Plaza Santo Domingo and dining on local delicacies like mojarra


Mostly As
You’re A Classic Style

Platinum 2.58ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring; The RealReal x Ceremony 18K Alder II Diamond Band; Cartier Honeymoon Engagement Ring

If an engagement ring is a true reflection of your soul, then the ultimate complement to your #OldCéline, go-to neutrals and overall effortless aesthetic is a classic engagement ring. Solitaire styles, gold bands and round brilliant diamonds are timeless for a reason. Minimal in design with significant shine or subtle sparkle, they polish off any outfit without overpowering it. Opt for only a hint of flash. It will go a long way. Shop Classic Engagement Rings


Lauren’s Expert Take: A six-prong engagement ring is the perfect way to display an important diamond. Round brilliants are scientifically proven to have the best white light and fire return. When set inside a platinum, six-prong traditional setting, you receive amazing shine while keeping the diamond safely secured in its mounting.


Our The RealReal x Ceremony Alder II band features a flush-set diamond, and is the epitome of understated. Flush-set diamonds are set within the ring by drilling a seat and then burnishing the metal to secure the diamond in place. This creates a seamless transition from metal to diamond, and gives a classic band a slight glimmer. It’s an ideal option for someone with plans to add to their stack later on.


Cartier. Platinum. One carat diamond. Bezel-set. What could be more practical? Cartier has been a household name for over a hundred years, and their Honeymoon collection gives a classic engagement ring practicality with a bezel setting (arguably the safest setting for a round brilliant diamond). I always suggest bezel-set diamonds for those who work with their hands extensively or are fearful of their ring getting in the way of day-to-day life. The smooth bezel will never catch, remaining secure for the long haul. 


Mostly Bs
You’re A Romantic Style

Buccellati 18K 1.15ctw Diamond Eternity Band; 18K Diamond Engagement Ring; Tiffany & Co. 1.14ct Legacy Engagement Ring

You love jewelry with a little history behind it, which is why a rare heirloom piece or vintage-inspired style is your perfect match. You excel at uncovering the unique and impossible to find, from archival fashion to sold-out-everywhere watches, and your engagement ring should be no exception. Choose a ring that draws design cues from the past, and it will start more conversations than you could ever imagine. Shop One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Rings


Lauren’s Expert Take: Buccellati has been around since 1919, and the brand’s iconic ornate aesthetic features beautiful flourishes and Florentine metal finishes. This ring shows off the brand’s quintessential romance with all the practicality of a band. The diamonds are bead and bezel-set, making it a good option for daily wear, no matter where you find yourself. Pair it with additional bands from other designers to create a dreamy stack.


The center diamond of the second exquisite ring here is a fancy purplish-pink, which means the main body color is pink with purple hues. The majority of pink diamonds are mined from one source in Australia, the Argyle Mine. It is incredibly uncommon to find a modifying purple color in pink diamonds (brown or even just fancy light pink are more common). The color alone here is enough to set it apart from the rest. The center diamond and pink melée (surrounding small diamonds) are set in 18K rose gold to accentuate that rosy hue.


Inspired by the Edwardian period, the Tiffany Legacy collection first debuted in the mid-2000s. The diamond cut, in addition to the ring’s design, gives the illusion of an antique ring yet has all the stability and functionality of modern construction. The diamond’s modified cushion cut was actually patented by Tiffany & Co., and features step-cuts on the pavilion (the diamond’s lower facets), which gives the diamond an heirloom feel. The mounting features pavé diamonds (even in the gallery, the area between the center stone and the ring’s shank) and a beaded milgrain finish, which was popular in the Art Deco era.


Mostly Cs
You’re A Modern Style

Bvlgari 20K 5.24ctw Diamond Cocktail Ring; Sophia D. Collection Platinum Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring; Diamond in the Rough Wedding Set

If there’s anyone who can pull off an unconventional engagement ring, it’s you. Forego the bands and traditional settings for something that’s a little more your speed (and much less run-of-the-mill). Whether it’s crafted in an unexpected shape, accented by rubies or highlighting the unique features of a raw diamond, a modern engagement ring can hold its own as you reinvent your personal style for years to come. Shop Editor-Approved Engagement Rings


Lauren’s Expert Take: If you love a little brand recognition, Bvlgari’s 20K yellow gold ring is quintessential Bvlgari, but with a twist. The marquise diamond, set in an east-west orientation, feels smooth and streamlined in its bezel setting while also making a big statement. Pavé diamonds go the extra mile to take it far beyond cocktail ring status.


Of all the gemstones to include in an engagement ring, rubies (a variety of corundum) are the hardest gemstone next to a diamond — perfect for longevity. Sophia D is well-known for creating one-of-a-kind pieces that pay homage to 20th century designs, and this ruby-and-diamond ring marries both classic and contemporary vibes together.


Last but certainly not least, the diamond-in-the-rough wedding set speaks for itself. What’s more innovative than a diamond in its raw form? The cage-like mounting protects the diamond shape while it glimmers in its own way. Fully cut round brilliant diamonds are bead-set throughout the ring to give a bit of fire and sparkle to an otherwise rustic look. Even when a diamond is not polished, the texture of the exterior reflects light in a wholly unique way.

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