Logomania at Home: How to Curate Your Space when You Have Monogram Fever

Words by Noelani Piters | 1.17.19
If you keep your wardrobe well-stocked with GGs, CCs and FFs, chances are you’ve thought about introducing monograms into your home as well. And why shouldn’t you? A well-placed logo is nothing more than a neutral in disguise, a goes-with-anything reminder of beloved brands, heritage legacies and artisanal craftsmanship. But for some, finding the perfect balance of monogram as statement piece is a struggle. With the help of our Associate Home & Art Director Brittany Gersh, we perfected the art of logo-ifying your home office, living room and dining area. Keep reading for Gersh’s expert intel on styling, unplugging via luxury tools and the resale value of key designer pieces.

Go For Practical Polish At Your Desk

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A home office should put productivity first, but it should also be a space where you can get inspired. Use logos sparingly in your work area — a Cartier clock and a Louis Vuitton planner here, a tome about your favorite designer there. Pare your desktop down to a few key sources of inspiration and the essentials. “I love combining a well-selected book and small sculpture with a timeless clock,” says Gersh. “The Trinity de Cartier clock is a take on the classic Trinity ring, which was designed by Louis Cartier for writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau in 1924.” The ring’s three bands represent fidelity, friendship and love, and like the jewelry that symbolizes enduring amour, the clock is just as iconic.
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Get back to the basics by unplugging from social media and technology in general. “In a time of tech-based tools, going analog is a great way to stay focused, and having the right planner will encourage you to keep track of all of your to-dos,” says Gersh. Not only will a chic Louis Vuitton agenda satisfy your monogram fix and keep all of your appointments in one place, but it’s also sustainable — Louis Vuitton offers annual refills so you can use the chic coated canvas cover for years to come.
Care for your agenda properly and it’ll last you a lifetime. “Keep it away from abrasive surfaces, high heat and damp environments,” notes Gersh, “and if it gets dirty, clean it with a lint-free absorbent cloth. Never with soap or solvents.” Plus, if you maintain its condition and decide to consign in the future, Louis Vuitton agendas sell for up to 80% of their original retail price.

Elevate Your Comfort In The Living Room

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There’s nothing better than sinking into a cozy armchair at the end of the day. And if you want to heighten the experience with a luxe logo, add an Hermès Avalon blanket to your living space. “The Avalon throw blanket launched in 1988 and has maintained its status as the ‘Birkin for the home’ ever since,” says Gersh. “These blankets are composed of a luxurious wool-cashmere blend and feature Hermès’ signature saddle stitching along the edges, which is not only functional, but also a key detail to look for on authentic Avalon blankets.”
Create your most comfortable corner with a snooze-worthy chair or couch, a lamp for reading and a bold piece of art. Your Avalon throw will just be icing on the cake. And if you’re wondering about how it holds up in the resale market, you won’t be disappointed. “Avalon blankets are so desirable that they resell for up to 90% of their original price,” adds Gersh. “They provide a terrific return on investment.”

Make An Unexpected Statement At The Table

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While it may seem tricky to work logos into the dining room, opt for a more understated approach — finding exquisite dinner services from top maisons. “Gucci has always been synonymous with indulgence, and their tableware is the epitome of luxury,” says Gersh. “The vibrant patterns and colors add a splash of elegance to any brunch, and keep Gucci lovers coming back for more.” The best way to keep maximalist pieces feeling fresh and down to earth? Balance them out with mixed-metal flatware and ceramic plates in the same color palette.

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The porcelain Mythological dinner service, which was produced in Japan circa 1995, portrays classical urns and ewers and a quintessentially-Gucci gilded trim. “These pieces sell well over retail in the secondary market,” says Gersh. “And since Gucci’s popularity continues to rise, it’s safe to say that resale value will hold firm. My advice is to invest in pieces like these now and enjoy them until you no longer find yourself using them, then consign.”
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