RealStyle | How To Ditch Your Phone Addiction With A Rolex
RealStyle | How To Ditch Your Phone Addiction With A Rolex

How to Ditch Your Phone Addiction with a Rolex

Words by Noelani Piters | 10.11.18
These days, it seems like we can’t go two minutes without looking at our phones, whether it’s to look at the time, browse the web or actually communicate with someone. We use our phones as alarms, as timers, as calendars. We find ourselves powerlessly hooked.
Many people have turned to time-tracking apps, grayscale effects and flip phones of old. But there’s an alternative that most of us forget: the watch. A watch doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a smartphone — that’s the point — but top-tier timepieces offer some of the most important functions we use on a regular basis. And if you’re concerned with the hours you spend swiping after a casual time check, it’s an important investment. Read on for a foolproof way to start managing your phone addiction.
Consider Your Day-To-Day Needs

RealStyle | How To Ditch Your Phone Addiction With A Rolex

Hermès x Apple 3rd Generation Watch; Rolex GMT-Master II Watch; Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Night & Day Watch

Our phones are extensions of ourselves, and the habit of constantly consulting them is hard to break. Luckily, if you find yourself pulling your phone out to confirm the date or set a timer, many watches include complications — additional non-timekeeping features — that are now mimicked by our phones. Assessing what you typically use your phone for, and finding those features in a watch, is a surprisingly easy first step.
“Chronograph complications work like a stopwatch, while the watch still keeps regular time,” explains Karin Dickinson, our resident Horologist. “It might be silly, but I mostly use my chronograph to time how long my tea should steep. Alternatively, having a full calendar complication (day of the week, date, month) can help reduce the constant checking for these basic things via your phone.”
Afraid of going completely cold turkey, or need to stay updated on work emails in real time? “A smart watch is a great start to balancing your time spent looking at a screen,” says Dickinson, “and it can help you prioritize the things that actually need to get done.”
Be Mindful Of Your Time

RealStyle | How To Ditch Your Phone Addiction With A Rolex

We frequently find ourselves killing time by perusing Instagram or Facebook, but once you realize that your energy can be better spent in the real world, a watch becomes your new best friend.
“I’m making an active effort to slow down a little and enjoy the in-between moments of my day,” says Kaila Abruzzo, Writer & Editor. “I’m easing into putting my phone away during my morning routine, daily commute and before bed. I like to use my stopwatch to make sure I’m getting ready quickly in the AM and can have a more leisurely walk to work.”
Slowing down and reducing your screen time starts with unplugging when you have no real need for digital stimulation. Plus, getting to work on time feels just a little easier. “Wearing a watch ensures I keep track of when I leave in the morning, and not being distracted by a screen means I can enjoy the scenic route,” adds Abruzzo.
Let A Real Watch Transport You

RealStyle | How To Ditch Your Phone Addiction With A Rolex

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Watch; Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Watch; Chanel J12 Watch

Besides wearing a watch with utility solely in mind, there’s a sense of nostalgia that accompanies a traditional timepiece, a throwback to bygone eras. “I really enjoy the actual movement of looking at your watch,” says Forrest McGarvey, our Visual Designer. “It’s much more active than the motion of craning your neck down to look at a phone. There’s a glamour and command associated with the gesture. I kind of romanticize it, and savor the moment.”
Appreciating a watch in daily life makes investing in a heritage brand all the more worth it. Designers like Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe — with their technical mastery, array of complications and sleek design — remain favorites for a reason. They’re luxe, crafted with time-honored techniques and created for those who prefer to stay present and aware. A watch is arguably even more personal than a smartphone, and tailoring your choice to your needs means you can find a real connection with your timekeeping companion. Paired with an active effort to slow down and savor the moment, checking your wrist for the time or day can feel like a treat.
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