Oversized Style
Oversized Style

Trend Test: the Big Easy, Oversized Style

Words by Jody Hume | 7.30.15
Inspired by the voluminous looks seen on the runways, our Assistant Copy Editor, Sara McGrath, tries out the oversized look in real life. Here, she chronicles her journey.
Was I the only one counting down the days until the end of the crop top? Enough is enough! I’ve ruined far too many T-shirts by cutting off the hem in a desperate attempt to show my belly button. Always in favor of extremes, I decided to jump ship from the tiny top trend and looked to Chloé’s Resort 2016 collection for oversized style inspiration.
What better way to publicly apologize for baring my tummy to a non-consenting audience than to swathe myself in louche sweaters, palazzo pants, and high-fashion tall tees? Before debuting my new look to my fans and cohorts, I thought it in my best interest to test drive with a day at The RealReal office. I consulted with my guru/life coach (formal title: Style & Editorial Director) Ashley Munns on how to get a look that won’t make me look like Chris Farley. Munns encouraged me to “Go big or go home!” Instead of pairing my giant sweater with leggings to balance  proportions, I am ready to embrace art-teacher chic with full-blown commitment. “Wear it with confidence!” Munns insists. “Don’t offset your giant sweater with a pair of skinny jeans or a belt. Let loose and wear your baggy britches with pride.” I am nothing if not easily encouraged. On with the layers!
Before I get to work I absolutely must snap a selfie to send out to the group text. “hey guys ppl are taking pix of me at work do i look cute? lolol xoxo”

Oversized Style

The long sleeves of this Chanel turtleneck sweater are obstructing my iPhone screen, so I can’t totally see what I look like before I snap a pic, but it’s totally chic! Like one of those old vintage-y cameras where you had to WAIT to see how the picture came out. #tbt!

Oversized StyleChanel Mohair Sweater, $745Marni Pants, $340; Céline Shearling Phantom Cabas Tote, $1,295

My favorite thing so far about these giant clothes is all the food I can eat at lunch! I had two bowls of Special K, three pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, five peanut butter M&M’s and, like, three pieces of licorice. These roomy pieces hide it all!
After lunch I absolutely must recline, so I take some personal time in the meditation room. It’s not an official meditation room or anything, just a regular conference room. That’s just my cute little name for it. As the day winds down, I change into my Marni sandals to let my tootsies breathe a bit. I pair a casual linen jacket with wide-leg pants and a Dries Van Noten sequined tall tee. I feel amazing.
The merchandising team approaches and tells me they have a meeting in five minutes and I absolutely must evacuate. “Just a minute!” I tell them. “Can’t you see how zen I’m getting?” As nirvana sets in, I realize that a day of wearing clothes too big for my body has not only set me free from the discomfort of the high-waisted skinny jean and tank top trend, but I have effectively become one with the universe! I’m like, the chillest version of myself that has ever existed!

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