Luxury Watches Trend
Luxury Watches Trend

New Trend Alert: Luxury Watches

Words by Jody Hume | 8.4.15
Street style stars love to peacock for the cameras, and statement accessories are usually the key to their attention-grabbing outfits. Often, it’s the latest It bag, couture shoes or a stack of Cartier LOVE bracelets that catch photographers’ eyes, but lately a new piece has been showing its face as the must-have accessory: the luxury watch. Next to trend-driven accessories that come and go from one season to the next, there’s something classic and refined about sporting a traditional timepiece. These iconic investment pieces not only take your look to the next level, they hold their resale value and are potential heirlooms. Read on to discover four luxury watches the fashion set loves.

Timeless Cartier

Luxury Watches Trend Cartier

Cartier watches are great everyday pieces because you can wear them on their own, but you can also wear them stacked with bracelets and mixed metals,” says Senior Fine Jewelry & Watches Merchandising Manager Katharine Newberg. “I also mix designers, so I’ll wear it with my Hermès Clic-Clac bracelets or vintage bracelets — the sky’s the limit in terms of what I’ll wear it with.”


The Boyfriend Watch

There’s something to be said for wearing a men’s watch, and a Rolex is the perfect way to get the oversized borrowed-from-the-boys look. A classic men’s Rolex to try? The Daytona. According to Senior Director of Fine Jewelry & Watches Michael Groffenberger, “They hold their value extremely well and in many cases have appreciated over the last 50 years.”



Fur By Fendi

Luxury Watches Trend Fendi

FENA more whimsical take on the fine watch trend, Fendi’s My Way timepiece is like a functional Bag Bug for your wrist. The fox fur embellishment is even removable — wear it out on the weekend, and take it off come Monday when you’re ready to head into the office.

Classic Coco Chanel

“These are a great way to get the appeal of Chanel if you’re not ready to buy a Flap bag, or the perfect way to complement your Chanel handbag if you already have one,” says Newberg. “The black and gold combination is iconic Chanel — it will never go out of style.”

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