2018 Luxury Resale Fashion Trends
2018 Luxury Resale Fashion Trends

2018 Fashion Resale Trends: the Brands Millennials Love, Top Sneakers Across the U.S. & More

Words by Jody Hume | 8.21.18
Half way through each year we take the pulse of the luxury resale market and uncover some surprising trends. With stats from over 8 million items sold, we have a unique vantage point on the emerging directions luxury buying and selling is taking. This year is no different with data-driven revelations about what’s happening in the ever-growing resale market. Can you guess the traditional investment brand that’s growing fastest among millennials (it may surprise you)? Or the sneakers that rule cities from coast to coast? Scroll through above to find the answers, plus the brands that are making comebacks with their classic logos, which designers are gaining and losing resale value and the bags everyone wants to buy right now (hint, they’re not minimal).
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