What Your Obsessions Page Says About You

Words by Jody Hume | 7.13.16
RealStyle_582x360 (3)
While clothes certainly don’t make the woman, what you’re obsessed with at any given moment can say a lot about you. Maybe your your newfound penchant for chic sneakers and practical trench coats is a factor of your new commute. Or having to furnish a new apartment means you’ve suddenly become an art and mid-century modern furniture expert. Whatever the reason, having the option to collect your current obsessions in one place, as you can by clicking the heart next to your coveted pieces on The RealReal, is helpful and revealing — even to yourself. We use the Obsessions feature constantly to curate moodboards and follow the items we love (it’s a great way to figure out if you really want to buy that shoe or if it was just a passing fancy for flatforms) and we know that a) they are like picture windows into our sartorial personalities, and b) we could probably pick out whose was whose at a glance, so strongly do they reflect our style m.o. Do you recognize yourself in one of these collections? Keep reading to see if these are the items you’ve been clicking the heart next to … and what it means about your closet personality.

1. You’re A Francophile

RealStyle_582_3 (3)The Row Top w/ Tags, $265; Chanel Earrings, $245; Chanel Square Quilt Small Flap Bag, $1,195Chanel Espadrilles, $575

Coco Chanel is your idol. You never fail to heed her advice and look in the mirror before leaving the house to remove one accessory, which means you achieve the perfectly minimal je ne sais quoi of fashion’s proverbial ‘French Girl.’ (But sometimes you cheat by putting an extra thing on before performing this ritual. C’est la vie.) You own two copies of Caroline de Maigret’s How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are and your striped shirt collection is getting out of control.

2. You Have A Split Personality

RealStyle_582_2 (2)Stella McCartney Platform Oxfords, $595; Mary Katrantzou Metallic Dress, $925; Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps, $345; Balenciaga Leather Moto Jacket, $1,435

Your closet is filled with borrowed-from-the-boys oxfords sitting next to sky-high pink stilettos. Or one day your neckerchief says yee-haw and the next patrician Hermès enthusiast. You like the best of both worlds and you’re capable of mixing and matching like nobody else. This makes you stylish. At first, people don’t understand, but then they find themselves emulating your look.

3. A Gucci Serpent Is Your Spirit Animal

RealStyle_582_4 (1)Gucci Spring 2016 Lace Skirt, $995; Karen Walker Sunglasses, $195; L’Objey Magnifying Glass, $50; Gucci GG Supreme Dionysus Bag, $3,200

You were one of the first people to start following Alessandro Michele on Instagram. You have Gucci Cruise ‘17 images printed out and posted on the walls of your bedroom, and you’ve raided your Grandmother’s jewelry box for all the opulent estate jewelry you can find. Wes Anderson is your favorite director and you’ve never met an appliqué you don’t like. You don’t care if the tags say men’s or women’s as long as it involves lace or a ruffle.

4. You’re A Gypsetter Who Always Keeps A Passport In Your Bag

RealStyle_582_1 (1)Frame Denim Shorts, $95; Goyard Passport Wallet, $545; Hermès Sautoir Chain Necklace, $1,195; Chloé Gladiator Sandals, $475; Louis Vuitton Monogram Steamer Bag, $1,825

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