5 Gifts to Buy Your Home This Holiday

Words by Adriana Georgiades | 12.6.19
With the holiday season in full-swing, you’ve probably checked off just about everyone on your gift list. You’ve picked out a Louis Vuitton bag for your mother, splurged on that Gucci belt your best friend has been eyeing, and finally snagged that pair of Nike Air Force 1s that your brother has been hinting at. However, you’ve probably left a very significant name off that list, one that is just as deserving of a seasonal treat: your home. The holiday season is the perfect excuse to upgrade your living space. It’s all about giving, after all, and who says your home doesn’t have a wish list of its own? Your home is always there for you, so why don’t you treat your space to an assortment of unique and interesting art and home pieces, curated by our valuation managers Hannah Hammett and Rebecca Williams. 
1. An Investment Piece of Furniture
No one wants a living space that looks like a replica of a generic furniture catalog. Shopping consignment means the pieces you purchase are often unique, unusual, or hidden gems that you can’t find just anywhere. Curating your living space with eclectic, pre-owned furniture enables you to imbue your living space with history and originality. While these pieces may be more expensive, you’re buying quality that is built to last. And did we mention it’s sustainable?

Ceccoti Collezioni Roberto Lazzeroni Star Trek Chair; Karl Springer Petrified Wood Side Table; R&Y Augousti Jewelry Cabinet 

“Designed in 1994, the Star Trek chair features classic Italian Mid-Century Modern elements like the minimal curved cherry wood frame, and also references the Atomic era — a subgenre of MCM design inspired by space exploration in the 1950s and 60s.” — Hannah Hammett
“Discovered  in the 1960’s by the Duchess of Windsor, who became his first collector, Karl Springer is best known for his Art Deco-inspired designs made of exotic materials. This piece centers on the rare multicolor fossil top that combines a raw edge with the smooth petrified finish,  formed over millions of years.” — Hannah Hammet
The form is fantastically surreal! Ria and Yiouri Augousti are known for their use of exotic materials, giving each piece a tactile feel. The playful proportions make the cabinet look as if it might saunter out of the room. A striking, conversation piece to hold all of your most coveted jewels.” — Rebecca Williams
2. A Statement Piece of Art
Any self-proclaimed art connoisseur knows that adorning your walls isn’t simply about the decorative aspect. The right piece can showcase your interests and values, ignite conversation, and should you wish to consign it in the future, earn you back on your investment. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or prefer contemporary, up-and-coming artists, TRR’s ever-expanding art selection will cater to your tastes. 

Soliloquy by Margie Steinmann ; Truth Roots: Roosevelt by Steffany Ojeda; Vivien by Alex Katz

“Margie Steinmann is a contemporary abstract artist out of New York represented by Carter Burden Gallery. This colorful geometric composition is both bold and simple, making it an easy yet elevating addition to any space. With female artists being collected more and more in the broader art market currently, this piece is a worthy and accessible investment.” — Hannah Hammett
“Steffany Ojeda is a contemporary artist and art educator based out of New Jersey. This is from her series titled Established 1776. The bold flowers pull you in, slowly moving your eye to explore the subtleties of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the background. Truth Roots: Roosevelt reflects various genre paintings from portraiture to still life to surrealism. This piece would shine in a maximalist space.”— Rebecca Williams
“Alex Katz is an American artist born in Brooklyn, New York. Katz emerged during the height of Abstract Expressionism but moved away from the abstract to more figurative subject matter. Vivien exemplifies his signature style of oversized, portraiture in serene flat colors. At 92, Katz is very active creating works daily. Vivien would be an impressive addition to the collection of a true art connoisseur.” — Rebecca Williams
3. Dinnerware To Upgrade Your Hosting Experience
The holiday season is also hosting season, marked by familial gatherings and festive parties. If all you want this year is title of “Hostess with The Mostess,” then it’s time to curate your tablescape with sophisticated dinnerware. No one is going to notice that you slightly overcooked the turkey if they’re eating it on an elegant Hermès plate. 

Carl Auböck 82-Piece Amboss Maestro Flatware Set; Hermès 10-Piece Cheval D’Orient Tableware SetSet of 4 Amber Cordial Glasses

“Austrian architect and designer Carl Auböck created the simple and sophisticated Maestro flatware line for Amboss in the 1950s. It was among his last designs before his death in 1957, and is no longer produced, making it highly covetable for the Mid-Century Modern collector.” — Hannah Hammett
“This set features the most decadent motif of the Hermès tableware lines. Ornate equestrian elements in earth tones are fit for the season. With the pattern currently in stores now, this set is a great value.” — Hannah Hammett
“The unusual squat stem decorated with raspberry prunts is inspired by antique drinking vessels,” says Williams. “This particular style is after the 17th century German Roemer glass. These blown glass pieces would be a perfect addition to serve your after dinner digestif.” — Rebecca Williams
4. Decor: The Cherry On Top 
They say that life is about the little things, and this is certainly true when it comes to your living space. You should put as much thought into the small touches as you do the big statements; you may not think a throw pillow or tiny vase can have as much impact as the investment couch you just splurged on, but choosing the right pieces of decor can radically transform your living space. 

Teco Ceramic Vase; Fortuny Lamp; Saved Tiger Rug Throw 

 “Teco was established in 1881 by William Day Gates as American Terra Cotta Tile and Ceramic Company in Terra Cotta, Illinois. Gates later created a line of pottery called Teco known for its Prairie style designs. The distinctive matte green was one of their most popular glazes called ‘Teco green.’ This versatile little vase would add a pop of color to an etagere or cocktail table at a great price.”— Rebecca Williams
“Designed in 1907 by Mariano Fortuny, the Fortuny floor lamp is an iconic early example of Modernism, which incorporated utilitarian and industrial materials into designs for the home. Produced and collected for over a century and counting, the Fortuny lamp is a relevant design today and for years to come. It’s available now on The RealReal for a fraction of the current retail.” — Hannah Hammett
“This is one of my favorite pieces. The nod to antique Tibetan tiger rugs makes this an interesting throw. Original Tibetan tiger rugs were used by monks for meditation, and the stylized tiger was a symbol of protection for the meditator. The vivid colors and cashmere, baby camel hair weave make this blanket a lush and unique find.”— Rebecca Williams
5. Trinkets To Deck Out Your Den 
As temperatures fall, it’s essential to cultivate a cozy space where you can curl up with a captivating book and a steaming cup of tea. Choose unique and sophisticated pieces to turn your den into a safe haven you’ll never want to leave.

Maison Balzac Carafe + Glass; Cartier Crocodile Porcelain Tray;  Daft Punk Medicom 

“Hand-crafted in mouth-blown heat-resistant glass, this amber-colored water carafe with coordinating drinking glass is inspired by traditional French glassware and is perfect for his bedside or desk.” — Rebecca Williams
“A fine French porcelain catchall tray with 24 karat gold details from the legendary luxury brand Cartier is as attractive as it is practical. It stands alone as a decorative piece with the decadent motif, and has endless uses in the home.” — Hannah Hammett
“Perfect for the streetwear enthusiast and sneakerhead. This Medicom Be@rbrick celebrates iconic French electronic duo Daft Punk, and sold out within the first week of its release in stores in 2009. The Japanese toy giant, Medicom, has since re-released two other Daft Punk Be@rbricks, with this being the first and arguably the most covetable. The matched Be@rbrick in gold is also available now on The RealReal.” — Hannah Hammett
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