Fair condition luxury
Fair condition luxury

2023 Resale Report: Inside the Fair Condition Boom


Fair condition means bags, shoes, and accessories that show signs of heavier wear. 

These accessibly-priced, high-quality luxury pieces still have plenty of life left (and may even look a little cooler now), which explains why demand for fair condition bags is up 130% this year, while the category overall is up 265%. To meet this desire, we recently expanded to include clothing, and we’ve already seen strong search volume from younger shoppers seeking access to brands they might be priced out of otherwise. Millennials have shown the most interest, followed by Gen Z.


“Fashion has often been about a desire to look perfect and dress pristine. But over the past year, we’ve seen shoppers embrace imperfection, understanding that a piece that has wear and tear, but still remains beautiful, truly stands the test of time. Within certain fashion circles, it’s even become a badge of honor,” says Samantha McCandless, Chief Merchandising Officer.


Most-Wanted Fair Condition Brands

Thanks to expert craftsmanship and timeless design, these tried-and-true luxury labels always age well 

#1: Chanel

#2: Louis Vuitton

#3: Gucci

#4: Hermès 

#5: Prada



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