Luxury Consignment La: How One Chic Consignor Edits Her Closet

Words by Jody Hume | 7.31.15
The latest installment in our Luxury Consignment series is likely to induce serious closet envy. Business Development Director Hannah Soboroff recently met up with regular consignor Ruthie Samson on a rare rainy day in LA. Samson’s love of fashion started at a young age thanks to her favorite shopping partner, her mom, and now she puts her style education to use as Director of Merchandising at Lucky Brand Jeans. With a baby daughter of her own on the way, she plans to continue the tradition (we’re sure a very chic baby wardrobe is already being assembled). From her style icons and favorite designers to her rules for smart consigning, read on to get inspired by her style M.O. and learn how she edits her covetable collection.


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have always loved clothes and shoes! Even as a kid, I was never into toys and always used my toy and doll allowance to buy shoes. My mom has really instilled in me a love of fashion, and I have so many memories of us shopping together, from when I was little to now. She is still my favorite shopping buddy, and I am hoping, since I am pregnant with a girl, that my daughter will love to do it with me too.
After college I knew I wanted to do something that combined my love of fashion and business, and I have been a retail merchandiser ever since!


How would you describe your style?
Feminine chic with a dash of funk and a dash of boho. I am petite, but I make no rules and try to try all the trends and make them work for my tiny stature. Never say never!


Is your wardrobe minimal or maximal?
I hate to say it, but it is maximal. I like mixing it up. I love to dress up, but I also love to wear jeans.


How often do you consign?
I try to consign something every month. Often, right when a new season begins, I look at what is on my wish list and think about what I have in my closet that I no longer need.


What is a typical consignment appointment like for you?
I have so much trust in Hannah and her taste! She knows what is worth keeping and what she thinks I no longer need. It really makes the process a lot easier for me. Even if I am a little bit on the fence, I will keep something, and then I usually end up selling it the next month.


How do you decide what to keep and what to consign?
I have a rule for myself. One in, then one out. I have gotten to a place where I realize how much I enjoy getting new things, so if I haven’t worn something in the last three months, then I try it again, and often times, I am just generally over it. If I can’t close my eyes and think of three outfits I could wear with that item, it usually means it has to go.


Who are your favorite designers?
Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Iro, Zimmermann, Chloé, Sea NYC. I love Gianvito Rossi for shoes. I shop high and low, and supplement a lot of my closet with Zara. I also love discovering new designers. Right now I am obsessed with these beautiful embroidered Ukrainian dresses by this brand Vita Kin and love hats by Janessa Leone.


Do you purchase items knowing that you will later consign them? How has it changed the way you shop?
In the moment I always LOVE the things I am buying. However, I do feel much better buying new things knowing that I have things on consignment and that I can use the money for new purchases.


Who are your style icons?
I get inspired by a lot of real women around me. Whether it’s the women I work with or my closest friends, I love how I can buy something and so can my best friend, and we wear it completely differently. I do love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style because she wears trends, but she doesn’t look fussy — she looks comfortable and cool, but then again she is stunning and always look gorgeous. I also love the way Miroslava Duma dresses and the way she puts her outfits together. It’s great to see how she wears trends when she is so petite! The outfit never wears her, she wears the outfit.


What’s your advice for smart consigning?
It is actually really nice to get rid of stuff that you keep trying on, but never seem to wear. I have very little time to get ready in the morning, so it is nice to get rid of the stuff that I no longer feel good in and think about what I am excited about buying next. At the same time, don’t just give away just for the sake of getting rid of it. Keep the classics that you know you will want forever: a leather jacket, a classic purse, a great blazer. Also, keep the season in mind. Just because you haven’t been wearing sweaters in a few months because it is the dead of summer, don’t just give them away; think about whether you might change your mind in a few months.


Favorite thing about consigning with The RealReal?
They make it so easy! They come to your house and it is all taken care of. I have to say I love working with Hannah, because I trust her and she makes it fun. While we are chatting about what I should give away, we talk about some of the trends and pieces we are excited about buying.


What is something that surprised you about consigning?
I have never sold something and then later regretted it.


How long does a normal appointment last?
Hannah and I have it down pat, so it usually only takes me 30 minutes. We have a good rhythm!

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