Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Luxury Gifts For Him
Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Luxury Gifts For Him

Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Luxury Gifts For Him


As far as we’re concerned, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to say “I love you” with thoughtful, luxury gifts for him. And while it can be difficult to shop for men, we have plenty he’ll treasure for years to come. 

Whether your guy is all about designer watches or rare sneakers are more his speed, our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for men has something for every type. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas to get for your guy this Valentine’s Day. 


Gift Him a Luxe Wallet

A quality wallet is non-negotiable when it comes to daily essentials, which is why an upgrade or brand-new style makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Whether he carries around a wallet filled to the brim with cards, cash, and coins, or prefers something more sleek, simple, and bulk-free—wallets and card holders are excellent gift options that you know he’ll literally use on the daily. 


Louis Vuitton Wallets

Whether you opt for the classic monogram or Damier print—or even something as understated as epi leather—Louis Vuitton offers a wide array of wallets for men that he’ll cherish for years (if not decades) to come. From classic bi-fold wallets to keyring styles and pocket organizers, there are endless Louis Vuitton wallets to choose from


Designer Card Holders

If he only carries a few cards around and rarely cash, consider opting for a sleek designer card holder this Valentine’s Day instead. They’re compact enough for every pocket, and designers like Gucci, Burberry, and more have ultra-luxe ones he’s guaranteed to love. 


Gift Him a Designer Watch

There’s no love quite like the one between a man and his watch. (Well, other than yours, of course.) Whether he collects them or simply uses it to tell time the old-fashioned way, a classic timepiece is a can’t-go-wrong gift for him. 

Rolex Watches

Arguably the most iconic name in watches, Rolex has made its way by being synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. A vintage Datejust or Submariner—or really, any of Rolex’s quintessential styles—is a gift he’ll wear and cherish forever. 


Patek Philippe Watches

Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe leads the way when it comes to exclusivity and exquisite details—which is why it’s generally the priciest watch brand option out there. If you’re willing to splurge, you’ll make a happy man out of your partner for life. 


Gift Him a Pair of Designer Sneakers

Got a sneakerhead on your hands? We’ve got you. Designer sneakers are a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. 

Designer Sneakers

Having a nice pair of neutral, elevated sneakers is a must for any guy—not just sneakerheads! Gucci styles like the Ace or Rhyton have timeless silhouettes in a range of colors, and are perfect gifts for the guy who wouldn’t want anything flashy or label-covered. Or, a pair of clean, white luxury sneakers from designers like Louis Vuitton will certainly do the trick. 

For a more logo-loving guy, leather Prada sneakers are a chic option, and the Converse x Comme des Garçons collaboration is playful and colorful, but understated at the same time. 


Rare Sneakers

Okay, now we’re onto the ones for true sneakerheads. Highly coveted and rare sneakers are an entire cottage industry, and buying them brand-new on resale websites like TRR is an amazing option. Whether it’s a limited-edition Nike collaboration or vintage Dior ones, you should hit the ground running with this Valentine’s Day gift idea if that’s what he’s into. 


Gift Him Collectible Trading Cards 

Whether he’s an avid collector, huge sports fan, or just a sucker for nostalgia, rare trading cards are a creative Valentine’s Day gift idea for him. Not only do you have the opportunity to gift him something sentimental from his hometown team or favorite player from his childhood, but highly sought-after trading cards appreciate in value—so you’re giving him even more when you invest in this gift. 


Gift Him a Designer Coat

An ultra-luxe, high-quality coat is an amazing forever investment for him. Cold-weather parkas from Canada Goose and Moncler are always hot for wintry climates or snowy getaways—as are cashmere or wool peacoats if you’re looking for an elevated, slightly dressier option. You could even get him a nice bomber jacket, too, for in-between weather. 


Gift Him Elevated Loungewear

Sick of his favorite frumpy sweats? Time for an upgrade this Valentine’s Day: Elevated loungewear from Gucci, Chrome Hearts, and even Dior are as cool as they are comfortable. Whether he needs something for lounging or something to throw on before hitting the gym and running errands, a cozy piece is something he’s sure to appreciate. 



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