LA Vie Boheme: 5 Bohemian Style Tricks for Your Home

Words by Candace Longfellow | 7.28.16
With the return to wide-leg pants, saddle bags and off-the-shoulder blouses, it seems the fickle fashion industry is turning the clock back to the 1970s, but as far as we’re concerned, retro-bohemian has always been in style — and not just in our closets. If your home is supposed to be a place to rest and escape the fast-paced world, what better way to decorate than to channel the free spirits of decades past and create your very own oasis? To that end, we’re donning our best Eskandar kaftans to show you five simple tricks to turn your home into a boho abode.
1. Stop Hanging Your Artworkla vie boheme: 4 boho style tricks for your home

Brian Hamill’s Lennon In Apartment, $1, 300. 

We’ll always love a gallery wall, but why bother with stud-finders, measuring tape and damaging nails when you can simply leave your art on the floor? A piece of art leaned against the wall is (literally) effortless, and the casual placement feels relaxed instead of stuffy.
2. Invest in a Bold Rug (or Fivela vie boheme: 4 boho style tricks for your home

Anatolean Turkish Kilm Rug, $525

Rich textiles serve as the perfect backdrop for the rest of your furnishings. Whether hung on the wall as a tapestry or layered on the floor in a mix of prints and textures (in true bohemian form), a vibrant rug ties a room together and gives off an eclectic vibe.
3. Get Down on the Floorla vie boheme: 4 boho style tricks for your home

Thomas Wylde Pillow, $125; Missoni Pillow, $75; John Robshaw Zinc Pillow, $75; Aviva Stanoff Pillow, $75

Your days of hosting slumber parties may be over, but in the bohemian living room, pillow forts are always acceptable. Skip the sofa and border your boldly colored rug with a mix of mismatched patterned pillows for a down to earth feel.
4. Revive Rattanla vie boheme: 4 boho style tricks for your home

Conran’s Wicker Chair, $245; Vintage Rattan Chair (One Of Six), $895; B&B Italia Side Table, $645

From crocheted hammock chairs to macrame wall hangings, nothing feels more ‘70s than woven accents. At once chic and a little retro, the latest design throwback we’re loving now is rattan furniture. Summery, affordable and casual, these hand-made pieces feel right at home in a boho setting, indoors our out.
5. Go au Naturalela vie boheme: 4 boho style tricks for your home

Gregory Van Pelt For Raymor Plywood Lamp, $225; Antique African Jug, $315; Stone Side Table, $245

Every bohemian nest should include plenty of indoor plants, but you can also give your home an organic touch by incorporating furnishings made from natural elements. From wood to bamboo to stone, back-to-nature materials make any space feel rustic and laid-back, adding interesting texture and a nice contrast to an over-the-top color scheme.

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