Real Weddings: the Manolos & More Two Brides Scored

Words by Jody Hume | 10.25.18
Navigating the wedding industrial complex is stressful. There’s pressure for your event to be perfect, everything is more expensive, and you’re wrangling family, friends and a host of vendors. What if you could make it easier on yourself? Maybe it means asking family to pitch in to help with planning or decor. Maybe it means giving up your dream location for something that’s actually a much more natural fit. And maybe it’s finding your look in an unexpected way, like on The RealReal, or with the thought of consigning in mind. That’s what these two brides on our Marketing and Creative teams did. Scroll on for a behind-the-scenes look at their weddings and their insider tips for scoring the best items on the site.

Ally Dukkers, Marketing Manager

What was your wedding look inspo?
Everything really centered on my dress. My husband and I were engaged for two years before our wedding but I bought my dress right after he proposed. I knew I wanted a dress by the French designer Rime Arodaky and I knew I wanted something chic and timeless. I only tried on three dresses and I only brought my mom dress shopping with me. The theme and feel of the wedding was inspired by that dress. Chic and stylish yet timeless. The color palette was white and nudes with gold accents. For florals we went for an organic look and used a lot of greenery, eucalyptus and white and blush roses.
Where was your wedding?
Deer Park Villa in Fairfax, Marin County in California. My requirements for a venue were Redwood trees and twinkle lights. At first I was avoiding Deer Park because it’s in my hometown (I’m pretty sure I had a high school event there). But then one day I was doing some venue research and saw pictures of my dream wedding and what do you know, it was Deer Park! So I had to reconsider. In the end, I loved having it in a place that felt so familiar.

What did you find from The RealReal for your wedding look?
I was at a photoshoot when I found my wedding shoes. They were navy Manolo Hangisi flats — also my “something blue” piece. Flats were perfect for my wedding because there was gravel at the venue. They were so comfortable I was able to wear them throughout the entire event and late-night dancing.

My earrings were also from the site. I wanted a statement earring because my dress was so minimal. Also, I wear statement earrings regularly so it felt like me. The ones I found on the site were actually clip-ons so I took them to a jeweler to have a post put in. My fear was one would slip-off as I was walking down the aisle.

What were the ceremony and reception like?
Both the ceremony and reception were outside under the Redwood trees. My cousin led the ceremony as our officiant. It was really important to me to choose someone who was really close to both me and my husband, and who knew us personally. After the ceremony the guests’ seats were switched out for tables and we had dinner under the trees and string lights, followed by speeches from my father, sister and husband’s friends then lots and lots of dancing.
Will you wear pieces from your wedding look again?
Right now my Manolos are on display on a shelf in my bedroom. I love looking at them every day. One, because they’re beautiful and two, because of the happy memories. I will definitely wear both the shoes and earrings again!

What are your insider tips for scoring the best pieces on the site?
I always start my search by filtering by “Editors’ Picks” to find the best stuff. I also use the app a lot and create feeds for an item I’m looking for. For instance, before my wedding I started a “Manolos” feed and checked the app every day waiting for the perfect pair.

Ekin Kalayci, Senior Creative Manager

What was your wedding look inspo?
I was looking for a very specific kind of slip dress that wasn’t too night-gowny. Took me one day to find it. I didn’t accessorize much. My grandma pulled an antique diamond necklace from the family stash. That’s it.

What did you find from TRR for your wedding look?
I actually didn’t get anything from The RealReal for my wedding look itself, but I got a lot of wedding week looks: a couple of Dôen dresses, an Ellery top, a jumpsuit by Apiece Apart. I did get my shoes thinking I’d consign them after the wedding. I feel like Manolos are the TRR wedding shoe staple. I was inspired by Fatima after reading about her wedding on RealStyle! I had my Feed going for a while on the app (if you don’t use this feature, you’re missing out!). But the color I wanted never came, so I had to buy new. I made myself feel okay for splurging on them by knowing I could consign them.

Where was your wedding?
In a small Mediterranean town called Kas, in Turkey. There weren’t florists or wedding planners or anything like that. My family DIY-ed it all — including finding lemon branches to decorate the arch and my mom and her friends making vases and candleholders in their pottery classes.
What were the ceremony and reception like?
We were right by the water, in front of a dock that had an arch for the ceremony. There was a thunderstorm literally 15 minutes before I walked down the aisle (hence the tarps), so there was this magical yellow-ish, blue-ish light. We had one of our best friends officiate, and another one recited a poem he’d written. My husband Dylan said part of his vows in Turkish which was so special for me, since the only other thing he can say is ‘one beer please.’ The reception was just a couple feet away, with tables set on individual docks on the water. There was a lot of dancing — even traditional Turkish dancing! My husband and my grandma dancing was one of my favorite moments of the wedding, and swimming at night at the very end.

Will you wear pieces from your wedding look again?
I need to decide whether to keep or consign my Manolos! Tough decision.

What did your husband wear?
His outfit was much fancier than mine! He had a Ralph Lauren suit, Lanvin cufflinks and a Gucci bow tie. And I made him buy Gucci shoes. He was very James Bond. I think this will be his go-to suit.
What are your insider tips for scoring the best pieces on the site?
Use the Feeds feature on the app and add items you’re thinking about to your Obsessions.

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