Consigning With Egg Canvas
Consigning With Egg Canvas

Sneak Peek: How an Art Director Edits Her Closet

Words by Jody Hume | 3.30.16
As a Digital Art Director for luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and the blogger behind her popular website Egg Canvas, Erica Choi is quite the creative force. Combining her passions for design, travel, fashion and food into a non-stop fount of inspiration, her feed is a peek into the stylish life of a busy designer. Whether she’s sharing the tablescape at her local haunts in NYC or showing off her latest must-have accessories, her signature minimal-yet-luxe style shows through. Speaking of living in NYC, she cites the small quarters often associated with city living as a key factor that keeps her on-point when it comes to editing her enviable wardrobe. Enter The RealReal and our Luxury Manager Katie. She visited Erica to help her streamline her collection, and Erica shared the details with us. Read on to discover how her design and fashion aesthetics influence one another, her tips for consigning and more.
How many pieces did you consign?
11 pieces
Consigning With Egg Canvas
Graphic dresses from Choi’s collection
What surprised you about the process?
How organized it was and how quickly and easily all the products were logged into the system!
Consigning With Egg Canvas
Katie walks Erica through the process
Are you a closet maximalist or minimalist?
Living in New York in a small apartment naturally makes me a minimalist as I only have very limited closet space. It allows me to constantly edit down my wardrobe and make more valuable choices when purchasing a new piece.
Consigning With Egg Canvas
Erica checks out our designer list
You’re a Digital Art Director and Designer. Does graphic design inform your fashion choices (and vice versa)?
Yes, I am naturally a very visual person and think it’s fun to get creative with my outfits even though I like to err on the more simple side. I do like to mix and match different items and let my accessories speak, as they are usually the accents of the look. Many times I visualize my outfit in my head to see what colors, shapes and patterns would go well together. Fashion influences my design choices as I find much inspiration from new collections every season, and even from what people are wearing on the street and in ordinary life. Everything influences everything without even having to think about it.
Consigning With Egg Canvas
Her charming closet
Where do you look for style inspiration?
Designers’ collections, industry editors, influencers, insiders.
Consigning With Egg Canvas
The Hermès Sac Roulis makes the cut. Erica hits the streets with her new bag.
Who are your go-to designers?
Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, The Row.

For more inspo, check out the full post on her blog here. Ready to start editing your own closet? Enter your info below to learn more!

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