All to know about Goyard
All to know about Goyard

Brand Spotlight: Everything to Know About Goyard


If you’re a handbag connoisseur, you know Goyard. Whether you’ve clocked and admired the mesmerizing pattern from afar or have and rely on a St. Louis day to day, Goyard has an enormous presence when it comes to purses, totes, luggage, and leather goods. The company has finessed bags that are roomy enough for all your essentials but by no means falter in design, shape, or color. 


This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when you look at the brand’s history. Goyard’s totes are instantly recognizable thanks to their trademark pattern, which was developed over 100 years ago — 100 years after the company’s founding. Clearly, with this many years of working, designing, and learning Goyard has mastered the art of bag and leather good creation and has still held tightly to its loyal supporters. Read on to learn a condensed history of the French icon and the handbags that are undoubtedly most popular and sought-after.


What to Know About Goyard

Goyard is known primarily for its handbags and leather goods. It does produce other accessories, such as scarves and shawls in silk and cashmere, but its bread and butter comes from purses, totes, bags, and trunks. The brand has a long lineage, giving it centuries to perfect its craftsmanship and aesthetic. 

The Background of Goyard

Goyard is over 230 years old and the oldest and longest-standing luxury leather goods company. To help you visualize the timeline, Hèrmes was founded 45 years after Goyard, which was established in 1792. 


The company had an interesting journey to where it is now. Originally called Maison Martin, the name changed after a dedicated apprentice by the name of François Goyard took over the company following the owner’s death — which is how its modern-day name Maison Goyard (or just Goyard) came about. Trading grew and so did the company’s inventory of products. Aside from trunks, car accessories were developed as well as high-end pet accessories — including those for pet monkeys. Remember this was happening in 1890, so talk about being ahead of the times. These collars and leashes for your pooch (not primate) still exist and can be purchased today. 


From 1891, attention from the stars spiked with royals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and artists noticing Goyard’s work. A year later was its 100-year anniversary — another momentous occasion. This was the year that the unmistakable monogram pattern was officially released. The interlocking letters and dots reminiscent of stippling quickly register in anyone’s mind that it’s Goyard. There is symbolism behind the design — the dots represent the logging background of the Goyard family. The linking Ys point to the Y within the Goyard name. It can be found on any of the bags and trunks and is aptly named the Goyardine canvas.


The meticulous precision and craftsmanship that goes into the materials and construction of their bags stands out from many brands out there and it’s something the company still stands by today. These days, celebrities like Meghan Markle, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Bella Hadid, and the Hilton sisters have been seen with a Goyard bag on their arms or shoulders. This legacy and ability to stay cemented in the fashion industry through all of its highs and lows makes Goyard an easy candidate when you’re investigating what your first or next investment handbag will be.


Goyard’s Most Iconic Handbags

It’s hard to choose just a few handbags from Goyard’s roster, but these five are truly stand-outs. 

St. Louis Tote

The St. Louis Goyard tote is arguably the brand’s most famous, particularly the GM version (standing for grand modèle). First dreamed up in the 1930s as a beach bag, the spacious tote is named after King Louis IX of France who was also known as Saint Louis. It’s reversible — one side is the Goyardine canvas and the other is a cotton and linen blend. It’s essential for jetsetters or really anyone who appreciates more sizable handbags for their everyday needs. There’s also a petite modèle (PM).

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Extremely similar to the St. Louis tote, the Anjou is just as easy to style, but its material makes it different from the former. This bag is also reversible but made of calfskin leather and the Goyardine canvas. Charmingly, it’s named after King Louis IX’s brother, the Duke of Anjou. Although the Anjou GM is great for longer weekend trips or shopping, the PM and mini are equally as irresistible sizes.

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This Goyard bag is ideal for lovers of smaller purses and shoulder bags that are easy to throw on. Like the dots within the Goyardine pattern, this bag is another nod to the Goyard family’s logging roots. It’s named after the viewpoint in forests and is a fresh take on the bags loggers formerly wore to carry their daily essentials. It’s made of the Goyardine canvas and a rarer leather called Taurillon. Its flap and clasp closure are different from the aforementioned bags above.

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Saïgon PM

With a handle that stands out from Goyard’s other handbags and a sharp trapezoidal shape, the Saïgon is the perfect statement purse. Aside from the PM version, there is a tote version as well as a trunk-style PM, which is a sweet and chic nod to the brand’s start as a trunk maker. Available in several colors, the tangerine orange and cobalt blue make this a good summer bag option. 

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Initially launched as the Vendôme MM, the PM and mini versions were relaunched later. With a rounded top and handles as well as a longer strap, it enmeshes functionality and style. Like all of Goyard’s bags, it has a story behind the name. This one references a square in France that wasn’t too far from the address where Goyard’s oldest, most meaningful store stands. Notice the little wooden blocks as part of the handles? Another trés chic homage to logging.

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