Pop Quiz: What Kind Of Consignor Are You?

Words by Jody Hume | 10.1.19
Saying goodbye to your luxury pieces isn’t always easy, but for some, consigning is the ideal excuse for buying something new (and it’s sustainable to boot!). Every consignor is different, from the brands they invest in to the way they sell their pieces, but figuring out the best way forward can be tough. Do I ship? Do I schedule an in-home appointment? Do I even want to let this go? With National Consignment Day — our annual holiday to raise awareness about the circular economy of luxury fashion — around the corner on October 7th, it’s the perfect time to get your sartorial affairs in order and prep your pieces for the big day. So without further ado, take the quiz, discover your consignment identity and find out what you should sell this month.
1. Which best describes your personal style?
a) A blend of high and low that allows for creativity and constant reinvention
b) Clean, elevated and put-together with a “less is more” mentality
c) An eclectic mix of logos, vintage treasures and statement pieces
2. What’s the one thing you’d never consign?
a) The investment bag you wore to your first job
b) Your oldest Old Céline purchase
c) Heirloom jewelry that’s been in the family for generations
3. You love to shop…
a) Online, where anything and everything is at your fingertips
b) At carefully curated boutiques, so you can fast-track to what you want
c) At department stores, where the stylists know you by name
4. What was your most recent read?
a) i-D
b) Architectural Digest
c) Cultured
5. You know you’re ready to let go of something when…
a) It’s literally everywhere
b) You find the perfect upgrade
c) You haven’t worn it in months 
6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
a) Marrakech
b) Scotland
c) Mexico City
7. How do you feel about trends?
a) Feathers, fringe, full-on neon… you’re always down to try out the newest look
b) You rarely pay attention to them, unless they feel slightly obscure or esoteric
c) You’ve been known to experiment with trends, but only when they jive with your aesthetic 
8. Sustainability is…
a) The reason why you always consign regularly
b) Inherent in your pared-down lifestyle
c) Vitally important to you, and part of the reason why you’re so selective
9. What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired by your wardrobe?
a) Steal outfit ideas from your favorite influencers after scrolling through Instagram
b) Take a walk downtown to people-watch
c) Embark on a shopping spree to see if something new can invigorate your style
10. What was the last luxury item you purchased?
a) Rare Supreme sneakers from the latest drop
b) A classic Gabriela Hearst suit
c) Archival Prada for your collection
Mostly As
You’re A Lightning Fast Consignor
On the pulse of everything new and now, you never let sartorial labels define you. Edgy like Saint Laurent? Maximalist like Gucci? Avant-garde like Comme des Garçons? Those were you, once. Mini bags? Hype streetwear? Prairie dresses? You’ve tried them all. Your wardrobe is like a revolving door: one day a Balenciaga sneaker is in and the next day it’s out. Fashion is always changing and you try to mirror it. After you’ve worn something a couple of times, you’re ready to move on to the chunkier shoe, flashier It bag or newer statement jewelry. You’ve also got a sustainable conscience, and luckily you can consign, give your purchases a second life, recoup a little cash and ride the wave of the next big thing.
Pro Tip: Sell your pieces when they’re still trending to maximize their resale value. And in case you don’t already have a Luxury Manager on speed-dial, schedule a White Glove appointment and let us pick up everything up in one fell swoop.
What To Consign Now: Those chunky Balenciaga Track Sneakers that are now ubiquitous; the Off-White Binder Clip Bag that made it into three of your #OOTD photos; the Proenza Schouler earrings you wore so many times (maybe too many times?).
Mostly Bs
You’re A Considered Consignor
As a minimalist at heart, you know what you like, and it’s the epitome of sleek, streamlined luxury. No one will find frills, fuss or fast fashion in your armoire — clean lines, fine French craftsmanship and practical everyday pieces rule your world. You typically subscribe to the one-in, one-out philosophy, which means your drawers are never overflowing with impulse buys and one-time “now where do I wear this?” pieces. You’re used to investing in essentials that pull their weight from early mornings at the office to late nights out with friends, and every chic shoe, bag and accessory has its place. The only time you’re ready to switch things up and consign is when the ideal upgrade catches your eye.
Pro Tip: Our experts know all. As a mindful shopper who makes sure every item in their possession is a true necessity, you likely know the value of your wardrobe. But to figure out exactly how much that Cartier Juste un Clou or Hermès Kelly will actually fetch you, get to know an in-house gemologist or handbag expert.
What To Consign Now: The Patek Philippe watch you just replaced; that pair of The Row mules that never quite fit; the one Phoebe Philo-era Céline bag that holds no sentimental value.
Mostly Cs
You’re An Artful Consignor
As an arbiter of exquisite and multifaceted taste, you treat your wardrobe like a curated collection of art. Only the rarest and most unique finds are permitted, and you’ll go to extreme lengths to procure what you’re looking for. The racks in your walk-in are brimming with labels, from Louis Vuitton and Fendi to JW Anderson and Dries Van Noten, but everything has a distinctive detail or noteworthy flourish—a bold print on a sweater, hammered gold on a belt buckle, exquisite metalwork on a necklace—that speaks to your unique sensibility. No one has a more discerning eye than you do. And like an investor, you’re conscious of what your pieces are worth, and you’re willing to consign when there’s absolutely no room left for your latest treasure.
Pro Tip: Consigning doesn’t have to be as involved as the art of collecting. Stressing about selling that ultra-rare Chanel bag? Let one of our Luxury Managers talk you through it at an in-home appointment. Or download a shipping label and send it in at your leisure. Just make sure you actually convince yourself to visit the UPS store…

What To Consign Now: That dreamy Gucci sweater you loved so much you bought multiples (just in case one got dirty); the Hermès belt you wore almost 365 days straight and have finally retired; the diamond necklace you snagged at an estate sale.
Ready for National Consignment Day? Get started now.

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