Best Engagement Rings
Best Engagement Rings

Our Editor’s Top Engagement Rings for Every Type Of Bride

Words by Lauren | 5.19.15
Buying engagement rings can feel daunting — how much should you spend? Will she like it? What do the four C’s mean, again? Take a deep breath, because we’re here to make it much simpler. Not only can you buy engagement rings on The RealReal (even on our app!), you can rest easy knowing that if you change your mind on your ring choice, you can send it back thanks to our return policy. “Plus, every ring we sell is inspected by our gemologists using GIA grading standards,” says Michael Groffenberger, Senior Director of Fine Jewelry & Watches. “We’re one of the only companies selling engagement rings online that can say that.”
The RealReal offers a variety of styles, from traditional solitaires to exquisite fancy colored diamonds for the bride who prefers alternative engagement rings. But if you’re the one purchasing the ring, don’t leave yourself out of the equation. “Engagement rings are an expression of a union,” says Groffenberger. “While it’s important to take your significant other’s style into account, it’s also important to incorporate yourself into the piece.” With that in mind, keep reading for Groffenberger’s top engagement rings to best represent your partner — and you — whatever your taste.

1. The Traditionalist

Best Engagement Rings
 Traditional Engagement RingsTraditional Engagement RingsTraditional Engagement Rings
“A classic diamond is still a girl’s best friend, and the most common choice for traditional engagement rings,” notes Groffenberger. “You can’t go wrong with a solitaire. It’s a timeless piece that you can pass on to your grandchildren.”

2. The Trendsetter

Unique Engagement RingsUnique Engagement RingsUnique Engagement RingsUnique Engagement Rings
“Everyone is looking for a way to differentiate themselves, and natural colored diamonds and stones are so rare. Only certain places in the entire world can produce them, like the Argyle mines in Australia for pink diamonds, or for sapphires, the Kashmir mines in India. It’s a small, more romantic trade. The sapphire trend has particularly picked up in recent years, because of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring — which, of course, was Princess Diana’s ring prior to that.”

3. The Old-Fashioned Romantic

Antique Engagement Rings
Antique Engagement RingsAntique Engagement RingsAntique Engagement Rings
“Antique engagement rings are a big trend. So many of today’s rings are mass-produced, but older rings were traditionally made by hand and designed perfectly for each diamond. If I have a ring that’s 100 years old, consider how many times that ring was used for a proposal. There’s something romantic about it. I think people like the idea of selecting something that brought joy to someone’s life, a ring that transcends time.”

4. The Modern Bride

Alternative Engagement Rings Alternative Engagement RingsAlternative Engagement RingsAlternative Engagement Rings
“If you really want a diamond, but want something more unusual, you can take what is a common shape — like a round cut — and differentiate it by putting it in a unique setting.”
Interested in buying an engagement ring on The RealReal? Go here, and then read up on diamond grading and authentication with our expert guide.
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