Fashion Insiders Mini Bags
Fashion Insiders Mini Bags

What Fashion Insiders Fit into Mini Bags

Words by Leah Melby | 7.27.16
As we steadily march toward the quarter-mark of this century, it’s fair to argue that we’re all getting smarter with age (at least where it applies to our fashion choices). Dangerously vertiginous heels are now the exception, not the rule, and sneakers have been so firmly adopted by the style tribe that it seems unlikely they’ll ever fall out of favor. Meanwhile, our bags have been shrinking too. Gone are the mammoth status-symbol buys of the aughts. They’ve been permanently cinched up in their dustbags by smaller versions.
Minis reside on the furthest end of the size spectrum, big enough for essentials only. They’re easy on the arm, but the tiny dimensions can be intimidating—to make it work, edit out anything but what you absolutely need.

Fashion Insiders Mini BagsChristian Dior Micro Diorama Flap Bag, $1,550; Prada Saffiano Card Holder, $145

“Always condense your wallet to a coin purse—all you usually need is an ID, credit card, and some cash,” said Dria Murphy, founder of Alise Collective. If you regularly tote cosmetics, you don’t need to jettison them; instead, shrink down. “Benefit’s under-eye hydrating concealer has a perfect mini version.”

Fashion Insiders Mini BagsWestward  Leaning Sunglasses, $125; Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Malle, $4,200; Saint Laurent Cardholder, $225

Randy Miller, a fashion writer with stints at InStyle, Net-A-Porter, and Barneys on her CV, echoes the travel-size beauty approach. “A friend gave me a pretty Marc Jacobs lipstick sample that was too red for her—the size makes it perfect for squeezing into a mini.” She slips all of her wallet essentials into a card case, skips noise-canceling headphones in favor of ear buds, and has made Westward Leaning shades a signature since the brand’s sleek leather case-cum-lens protector saves a significant amount of space. “I’ll even throw in a few sticks of gum without the package to save on space. My phone usually squeezes in, but more often than not it’s in my back pocket.”

Fashion Insiders Mini Bags


“My goal is to only bring the things that I truly need on any particular occasion and carrying a mini makes that possible,” added Jaime David, the founder and owner of Jaime David Consulting (though she’ll spare space for some feel-good inclusions, counting a roll-on perfume applicator as a must). Her trick for really streamlining is to go without the sleek wallet alternatives mentioned above: “I stow my credit cards, license, and cash in whatever ultra-thin sunglass case I’m carrying.”

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