Quiet Luxury
Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury Brands to Know


The past few years have resulted in a fashion whiplash of sorts. Before you could latch onto one trend, there was already another niche aesthetic in the making. From tiny microtrends (hello, tomato girl summer) to larger movements like Barbiecore, keeping up was an art in itself. Among it all, one trend in particular seemed to stand out and offer more longevity than the rest. That was quiet luxury, and whether you know it as stealth wealth, old money aesthetic, or something completely different, it hasn’t died down.


Part of the reason for quiet luxury’s staying power is that it’s noticeably similar to other concrete style categories and pulls traits from trends that captivated shoppers for longer lengths of time, too. Just by glancing at the aesthetic, it’s easy to pick up on the essences of minimalism, Scandinavian, preppy, and classic styles. Quiet luxury feels timeless, and no matter what fashion morphs into in the coming months, it’s easy to fall back on. Most of the components that make up a hush-but-luxe ensemble are minimal, discreet, and timeless. If you’re intrigued by the look and trying to piece together a wardrobe that embodies this trend, let’s tap in.

What Is the Quiet Luxury Trend?

Quiet luxury gets its name from the subtle nod it gives to wearing clothes and accessories that are high-end (or look that way) without being extremely obvious. It’s the opposite of wearing loud and in-your-face logos but still exudes the same amount of style and points to the idea that you have money—regardless of what’s actually in your bank account. Outfits feel like they’ve been professionally tailored or assembled with the help of a stylist and they’re the kinds of looks you’d expect celebrities, wealthy socialites, and entrepreneurs to wear.


What makes it different from other trends is its two components, pieces should look luxurious but on first glance, people shouldn’t be able to tell exactly what brand you’re wearing. While your handbag may not be scattered with logos, you — to put it bluntly — still look rich. Even if the meaning behind the trend makes you laugh or isn’t quite your thing, fans of minimal styles will enjoy the push for shopping for investment pieces that last a lifetime rather than chasing trends through fast fashion purchases.

How to Get the Quiet Luxury Look

If you were to summarize quiet luxury into one phrase, it would be understated but luxurious. Perfect tailoring, quiet color palettes, and high-quality fabrics are essential. Help yourself to plenty of white, cream, beige, brown, and black. Bright, flashy hues and patterns aren’t as prominent in this trend, other than the occasional flash of plaid or stripes.


There aren’t necessarily rules around types of clothing, but the items that feature the most in quiet luxury outfits are wide-leg pants, silk skirts and dresses, minimal blouses, tailored sweaters, knit tank tops, and structured coats. If you want to mix jeans into this style of outfit, you’ll want to go with your darkest blue or black pair. As far as materials go, silk, linen, wool, and cotton are front and center.

Brands That Embody Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury isn’t beholden to one or two brands, but there are certainly a few that completely fit the brief when it comes to nailing the trend. From iconic fashion brands known for their minimalism to celeb-loved companies, here are five to shop from that truly embody stealth wealth. 

The Row

Queens of minimalism, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were doing quiet luxury long before the term was coined. The brand is dedicated to craftsmanship, materials, and fits that are second to none. Nearly anything from its collections would feel at home in a stealth wealth outfit, but even better is that these investment pieces will long outlast any trend. You can expect sleek leather loafers, relaxed-fit jackets, and the perfect handbag for every occasion.

Shop quiet luxury essentials by The Row 


Loro Piana

Based in Italy, Loro Piana knows what it’s doing when it comes to quiet luxury. We’d go so far as to say that it fits the more tongue-in-cheek old-money aesthetic that fits neatly under this category too. It’s exceptional at producing wool clothes, from sweater vests, but its resort wear is just as fitting for the trend. From linen Bermuda shorts to wrap shirts to minimal bags that go with everything, it’s worth snooping around these collections. 

Shop quiet luxury essentials by Loro Piana



Every time a celebrity or content creator wears one of Khaite’s minimalist tops or classic pair of jeans (see: Katie Holmes’ bra and cardigan combo or Sofia Richie in the brand’s leather jacket), items instantly go out of stock. The clothes are cut well and look scream luxury. Don’t miss out on the boots, bags, and strappy sandals either. These accessories also look high-end without throwing logos around left, right, and center. 

Shop quiet luxury essentials by Khaite



Although it was founded 115 years ago, Loewe has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years. Loewe’s perfectly tailored basics and streamlined but interesting handbags make it a staple brand when it comes to following the stealth wealth trend. Although much of the brand’s products feature logos, the symbol of intertwined Ls in a circle make it subtle.  

Shop quiet luxury essentials by Loewe



A fan-favorite brand from Sweden, Toteme gets everything right about quiet luxury. Minimalism (much of which quiet luxury stems from) was perfected in Scandinavia, after all. From sleek, modern swimsuits to cozy coats that go viral, you won’t have trouble adopting quiet luxury while shopping here. Like the other brands listed, an investment here goes a long way and will feel timeless down the road, too.

Shop quiet luxury essentials by Toteme


Max Mara

The beauty of this Italian fashion brand is its more accessible price point. While it’s undoubtedly still a high-end brand, picks from Max Mara won’t cost the same as a piece from some of the aforementioned brands (which means its secondhand items are even more affordable). If you want the perfect wool camel-colored coat — no doubt a quiet luxury staple — you’ll find it here. Look out for blazers and well-tailored trousers from the company, too.

Shop quiet luxury essentials by Max Mara

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