🍕, Hamburgers & Hermès: How to Make Takeout Fancy

Words by Jody Hume | 4.23.18
In San Francisco, when you’re not at a restaurant eating something farm-to-table, you’re likely ordering something app-to-apartment. With some of the city’s best dishes available for quick delivery via Caviar or Postmates, the siren song of takeout is stronger than ever. We’re not going to argue it can compete with a lovingly home-cooked meal, but we will say if it’s going to be part of your regular rotation, you might as well embrace it — by which we mean, break out (but don’t break!) the fine china.

Burrito Deluxe

Herend Printemps Plate | Royal Danish Flatware Set | Tiffany & Co. Louveciennes Dinner Plates

The title for best burrito in SF is infamously divisive — it’s nerve-wracking to choose one, but we couldn’t leave it out. In the end, we went with Pancho Villa Taqueria, which, the SF Chronicle’s Leah Garchik once described as “the French Laundry of taquerias.” Be sure to check out their amazing website.

Kosta Boda Open Minds Martini Glasses

“I love that I can put so much stuff on my burrito, and they have an amazing salsa/hot sauce bar with like 12 options and I have my three faves,” says Senior Designer Ekin Kalayci, who lives nearby. “Plus, they’re accommodating with my husband who is like, no salsa, no tomato, no cheese — if you write it in ALL caps with PLEAAASEE!! THANK YOU!!!! on the Caviar note, everything comes in as you asked for it.” Elevate your perfectly foil wrapped order with a delicately patterned Limoges porcelain plate by Tiffany & Co. and the streamlined Scandinavian design of Royal Danish flatware. A lime Jarritos is perfect in Kosta Boda’s open mind martini glasses.

Hype Noodles

Raynaud Gold Place Setting | Richard Ginori Contessa Service Plates | Supreme Chopsticks

What kind of takeout does the hype beast who owns a set of Supreme chopsticks order? Mission Chinese, of course. The hipster-beloved juggernaut propelled by founder (and Vetements enthusiast) Danny Bowien and former Executive Chef/Creative Director Angela Dimayuga originally opened as a pop-up in existing Mission Street joint Lung Shan before expanding to New York’s Lower East Side.

Their unbelievably fragrant and savory classic chow mein noodles still do the trick, especially balanced with the delicate tiger salad: greens, fresh turnip, vinegar, chili oil and fresh rice noodles.

Pizza Party

Hermès Chaine d’Ancre Dinner Service | Christofle Gold Serveware Set | Christofle Silverplate Old Fashioned Glasses

Kalayci lives just doors down from Flour + Water, but being a neighborhood regular isn’t enough to guarantee one of its highly coveted tables for a pasta or pizza fix. Sometimes, you just have to go old-school. “We’re not NY and we don’t have late-night delivery for EVERYTHING, so Oz delivering late is a life-saver,” she explains. “It’s a plain old classic pizza joint that’s consistent and good.”

Plating pizza with heritage serveware like Hermès’ Chaine D’ancre place settings and Christofle silver might seem over-the-top at first, but it actually makes perfect sense. The real luxury is using and enjoying your investment pieces, so instead of reserving fine china for that sit-down, by-invitation, place-card-complete dinner party you’ve been planning in the back of your mind, by using it whenever you order a large pepperoni, you’ll make the most of the pieces you love.

Hamburger Helper

Christofle Albi Oval Serving Tray

Aside from a Christofle tray with room service-at-home vibes, another way to make a burger feel fancy is to know exactly where it came from. Case in point: this specimen from local SF spot Calibur, which sources its organic, grass-fed beef from California’s own Cream Co. Meats.

Georg Jensen Set of Enamel Demitasse Spoons | Waterford Tumbler Set | Set of Vintage Limoges Porcelain Coasters

Bonus points for drinking a milkshake that reminds you of being a kid out of a crystal glass that’s very grown up.
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