RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram
RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

6 Jewelry Pieces You Should Buy Just to Kirakira on Instagram

Words by Jody Hume | 3.17.18
It seems like you can’t open Instagram these days without scrolling past a plethora of photos and videos with an extra dose of shine. From designers posting blingy photos of their products to models and editors like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Eva Chen going glam on the ‘gram, everyone has embraced the KiraKira craze. And more likely than not, you have too.
If you’re unfamiliar with KiraKira, though, it’s an app that allows you to add the dreamiest of effects to your photos and videos, ranging from a soft, subtle glow to a full-blown explosion of sparkles. And with thirteen adjustable filters, KiraKira is the secret weapon you need if your feed is lacking in the shine department.
While KiraKira can highlight literally anything, there’s something magical about jewelry that catches the light. Though it’s the job of some to snap photos during the golden hour and post them online, we know that sometimes the lighting isn’t quite ideal for those #OOTD shots. Don’t despair, though; we’ve rounded up some high-shine picks for your selfie pleasure, plus a few tips from Katherine Ward, Senior Valuations Manager, Fine Jewelry & Watches, on how to care for them.
The High-Fashion Stunner

RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

Gucci Crystal Collar Necklace; Shop Necklaces

Like anything created by Gucci these days, the Italian house’s jewelry offerings are the crème de la crème of statement-makers. On pieces like this necklace, millennial pink crystals glitter and gleam of their own accord (and with the KiraKira app to enhance the sparkle, it’s almost too stunning to look away!).
While the style set can often be seen sporting the maximalist brand head-to-toe, diehard Gucciphiles appreciate the atelier for the time-honored craftsmanship and iconic design of heritage classics. But no matter which camp you’re in, Gucci has another under-the-radar selling point: it cares about its ecological footprint. From going fur-free and making all of its packaging 100% recyclable to being certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, you really can’t go wrong with Gucci.
The Conversation Piece

RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

Tiffany & Co. Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring; Shop Rings

Though engagement rings like this shimmery Tiffany & Co. piece will always elicit questions of marriage, who says you can’t wear one while you’re single? Engagement rings are inherently personal, but then again, so is all jewelry. And whether you’re investing in a future heirloom or buying a new accent piece to flaunt on Instagram, it’s prudent to care for it regularly so it maintains its KiraKira potential.
“Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum can oxidize or discolor when exposed to harsh chemicals, so if you’re using an abrasive cleaner like bleach or going swimming in a chlorinated pool, make sure to remove your fine jewelry before doing so,” advises Ward.
The Elegant Earring

RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

18K Diamond Hoop Earrings; Shop Diamonds

Minimal and universally flattering, the hoop earring is a jewelry box staple. And with luxe, diamond accents — nothing shines brighter than a KiraKira-fied diamond! — options like these are investment pieces that should be handled with the utmost care.
“To keep your diamond pieces as pristine as possible, use a lint-free cloth to clean them with a mild household detergent or jewelry cleaning solution,” says Ward. Also note that diamond is the hardest gemstone, but it’s not indestructible. “Avoid extreme changes in temperature as they can permanently scorch a stone, or expand existing inclusions, or impurities,” says Ward. She recommends long term storage in a fireproof safe.
Taking care of your diamonds at home? “A soak in warm water and light cleaning with dish soap and a bristle brush is a great at-home diamond cleaning option,” she adds.
The Cool Girl Must-Have

RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

Rebecca de Ravenel Beaded Clip-On Earrings; Shop Earrings

Rebecca de Ravenel’s coveted drop earrings are Instagram and celebrity favorites (just ask Selena Gomez, who was seen in a striking cantaloupe-colored pair of hand-embroidered Les Bonbons). Whether you go for poppy hues or an understated shade like silver, the tiered silhouette is bold and unexpected. And if your selfie lighting seems a little lackluster, we recommend upping the shine toggle in KiraKira.
The Ultimate KiraKira Duo

RealStyle | Jewelry To KiraKira On Instagram

Tiffany & Co. 18K Diamond Bangle; 18K Diamond Link Bracelet (Similar); Shop Bracelets

Because sometimes one bracelet isn’t enough. Stacking jewelry is perhaps one of our favorite things to do, and once you layer diamonds on diamonds, it’s kind of a KiraKira moment waiting to happen. When you’re not wearing your sparkliest jewelry and exposing your wrist for that expertly-posed Instagram shot, though, it’s best to keep your pieces safely tucked away.
“Keeping pieces in top condition will let you enjoy them for years to come, or help you earn a higher commission if you decide to consign them one day,” notes Ward. “Keep your pieces stored in a padded jewelry box to avoid scratches from harder materials. Or, if your piece comes with a branded pouch or box, these are ideal for storage as well.”
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