Dining Table Holiday Deco
Dining Table Holiday Deco

Upgrade Your Tablescape For Holidays At Home


What everyone is saying about the holidays this year is true: they’ll be different. It might mean less travel, smaller gatherings, and finding creative ways to honor traditions, but different, smaller and more intimate doesn’t have to mean less joyful. Even if it’s just you or a smaller crew — especially if it’s just you or a smaller crew — retooling your tablescape is one way to up the festive factor and make this year feel special in the face of, well, everything. Plus, with tips from an expert, you can choose special pieces that will add a dose of holiday cheer not only this year, but beyond. That’s where TRR Home & Art Valuation Manager Hannah Hammett comes in. We enlisted her to spill the details on pieces that are trending now, but also have enduring value. Read on for the pieces that will make your tablescape.


Serve Up Style


Heritage brands Hermès, Tiffany & Co., and Christofle are currently the top three performers in tableware. These designers all have a long history in the home, which contributes to their demand and resale value on TRR. Flatware sets lead the category in sold value, and are in season as we prepare to serve our favorite meals of the year. We’re seeing an increase in the average selling price of tabletop items — it’s up 29% this year — making it a great time to consign and invest in something new. 


The Standout Piece: This Christofle Mood flatware set has a clean modern design, and with six place settings it is the perfect size for an intimate gathering. The set also includes an aesthetically pleasing egg-form storage case that doubles as a decorative object in your kitchen. 

Hannah’s Holiday Tip: In preparation for your feast don’t make the mistake of running your sterling or silver-plated flatware through the dishwasher, which can cause damage. Instead gently wash the pieces by hand and dry completely, then apply silver polish solution with a non-abrasive cloth. 


Curate A Mood


Vases and decorative vessels are among the most sought-after items in the accents category, and have seen an increase in resale value of 18% compared to last year. Lalique and Hermès are our top-selling decor brands. 


The Standout Piece: Handmade studio pottery pieces like this Raku Bowl always sell quickly. It serves as a standalone decorative object, and can also be styled with fruit or other accoutrements. 

Hannah’s Holiday Tip: I like the idea of using a unique pottery vessel like this as a serving piece for bread or desserts on your table. I’d line the bowl with a simple cloth before serving. Cleaning is the #1 offender for chips and other damage of fragile pieces like this, so you want to avoid any vigorous washing or scrubbing.


Cheers To That


Crystal stemware and bar accessories from French designers Baccarat and Saint Louis are best-sellers on TRR. Maison Balzac carafe and glass sets are the most purchased drinkware item, which is not surprising given the versatility of the pieces and their accessible price point. If you’re looking to sell and swap in something new to sip from, it’s a great time — the average resale value for drinkware items on TRR is up 43% this year. 


The Standout Piece: This Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. ceramic champagne bucket features Peretti’s iconic free-form style, and keeps your bottle chilled throughout the night’s festivities. 

Hannah’s Holiday Tip: Instead of the traditional flutes to serve your champagne this year, try coupes like this Venini pair — the saucer shape is a fresh alternative for your tablescape, and is also easier to drink from than the narrow flute. 


Game On


As we’ve spent the better part of 2020 social distancing, demand for games & activities has increased 38%. Diversions like games and puzzles from French luxury icons Chanel and Hermès are top performers when it comes to value, while the streetwear-savvy Supreme label is a best-seller. 


The Standout Piece: My favorite pieces are often those one-of-a-kind items selected by our curators like this Onyx Chess Set. Perhaps it’s the twinge of nostalgia that I get, remembering being a kid on a rainy day at school during a recess break, and reaching for the well-worn class chess set. It’s that timeless game that will help the time pass when a snowstorm has knocked out your power, and is a refreshing stimulus for your brain when you need a break from your phone screen. 

Hannah’s Holiday Tip: Keep puzzles, games and cards out of your hallway closet and incorporate them into your living space this holiday season. Pieces like this Jonathan Adler marble tic-tac-toe set and Louis Vuitton playing cards are small and can be easily styled on an accent table or your coffee table. Larger games like this Hermès Scrabble set can be enjoyed at the dining table to accommodate more players. 

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